7 Vision Board Books To Help You Manifest Your Dreams

For anyone who’s never made a vision board before, it might be confusing how to get started.  What materials do you need?  What do you put on your board?  And what do you do after?  And do vision boards work?

Fortunately, there are plenty of vision board books that can help.  But not just any vision board book, but books that are easy to understand, explain everything you need to do, and give you the steps to creating a vision board that helps to manifest your dreams.

We believe that Amazon is the perfect marketplace to find the best vision board books and we’ve gathered 7 of the best we know will be useful in your experience making your very first vision board.

Ranging from simple books that tell you everything you need to know about vision boards, to vision board magazines with guidebooks, to step-by-step beginner guides, here are 7 of the best vision board books to help you get started on manifesting your dreams:



Create Your Vision Board is a book written by award-winning writer, Marcia Layton Turner.  It is a complete guidebook that teaches you everything you need to know on how to make a vision board, from what materials to use, to how to visualize, and even goal-setting techniques.

What to Expect

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to make a vision board
  • Guide to making a digital vision board
  • Steps to creating specific vision boards such as career, finance, love, health, and others
  • Goal-setting tips
  • Visualization techniques

Why We Recommend It

Create Your Vision Board is a book that promises you can create a vision board in 2 hours. There are over 300 pages in the book, which will take you time to finish reading.  But once you do, you can easily make a vision board that works from the author’s instructions, so yes, it’s possible that you can make a vision board in just 2 hours after you read the book.

What we love about Marcia Layton Turner’s writing is that her book is easy to understand and doesn’t contain jargon that will make you feel like an outsider.  She has a welcoming voice that’s full of warmth and positivity, and she will make you believe you have the power within you to manifest the life of your dreams.

vision board ideas

Reading this book is like talking to a good friend who wants to share the world of manifestation with you.  It’s filled with uplifting remarks, and positive words, and helps you navigate the challenges of starting and making a vision board. 


The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Vision Boards is an offering from the popular book series by Dorling Kindersley, known for its how-tos and reference books designed specifically for the average person to understand.  This book is also written by Marcia Layton Turner, but with a format that follows the book series.

What to Expect

  • 288 pages of step-by-step instructions on how to make a vision board
  • Simple steps and brief explanations of concepts
  • Full-color insert with examples
  • Garnished with photographs and 3D objects
  • Manifestation techniques like visualization

Why We Recommend It

The Complete Idiot’s Guide book series is popular for offering reference and how-to books anyone can understand.  The term “Idiot” is a hyperbole, which means anyone with no prior experience or exposure to the topic can learn the steps with ease.  We love this book for how easy and simple the author helps you understand what vision boards are and how to make one.

Compared to Turner’s Create Your Vision Board book, this one is more technical and does not contain the more personal touches present in the former.  If you want a no-frills vision board book that gets straight to the point, this is for you.

It also has examples with its full-color inserts, helping you to better understand how a vision board should look like.  


The Vision Cloud is committed to empowering people to go after their dreams by using a vision board.  The Vision Board Magazine Kit is a complete vision board kit with a foldable board, a magazine with over 500 images and statements, and adhesives that you can use to mount the board on a wall.

my vision board book

What to Expect

  • A complete vision board kit with all the materials you need
  • A magazine with over 500 images and statements
  • A goal book kit with monthly challenges and habit trackers
  • A short guide on how to make a vision board
  • Fun activities to get started on your vision board

The Vision Board Magazine Kit is not a book but it features a magazine that offers images, labels, and statements that you can cut out for your vision board.  But aside from having these images, it has a few sections that teach you how to get started, how to make your vision board, and what to do once you’re done making your board.

It also has a monthly vision goal worksheet that helps you plan your goals for a month, what you plan to do to achieve your goals, and how you will feel when you’ve achieved them.  The exercises encourage you to set your goals, visualize, plan, and manifest your dreams.

Once you’re done reading the step-by-step instructions, you can immediately start making your vision board on the spot.  There’s no need to buy separate vision board materials, because the kit has everything you need, from images to a board, to mounting putty, and even abundance checks to manifest specific amounts of money.


#FutureBoards is a book written by Sarah Centrella, who is a master life coach and manifesting expert. She is also a self-help author of many books, as well as a contributor to countless publications.  

#FutureBoards is a book that helps you to create a vision board that’s focused on creating the life of your dreams, focusing on long-term goals, and giving you the confidence to believe you are worthy of your wildest dreams.

vision board planner book

What to Expect

  • Learn to create the ultimate vision board
  • A step-by-step guide to creating a vision board
  • Steps to visualize and manifest your future
  • Focused on big dreams  
  • 224 pages of inspirational and instructional chapters

Why We Recommend It

#FutureBoards is a vision board book written by an author who is a super manifestor, having practiced the Law of Attraction for many years before writing this book.  It serves as a guide to help you create your intentions for your future, as well as providing you with simple manifestation techniques.

