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“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”
John 1:1
manifestation words

This Bible scripture is one of the most famous that represents the beginning of the creation of the world. And though the Law of Attraction is never directly stated in the Holy Book, we can say that creating something through the use of words is definitely real.

In this article, we’ll talk about the power of manifestation words and how you can use them to create your dream life.

The Power of Manifestation Language

Before we begin our list of the 7 powerful ways to use manifest words, we wanted to share a little information regarding the impact of words in our lives.

A study on the effect of negative words was conducted by neuroscientist Maria Richter and colleagues. The study was called, “Do Words Hurt?”

Richter and colleagues concluded at the end of their scientific research using brain imaging that yes, negative words do hurt. The effect of negative words used on a person releases stress and anxiety-inducing hormones.

What about positive words? How do they affect us?  Authors Dr. Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman who wrote “Words Can Change the Brain,” stated that a single word can influence the expression of genes. When a positive word is used, it can help to regulate both physical and emotional stress.

Numerous studies have proven the power of words on the physical and psychological aspects of human life. This also proves that positive language can help us improve our mindset, which leads us to positive manifestation.

words for manifestation

If we try to understand the meaning of the word manifest in its Latin origins, it means “to be struck by the hand.” Purposely using the power of words to make our dreams come true, is very similar to the act of creating something with your hands. But in the case of the Law of Attraction, it’s creating something from your vibrational energy.


How to Receive Good Manifestations

Since both negative and positive words have an impact on our physical and psychological health, how do we make sure that we only get to manifest positive things?

This is a very important question because the Universe is always listening. There is no time when the Universe tells you that it’s not the time to manifest because every second is the best time.  And whether you’re saying positive or negative words, the Universe will always respond.

If you want to know how to ensure you receive good manifestations, we’ve written a great article showing 11 tips for getting good manifestations. Some of these tips include being more aware of your self-talk, exposing yourself to positive things, people, and events, and making a positive vision board.

Vision boards are a great way to guarantee you are on the right path to manifestation. Using visual imagery to create a positive mindset ensures that your thoughts and actions align.

A visual reminder of your goals is an excellent way to manifest success.  If you’ve never made a dream board before or you want to create one but collecting magazines is too much of a task, then The Vision Cloud has your back.

The Vision Cloud is a company with a passionate mission to help people find success, love, and happiness. Anything is possible when it comes to the Law of Attraction, and The Vision Cloud is here to ensure you believe in your own power to create your reality.

vision cloud vision board

The Vision Cloud’s vision board magazine subscription provides incredible resources to make vision boards and so much more. With a vision board magazine that has over 100 images and motivational words, you won’t have to look elsewhere to collect pictures for your dream board.

The images have been carefully selected to cover a range of vision board categories, such as wealth, love, finances, and more, so the magazines help you create collages of different themes.

But more than just a magazine, the subscription includes goal-setting worksheets, a guide to making vision boards that work, access to a Facebook community, daily SMS reminding you of your power, and so much more.

To know more about the vision board subscription, please click this link and start creating the dream board that manifests the life you desire.


7 Powerful Ways to Use Manifestation Words

Here are 7 powerful ways to use manifestation words in your quest to attract everything you desire:


1. Affirmations for Abundance

Affirmations allow you to shift your mindset fast. If you’re having a bad day, you can read affirmations or say it to yourself and it will instantly lift your mood, motivate you, and inspire you to keep going.

But more than just motivation, affirmations can also be used to attract certain things, such as abundance. Wealth, financial independence, and prosperity are things that are elusive to many people. That is why we wrote an article featuring 88 affirmations for abundance, so you can use them in any of your manifestation techniques to achieve wealth.

The power of words to attract money, financial freedom, and absolute wealth lies in affirmations. Use these statements and embrace the energy of richness in your journey to creating the life you deserve.

powerful manifestation words

2. Using a Daily Manifestation Journal

Affirmations can be spoken, recorded, listened to, and written. But where do you write them? Well, in a daily manifestation journal, of course. But it’s not just affirmations that are great to write in a journal. Intentions, goals, quotes, stories, and everything you want to write about your manifestation adventure can be written in a journal dedicated to achieving your dreams.

Did you know that journaling can improve your mental and physical well-being? Yes, writing down your thoughts, ideas, emotions, activities, desires, and anything you want to write about offers amazing benefits. And guess what? It’s an effective way to communicate with the Universe, too.

