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Visualizing, reciting affirmations, writing down your goals, doing rituals, and meditating are just some of the techniques you can do to turn your dreams into reality.  But did you know you can use other tools to manifest your dreams?

If you’ve been finding it difficult to attract the things you want in life, perhaps you need to use something more in your Law of Attraction journey.

Crystals have been used since ancient times to manifest wishes and desires. Also known as fossilized minerals, these beautiful stones were used as amulets and gemstones to ward off evil spirits, attract good luck, and even believed to boost strength and courage, as Lapis Lazuli was placed on the armors of Roman soldiers.

So how do you use them to manifest the life of your dreams?  In this article, we’ll discover 11 of the best crystals that will aid you in your quest to attract all the things you want in your life.


A boom in the popularity of crystals was seen at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  When people were forced to stay indoors, it caused a lot of anxiety and uncertainty.  For people who believed in the supernatural, the divine, and mysticism, which Pew Research revealed to be 4 in every 10 Americans, crystals were a way to help them ease this anxiety.

So what is it about crystals and why do people use them to heal, improve their lives, and yes, turn their dreams into reality?

Before we delve into the modern methods of crystal healing and manifestation, let’s dig deep into its history.


The first recorded historical reference of crystal use is from the Ancient Sumerians, which was during the 4th millennium BC.

In the reference, crystals were used in their magical formulas.  These stones were also used in Traditional Chinese Medicine some 5000 years ago, and in Ancient Egypt, they were used in jewelry and even adorned on tombstones of the dead.


Crystal comes from the Greek word, “Krystallos,” which means “ice.”  It was most probably named such due to quartz crystals being hard and translucent, like ice.

Other civilizations that used crystals include ancient India, where they were used in Vedic practices.  Ancient Mesopotamia and Middle Eastern civilizations believed crystals carried medicinal and spiritual powers.


The use of crystals in modern times is credited to the New Age movement.  Practitioners of crystal healing believe that crystals emit certain vibrations and correspond to specific chakras in the body.

Chakras are energy points on the body, and crystals are believed to heal and support these points.  For example, if you have problems with communication and your throat/neck area, crystals that are associated with the throat chakra are believed to heal thyroid problems and boost your communication skills, or express yourself better.

Therefore, crystals are used to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Though there has never been scientific evidence to support these New Age claims about crystals, they are still being used to support alleged benefits.


Because of the belief that crystals emit specific vibrational frequencies, they have also been extensively used in manifestation techniques.  

Attracting the things you want to have in your life, such as a lover, a soulmate, a career, certain amounts of money, self-development, and good health, requires you to emit a specific vibrational energy that matches your goals.

However, when you’re sad, anxious, stressed, and tired, your vibrational energy is low.  So how can you manifest your dreams when you’re not matching the frequency of your desires?  This is where the use of crystals comes in.

Crystals can help you remove negative energies in your body and your environment, helping you to emit the energies you need to manifest your wishes.

But not just any crystal, though.  You need to learn what specific types of crystals actually respond to the things that you desire.  Certain crystals are known to attract love, money, peace, and even lovers.

In the next section, we’ll reveal 11 different kinds of crystals that can help you in your manifestation journey.



Here are 11 of the best crystals for manifestation:


Citrine is a clear yellow translucent crystal also known as the “Merchant’s Stone.”  It is said to help business owners attract sales and customers, promoting business success and growth.

It is also known as the “Manifestation Stone,” as it amplifies energy and emits positive vibrations, helping you raise your vibrational frequency to attract your desires.


Clear quartz is one of the most popular crystals because it’s abundant and looks like “ice,” which the word “Crystal ” is based upon.  It is a transparent stone that looks like shards of glass are found inside.

It is known as the “Master Healer,” as it is believed to bring spiritual, physical, and emotional healing.

Clear Quartz also amplifies the energies of other stones, so if you want to increase the energies of citrine and other crystals, you can also use clear quartz to boost their frequencies.


Amethyst is a beautiful purple translucent crystal known for boosting your intuition.  It is associated with the crown chakra, which is all about wisdom, intellect, and intelligence.

If you need to make a decision at work, in your career, or in self-development, use Amethyst to help you make the right one.  You can also use amethyst in your academics, as well as in your business decisions.

