Our core values

We believe that everyone has the power to shape their own future. Our journey began with a simple idea: to make the process of envisioning and achieving dreams accessible and inspiring for everyone.

Our vision board kits are more than just collections of materials; they are tools for transformation. Each kit is thoughtfully designed to help you clarify your goals, ignite your imagination, and bring your dreams to life.

We make vision boards easy.


Helping you spark your imagination, so that your dreams don’t seem to distant.


Creating a vision board should always be an enjoyable and fun process!


You aren’t alone on your journey, we are a community supporting each others dreams.


No doom and gloom here, just positive steps towards a happier, more fulfilled you.

Founded by real dreamers, just like you.

The Vision Cloud was founded by James and Amelia, a husband and wife team who truly believe in the power of manifestation, having used it to build their lives together.

They created a kit to help others manifest their dreams, providing everything you need to start your journey without the hassle of searching for materials.

Our promise is that all you need to start manifesting is included in our kit, making your dreams more accessible than ever.

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Real People,
Real Lives,
Real Sucess

A vision board is a pledge to invest in yourself and overcome the challenges surrounding you. It’s about saying, “Yes, I can. Yes, I will, Yes, I’m worth it.”

Michelle Fleckner
Michelle Fleckner
I found the Vision Cloud book yo be incredibly helpful to me and my clients with manifesting goals. The pictures, captions and worksheets really help bring the hoajs to life.
Lisa Lliguicota
Lisa Lliguicota
I received my first order last month and I began a challenge around the same time. It helped me create a vision and set the best intentions. It has a journal section to be even more descriptive with your intentions/goals for the next 90 days. It’s so cute, perfect to bring for a girl night in. I am creating a vision board party soon and it has enough for 4-6 vision boards! I can’t wait for my next order!!! It already set my expectations very high I love it!
Gwen Grace (ygwengrace)
Gwen Grace (ygwengrace)
This was such a helpful goal setting and vision boarding tool! I loved that they incorporated articles and quotes, along with prompts and journal sections that you can fill out while you’re processing
Really Raay
Really Raay
Vision cloud is so helpful for people like me who don’t own printers create beautiful vision boards. It’s so many aspects to the magazine that will really get you in the mindset to manifest your goals

Doing our part for the planet


In partnership with ONETREEPLANTED, we plant a new tree whenever someone subscribes to The Vision Cloud. For every year you stay subscribed, we plant another tree – we’ll let you know each time this happens.

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