We’ve written a great article on the benefits of a daily manifestation journal and you can find it here.


3. Manifesting Instantly with 5 Magic Words

Certain words hold the energy of positivity and magnetism. When using these words in their true power, they can help you manifest fast. Because they are so powerful, caution must be taken when you use them to create intentions and affirmations.

Manifesting instantly does not mean you will transform air into something physical fast. It means elevating your vibration so fast that the Universe has no choice but to respond instantly.

It can be in the form of good news coming your way in a few hours or a few days, steps toward your dreams being taken now, or it can even take the place of a phone call you’ve been expecting for days suddenly occurring.

So what are these 5 magic words? Read our article on How to Manifest Instantly: Use These 5 Magic Words to find out.


4. Writing Intentions for Manifestations

The first step to manifesting your dreams is setting your intentions. But do you know how to make them? Sure, you can communicate with the Universe and say what you want to achieve, but is that enough? The answer is no.

manifestation sayings


Setting intentions is more than just saying, “I want a brand new car, Universe, please give it to me.” It is about knowing what you want, what gives you happiness, trusting the Universe, and taking aligned action.

Learning to write intentions the right way is key to manifesting your dreams. Using the right words, avoiding the wrong words, and creating the best sentences and statements to speak with the Universe will help you get started on the right path to manifesting your dreams.

Read our beginner’s guide on how to write intentions for manifestations to get your adventure toward your dream life to commence.


5. Taking Inspiration from Quotes About Manifestation

If you love reading and collecting quotes about manifestation, then you’ll love it when it’s written or spoken by super manifestors.

Inventors, innovators, entertainers, and billionaires are some of the most compelling speakers and writers in the world. When people have achieved massive success and recognition, their words have more weight than others, and that is why we listen.

When it comes to inspiring quotes about manifestation, there are no better sources than super manifestors that have done it all. But more than just their achievements, these people also believe in the power of the Law of Attraction.

In the film, The Secret, Rhona Byrne describes the Law of Attraction as a secret that most world leaders and historical figures know about. And when it comes to modern times, somehow, people who experience massive success also align with the belief in the Universe.

And so, in your journey to creating the life you’ve always dreamed of, taking inspiration from the manifestation words that come out of super manifestors like Steve Harvey and Oprah Winfrey, are fantastic sources of knowledge and motivation.

manifest phrases
Take a look at our article that gives you 33 of these amazing inspirational quotes for manifestation, choose the ones that resonate with you, and harness the magic of these words to propel you to take action toward greatness.


6. Different Ways to Manifest

Did you know that even without learning about the Law of Attraction practices, you’re already doing unconscious ways to manifest? Yes, some of the things we do every day are already considered to be forms of manifestation. What are these?

For one, being optimistic is one way to manifest something. When you think positively, when you say positive words when your self-talk is optimistic, that’s one effective and fantastic way to achieve success.

Another way is when you’re engaging in activities that feel good to you. Do you engage in personal hobbies? Do you spend time with people who emit good energy? When you do things that make you feel good, you increase your vibrational frequency. And when you live life at a high energy level, you become a super manifestor.

Do you want to know more? We’ve written a great article on 7 Different Ways to Manifest You May Already Be Doing. Discover 5 other subtle ways you’re manifesting things into existence.


7. Practicing the 369 Manifestation Method

The 369 Manifestation Method is based on the legendary inventor, Nikola Tesla. It is believed that Tesla revered the numbers 3, 6, and 9, believing it to have immense power.

As someone who was allegedly OCD, Tesla would make 3 laps before entering a new building, swim 33 laps in a public swimming pool, work at 3 am at dawn, and choose to stay in hotel rooms with the number 3.

With Tesla believing in the energetic vibrations of numbers, the 369 Manifestation Method uses these three numbers to create a Law of Attraction exercise using manifestation words.

words for manifestation

Do you want to know how to use it to manifest your goals and dreams? Read our article here, which explains what the method is, how to use it for love, career, and finances, and tips for making the most of this amazing Tesla-inspired exercise.

Words can create life, but they can also destroy it. Discover the power of manifestation words and use them to your advantage. Learn what words can help elevate your vibration and learn the ones that don’t, so you can avoid them.

There are many ways you can use the power of manifestation words, from affirmations to journaling, to setting intentions, and so much more.

Learn and apply these teachings to your everyday life, and before you know it, you’ll be living the life you’ve only once dreamed of.

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