7 Of The Best Vision Board Stickers On Amazon To Buy Right Now

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Making a vision board is fun but most people limit themselves to using cut-out pictures from a magazine.  This can lead to a simple and boring vision board you wouldn’t want to look at.  One of the things you can do to add dimension and aesthetics to your vision board is to use fun and colorful stickers.

Stickers, for example, are a great craft material to use on your vision board.  They’re easy to stick to a board, come with fun and colorful illustrations, and many sticker books also come with unique motivational and empowering quotes that can give you the confidence you need to make your dreams come true.

There are plenty of vision board stickers out there but luckily for you, we’ve gathered the top 7 products on Amazon we believe can make your vision boards so much more appealing.

We also chose vision board sticker books that have specific themes so you can choose the best ones depending on what kind of board you want to make.


Here are 7 of the best vision board sticker books on Amazon to buy right now:


This sticker book from the Fashion Angels Store features over 1000 stickers designed for planners, scrapbooks, and vision boards.  It’s a 40-page sticker book with illustrations, words, and positive quotes.


  • Over 1000 stickers on 40 pages
  • Every page features different themes
  • All the pages are bound together in one book
  • Eye-catching, colorful designs
  • Themes are about happiness, kindness, good vibes, and positivity

Why We Love It

This Fashion Angels sticker book is designed for kids but it can be used by adults as well.  The illustrations are designed by Fashion Angels designers, so they are original and unique on their own.  We love the overall theme of spreading kindness and positivity, which are great for using on a vision board.


The stickers come in great colors, with a mix of small illustrations, and words.  Some of the quotes we love include:  “Kindness Matters,” “Spread Love,” “I Matter,” and “Be Positive.”  These are great quotes to use for days when you need a little dose of positivity.

Each page on the bound book offers different concepts so there’s no repetition of themes on every sheet.  We also love the fact that the 40 sheets are bound together, eliminating the risk of losing any of the sheets.

If you want your vision board to have fun, positive, and kindness-driven quotes, this sticker book is for you.


This sticker book is another offering by the Fashion Angels Store and it also features over 1000 stickers but with a specific theme:  the stickers feature illustrations of inspiring women from the past and present, as well as a lot of uplifting quotes and colorful illustrations.


  • 30 pages of stickers
  • 8 different themes or collections
  • 1 foil sticker sheet
  • Illustrations of inspiring women, from leaders, innovators, and champions
  • Inspiring quotes

Why We Love It

This sticker book is ideal for women who want to be inspired by other women in the past and present who have achieved fame and success.  It motivates and inspires you to go after your dreams and make a change.  Use these stickers on your vision board to help you believe in yourself.  If they can do it, so can you.

We love that the sticker books also contain cute and fun illustrations you can use to decorate your vision board, as well as a number of inspiring quotes, so it’s not limited to the overall theme of empowering women.  There’s more to the sticker book than that.

Aside from using it on a vision board, you can also use these stickers on a planner or scrapbook that you can bring everywhere you go.  This choice is perfect for women who want to dream bigger and explore their endless potential.



The American Crafts Inspirational Life Sticker Book features 30 pages of over 1500 stickers with inspirational quotes, reminder stickers, notes, and a sheet of gold foil letters that are perfect for creating custom and personalized phrases for your vision board.


  • 30 pages of stickers
  • Alphabet stickers in gold foil
  • Over 1500 stickers of quotes, notes, and reminders
  • Includes different sticker treatments such as clear and gold foil

Why We Love It

This is one of the very few sticker books on Amazon designed specifically for inspirational quotes.  We love the fact that there are over 1500 different stickers in different treatments, so you can use some on your vision board or a water bottle, notebooks, and other surfaces.

Some of the quotes we love include:  “Positive Vibes Only,” “Go Your Own Way,” “The Future’s So Bright,” and “The Best View Comes After The Hardest Climb.”

We also love the Notes and Reminders stickers with blank lines and spaces.  Stick them into your vision board and write down anything you want, or write a list of things to do.


Rongrong is an international lifestyle brand committed to celebrating life through fun and fashionable design and this sticker book is just one of their many products.  It features over 400 hand-drawn illustrations from Rongrong DeVoe, a Chinese immigrant who went to the US to fulfill her dream of becoming an artist.


  • Over 400 stickers of hand-drawn chic illustrations
  • Sticker dolls wearing chic fashion
  • 21 pages of stickers
  • Inspirational sticker quotes
  • Empowering phrases
  • Original and unique designs

Why We Love It

The Rongrong series of sticker books is one of the most inspiring on Amazon.  One of the reasons why it resonates so much with women is that Rongrong DeVoe herself is an inspirational woman.  She migrated to the US to make her dreams come true and she’s living it with her company.  All of the illustrations are hand drawn by her, making each sticker a product of passion and love.