It is also a calming stone, so if you’re anxious about a job promotion or anything in your life, you can use amethyst to help you relax and reduce anxiety.


Rose quartz is a beautiful pale pink translucent stone known to help you attract love in your life.  Whether you need to attract a romantic partner, improve your romantic relationship, or want more emotional intimacy, rose quartz is the crystal to manifest these things.

It is also believed to boost compassion and communication.  If you’ve been angry and cruel to your partner, children, or employees, rose quartz will help you become calmer and more loving, improving your relationships with the people around you.



Aventurine is a light green stone known to help you overcome feelings of anxiety and self-doubt.  It will help you become more optimistic, confident, and hopeful for any situation in your life.

So if you’re manifesting but you’re doubting yourself, you probably won’t be able to achieve your goals.  Doubt is the number one killer of manifestation, which makes aventurine a great stone to help you in your manifestation methods.

If you want to attract a new car, house, or piece of expensive jewelry, use aventurine as it’s known to attract material goods.


Rainbow Fluorite is a translucent stone with different shades of colors, such as green, blue, purple, red, orange, and other colors.  It is mainly a dark crystal but when light passes it, the colors reveal themselves.

Because of this quality, rainbow fluorite is believed to help shine a light on your dark moments.  It helps connect your mind and your heart, helping you make rational decisions, and helping you see the good in negative situations.

It also promotes clarity of thought, boosts confidence, and neutralizes negative thinking.  If your energy has been blocked, it can also release these blockages.

Because of its beauty, this crystal is also known to help you pursue your bold aspirations, just as how bold it is with its array of colors.


Tiger’s Eye is called such because its color of brown and black in swirling patterns resemble a tiger’s stripes and eyes.

It is believed to promote balance and strength in your life, as well as release fears and uncertainty.  It also helps you focus on your goals, motivates you, encourages you, and inspires you.

But the best thing it does in manifesting your desires is to motivate and inspire you to take action, which is needed when achieving your goals.


If you want to attract wealth, abundance, and prosperity, green jade is the best crystal to use.  It is a calming and receptive stone, giving you the ability to receive and welcome good luck and blessings.


It also helps to stabilize emotions and reduce anxiety, helping you become more relaxed when meditating.


With a rich red and orange color, carnelian is a stone that boosts passion and desire.  This crystal is especially useful for creatives who are experiencing burnout or a block in their creativity.

It helps you find your passion in your craft again and gets you excited about reaching your goals.

It is also known to attract lovers, boost libido, and exchange your sex life.


Moonstone carries with it the energy of guidance.  In fact, sailors used them to protect themselves in their voyages across the seas.  Because of this, moonstone is a great crystal to use if you think you have no direction or you’re veering away from your goals.

It can help you stay on track or change your path to the road that will lead you to success.

It is also a stone of good luck, mental clarity, drive energy, patience, and acceptance.


If you’re finding it hard to meditate and visualize, you need shungite to help you.  It is a beautiful stone from the Shunga, Kareika, region of Russia, and it’s known to quiet the mind and bring you back down to Earth.

It helps you become grounded and humble, as well as encourages you to learn more, do more, and keep pushing to achieve your goals.


Now that you know what crystals represent and their benefits, here are the ways you can use them to manifest your dreams:


Keep a crystal close to your body when you’re meditating and visualizing.  Imagine the energy of the crystal helping you achieve your goals and desires.


When making a vision board, place several crystals around you.  Choose the crystals that correspond to the goals you want to attract.

If you want a new romantic relationship, place a rose crystal around you.  We suggest making a physical vision board as it requires you to spend more time and the energies of the crystals can help boost your energy field.


The Vision Cloud’s Original Vision Board Kit is a great kit to use for your vision board-making with crystals.  It has all the supplies you need to make a vision board without having to buy other supplies.  It also has 100 images you can use, 2 activity sheets, and so much more.


Place a crystal in your pocket, bag, or wallet. Each time you want to recite an affirmation or visualize something you desire, hold the crystal in your hand and use its energy to boost your manifestations.

Crystals aren’t just pretty but they hold special power and energies that boost your manifestation techniques.  Learn about their specific abilities and benefits and take advantage of their magic to manifest the life of your dreams.

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