What Are The Best Manifestation Numbers?

What Are The Best Manifestation Numbers?

Do you believe that numbers hold special powers?  In numerology, it is believed that certain numbers and number sequences emit specific energies.  And when it comes to manifesting your dreams and the Law of Attraction, it is all about vibrational frequencies, which means it can be possible to use numbers to turn your dreams into reality.

But what are these numbers and how can you use them in your manifestation journey?  In this article, we’ll talk about the most ancient numbers that can help you achieve your goals, attract your wishes, and manifest anything you want to bring into your life.


The great mathematician, Pythagoras, was not only known for his brilliant formulas but also for his belief that the human experience is a result of the vibrational frequencies of numbers.

This matches the concept of numerology, which states that numbers represent specific symbols and significance.  

Though there has never been any scientific evidence of the benefits or effects of numerology in human life, an Insider poll conducted in 2019 revealed that 8% of Americans believe in numerology.

And it’s not just in the field of numerology that numbers hold significant meanings.  Russian spiritual leader Grigori Grabovoi believes that number sequences such as 111, 222, and 333 are codes that allow us to tap into the energy fields of manifestation.

Grabovoi also believes that number sequences can connect us with the Divine and because of this, they are powerful tools to help us manifest everything that our heart desires.

So what are these numbers and how do you use them?  In the following section, we’ll reveal the most powerful manifestation numbers and what you can do to boost your ability to communicate with the Universe to attract your desires.


There is no best manifestation number because there are three, and these are:  11, 22, and 33.

These are what numerology calls the Master Numbers.  People whose birth dates have these numbers have been known to be achievers, spiritual leaders, shakers, and movers of society.

It is believed that people whose birth charts are associated with these master numbers have learned all the lessons of the single digits 1-9 in their past lives and that they have been reborn on Earth to improve humanity.

Furthermore, these master numbers are also believed to hold commanding extra power in the cosmos.

Let’s take a look at what these Master Numbers represent:


Number 1 symbolizes new beginnings.  When it is doubled and made into the master number 11, it means the energy of 1 is amplified.  Master Number 11 means that something big is going to happen in your life.

You may have said goodbye to your past habits, relationships, and negative traits and now is the time to expect this major change that’s about to happen.  This new beginning will be life-changing and it will be your Universal path.  It is the beginning of a life that the Divine has planned for you.


Master Number 22 is also known as the number of the Master Builder.  Numerologists state that this number is the strongest of them all.  Because it is a super builder number, it is believed to be the strongest number that represents manifestations because it represents the capacity to build anything in your mind.

This number represents your fate and that is manifesting your biggest dreams.  This number emits the energy of turning your biggest dreams into reality.


Master Number 33 is also known as the Master Teacher.  It is a number that represents guidance.  When you’re starting a new beginning and when you’re in the progress of building your dreams, Master Number 33 will be your guiding light.

Sometimes, you may be on the right track with your dreams, but distractions and life’s negative experiences get in the way.  Your dreams can get derailed and for many people, they can even abandon them.

This number will help you continue on the right path and help you to find your calling, your Divine purpose, and your highest good.

While these three numbers are the strongest numbers to manifest dreams and goals, other numbers can also aid you in your quest to make your dreams come true.


  • NUMBER 8

Number 8 is the luckiest in Chinese culture because the word for this number closely resembles the word for “wealth.”  It is believed to symbolize and attract good luck, fortune, and positive energy.

If you are opening a business or getting married, it is ideal to choose a date that has 8 on it, such as in August, or any 8th, 18th, or 28th day of the month.

  • NUMBER 1111

Uri Geller, a psychic and magician, believes that 1111 is a crack that opens up a small gateway to connect the spiritual and the physical world.

He also believes that 1111 or any repeating 1 number sequences hold immense significance in the events happening in the world.  These events are either good or bad, but they are always transformational that lead the world to achieve peace.

In social media, 11:11 has become a popular number as the best time to make a wish. We believe it can also be connected to Gellar’s belief that the number is a portal into the Divine world.  

This 11:11 Manifestation Technique is believed to be very strong since this time of day or date is when the Universe is most receptive.  So when this number sequence appears in a clock, receipt, or anywhere you see it, believers of this manifestation technique say you should make a wish or set out your intentions.



Do you want to attract a new romantic partner coming into your life? Or how about a new business venture?  Or maybe a new life of traveling the world?

If you want to manifest a specific wish, use any or all of the Master Numbers when you visualize.  

If you want new beginnings, visualize master number 11; if you want to build a new home, visualize master number 22; and if you need guidance on making decisions, visualize master number 33.

Imagine a physical image of the energies being emitted by these numbers and feel these frequencies all around you.  Visualize their energies boosting your intentions and physically attracting your desires into your life.

Feel their powerful energies whenever you visualize your dreams.


Schedule a vision board-making activity on a date that has the master numbers.  For example, you’ll host a vision board-making party on January 1, which is 1/1 in numbers.  Harness the power of this master number to help you with new beginnings.

You can also take advantage of the portal or gateway to the Divine using this schedule, helping you to boost the manifestation strength of making vision boards.

You can also host on February 2, or March 3, or you can host on any 11th or 22nd of the month.

When making a vision board on these dates, visualize the energy fields being emitted by the Master Numbers.  Visualize them lifting your vibrational frequency so your thoughts match the frequency of your desires.

When choosing your vision board materials, we suggest making use of vision board kits that come with everything you need to make a vision board.

Kits like The Vision Cloud’s Vision Board Magazine Kit are great options because they include every supply you’d need to make a beautiful vision board of your dreams, goals, and wishes.

The less time you spend on buying your vision board supplies and collecting magazines, the more energy you can give to visualizing and manifesting your dreams.

The Vision Cloud’s Vision Board Magazine Kit comes with a magazine that has over 500 images you can use for your vision board.  It also comes with a mounting putty, a goal-setting worksheet, 10 pieces of a Universal check, and all the supplies you need to make a vision board that works.


Rituals are an effective way to practice manifestation techniques.  If you’re doing an affirmation ritual, you can opt to recite a chosen affirmation three times and do it three times throughout the day.

You can also write down your intentions once in the morning and once in the evening to harness the power of Master Number 11.  Or you can also write down 2 affirmations and write them down in your manifestation journal twice a day.

Incorporate the Master Numbers in any way you can when you practice the Law of Attraction or any of the manifestation techniques you do.

When you invite the energies of the Master Numbers into your life, you are making use of their powerful frequencies to turn your dreams into reality.

Numbers hold incredible powers that they can be so effective in helping you manifest.  However, you need to understand what the numbers symbolize and what they represent, so you can have the ability to include them in your manifestation practice.

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