Some of our favorite quotes from this sticker series include:  “Hustle and Heart Will Set You Apart,” “Just a Girl Boss Building Her Empire,” and “You Got This.”  We also love the illustrations and pages that feature stickers of going to a spa, work-themed stickers, fashion, and fitness.

Aside from this series, we also love the Rongrong “You Goal Girl” Sticker Book, with 25 pages of motivation quotes and goal-setting stickers.


The Savvy Bee Fitness and Health Pack is a sticker book designed specifically with a health and fitness theme that’s perfect for vision boards focusing on this category.

There are affirmations, motivational quotes, as well as goal-setting stickers, meal plan and workout logs, and hundreds of illustrations that can make your fitness vision board a colorful and inspiring visual representation of your goals.


  • 22 sheets of stickers
  • 940 total stickers with health and fitness designs
  • Stickers with self-monitoring functions
  • Grocery reminders
  • Motivational quotes
  • Habit tracker stickers
  • Cute and colorful illustrations with fitness themes

Why We Love It

If you’re making a fitness vision board, this board is perfect to add color, design, and inspiration.  All of the stickers adhere to the health and fitness theme and even if you only use a small number of cutouts from a fitness magazine, you can fill it with the quotes and illustrations from this sticker book.

One of the best things that we love about this sticker book is it’s not limited to images and quotes.  It also features stickers that allow you to track your objectives, make a meal plan, a workout log, and so much more.

Aside from being able to use it on a vision board, you can also make a complete fitness planner by using these stickers.



The Navy Peony Motivational Quote Sticker Book for Vision Board features a goal-setting theme.  It consists of 270 pieces of stickers with a matte finish and waterproof lamination, making it perfect to use on a vision board, but also for planners and journals, and even water bottles.


  • 6 sticker sheets
  • 270 pieces of motivation stickers in different sizes
  • High-quality, waterproof paper with a matte finish
  • Gold and colorful foil
  • Elegant script lettering/calligraphy stickers
  • Affirmation and empowerment stickers
  • Labels, tabs, and bullets for productivity planning stickers
  • Habit tracker stickers
  • Cute illustrations

Why We Love It

The Navy Peony Motivational Quote Stickers are best for goal-setting vision boards.  It’s packed with affirmations and phrases that will motivate you to go after your dreams, take action to achieve goals, and give you the confidence you need.

The best quotes we love include:  “Give Yourself More Credit,” “Life is Good,” “Slow But Steady,” “Start Each Day with Gratitude,” and “Hustle and Grow.”

If you’re looking for motivational quotes for your vision board, you have to get this sticker board.  The stickers are also very well-made with gold foil and amazing lettering, which will make your vision board appealing to the eye.  They’re also perfect to use on notes and gifts you give to friends, giving them a little bit of motivation in their lives.


Our last sticker book contains the largest number of stickers with over 2500 in total.  The theme of the book is productivity, making it a great option for anyone planning to create a goal, finance, or career vision board.


  • Write-on stickers
  • 2,500+ stickers in total
  • 50 pages or sheets
  • Pages are bound to keep pages together
  • Includes stickers to help keep track of deadlines and appointments
  • Planner stickers


Why We Love It

The very first thing that caught our attention with this sticker book is the sheer volume of stickers it offers.  With over 2,500 total stickers, you won’t run out of things to paste on your vision board.  But more than the volume, we love it for its overall purpose.

You can create a planner out of a regular notebook with this sticker book, as it has dates, monthly goals, reminders, write-on stickers you can use, and even motivational phrases.

The sticker book also features cute, colorful, and fun illustrations you can decorate on your vision board.

Most people would think of using cutouts from magazines to make vision boards but overlook other materials that can elevate the aesthetics of a board.  One of these materials is stickers that can add color, dimension, and fun illustrations to any kind of vision board.

With hundreds to thousands of stickers, you can create a beautiful and functional vision board that’s full of motivational quotes, illustrations, and so much more.


The Vision Cloud’s Original Vision Board Kit is a complete vision board kit that contains 40 stickers along with 100 images and 60 motivational quotes.  There’s more to it than just the images and stickers you can put on your board because it also has a goal-setting guidebook plus activities that will help you get started and keep going on your manifestation journey.

With the Original Vision Board Kit, there’s no need to buy a separate board, adhesives, and stickers to make a beautifully-crafted vision board because everything is found in the box.

Making vision boards should be a fun and creative activity.  Enjoy the experience with these sticker books or The Vision Cloud’s Original Vision Board Kit with everything you need to help make your dreams come true.

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