There’s a step-by-step guide on how to make vision boards, but she encourages you to dream big because you are worthy of the best things that life has to offer. She wants her readers to believe in a bigger and brighter future for themselves, and to look beyond what is merely attainable.


John Assaraf is an entrepreneur, success coach, and personal growth expert who was featured in the film, The Secret, by Rhonda Byrnes.  As a success coach, Assaraf uses the Law of Attraction with behavioral neuroscience research to teach people how to achieve financial success, manifest their dreams, and live a life fulfilling their potential.

The Complete Vision Board Kit by John Assaraf was published in 2009 and continues to be one of the most comprehensive vision board books that focus on the power of intention and visualization.

What to Expect

  • 138 pages on the topic of vision boards and visualization
  • Learn how to make a vision board as a powerful tool to shape your ideal future
  • Covers topics on finance, health, love, career, and personal growth
  • Teaches readers to retrain their brains to attract abundance and prosperity
  • Learn to get rid of limiting beliefs and transform your future

book vision board

Why We Recommend It

John Assaraf has a rags-to-riches story.  He came from nothing and started to make a name for himself as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and Law of Attraction expert. He constantly talks about the techniques he uses in terms of manifesting that have helped him achieve personal success, and you will discover in the book the very concepts he uses to achieve his goals, as well as what he teaches in his seminars.

He teaches you to use the power of vision boards to make your dreams come true.  He is known for his effective techniques to achieve financial freedom, but the book is also filled with other themes, such as finding and attracting your perfect soulmate, how to have abundant career opportunities, as well as how to give back to the people in your life and the community.


Vision Boards Made Easy:  A Step-by-Step Guide is written by Tania Chumbley, who lives in Adelaide, South Australia, and works as a holistic counselor, psychic medium, school services officer, and crystal light bed practitioner.  This book is a simple and straightforward guide to making a vision board that helps you understand the concept in a brief and easy method.

What to Expect

  • A 94-page step-by-step guide on making a vision board
  • Instructions on using positive words, affirmations, and images
  • Learn to use background music and motivational ideas in your vision board-making process
  • Includes templates for 6-month, 1-year, and 5-year plans
  • Designed to be used alone or also in a group or classroom setting
  • Features sections for adults, children, and teenagers

Why We Recommend It

Tania Chumbley’s experience as a psychic medium gives her insight into the world of energies, which is crucial when you start making your vision board.  Your energy as you collect images, make a collage of images and mount your board is very important because you need to exude an energy of positivity.

vision board book ideas

Chumbley uses her background in this field to help readers in creating a vision board that works.  Using simple manifestation techniques, she creates sections for adults, children, and teenagers to make it easier for different groups of people to understand how vision boards work and how to make one.

With templates and recommendations to use manifestation techniques that are easy to do, this is the vision board book that’s perfect for anyone who wants to make a vision board without all the bells and whistles of other concepts mixed into the book.


The Vision Book Process is a book by April Diane, who is a certified holistic coach.  She uses a range of techniques with her clients that include SMART Goals, the Law of Attraction, yoga, meditation, and vision boards to help them succeed in their goals and life in general.

As one of her methodologies in coaching her clients, she wrote this book to help others in living the life of their dreams through the use of vision boards.  She also talks about some of the other methodologies she teaches to her clients in the book.

What to Expect

  • 58 pages of step-by-step instructions on how to make a vision board
  • Guide to why vision boards work
  • A short introduction to what vision boards are
  • A brief guide on the Law of Attraction
  • Designing your vision board
  • Covers limiting beliefs and challenges to changes in life
  • An introduction to The Reticular Activating System

Why We Recommend It

We love this book because it’s easy to understand, and covers important topics that help readers learn and understand the concept behind vision boards, as well as the Law of Attraction.  We also love that she covers limiting beliefs and what science has to say about visualizations, as well as touches up on SMART Goals, which we’ve covered in one of our blogs, which you can find here.

There are only 58 pages in the book, which makes it an easy and fast read.  After finishing the book, you’ll be motivated to grab the materials needed to make a vision board and practice the manifestation tips she recommends.

vision board book

Vision board books are ideal for anyone who wants to understand what vision boards are, what makes them work, and what you can do to make your dreams come true using this manifestation tool.

There are books listed here that offer comprehensive information on vision boards, but there are also books that are short, brief, and direct to the point.  Choose which ones match what you’re looking for in a vision board guide and start making your vision board to get started on fulfilling your goals and the life you wish to live.

The more information you know about manifesting your future, the better it is for you to live the life of your dreams.

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