Using Manifestation Candles To Transform Your Dreams Into Reality

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We need all the help we can get when it comes to achieving goals, fulfilling our plans, and yes, making our dreams come true.  When it comes to manifesting our dream life, we can do a long list of things that can help us become a magnet to the very things we desire.

Manifestation techniques are some of the most powerful things we can do to create our dream life.  Some examples are affirmations, visualizations, vision board-making, rituals, and so much more.  And one more thing you can add to your manifestation methods is the use of manifestation candles.

Using the symbolism and energy of fire, manifestation candles can help ignite the passion needed to bring your thoughts and your physical reality together.

In this article, we’ll talk about what manifestation candles are, and how you can incorporate them in your daily life to boost your capacity to manifest your dreams.


Manifestation candles are candles that can help you attract your desires.  Some metaphysical shops sell specific candles for specific goals, such as candles to attract love, candles for emotional healing, candles to attract wealth, and so on.

However, you can also use basic candles and program them to set your intentions and attract the very things you want to manifest.

Candles have been used in rituals and ceremonies since ancient times.  Since candles represent fire, they symbolize passion, creation, and transformation.  Fire can also symbolize light in the darkness.  Hence, candles can also symbolize hope, optimism, and positivity, despite life’s darkest challenges.

Lighting candles can also be calming and peaceful, helping to eliminate anxiety, sadness, and even negative thinking.  When you’re relaxed and calmer, you can have a better grip on your reality, which can help you see the good in bad situations.

The cornerstone of manifestation is positive thinking.  And candles can help transform negative thought patterns into a positive mindset.  Aside from helping you to manifest your intentions, a positive mindset is also known to reduce stress and increase life satisfaction.


Studies also reveal that 85% of people who have a positive mindset experience less depression and anxiety.  In the same publication, it is revealed that 87% of people with a positive mindset were more likely to live healthier lives and make better health choices.  And positivity can even have an effect on mortality:  data shows that optimists have 19% lower risks of early death compared to pessimists

Though manifestation candles are not the only thing you need to have a positive mindset, they can help supplement other methods to manifest whatever it is that your heart desires.

In the following section, we’ll talk about how you can use manifestation candles in your rituals and visualizations.


Here are the steps to use manifestation candles as your manifestation method:


What do you want to manifest?  What do you want to attract in your life right now?  Are you struggling financially?  Do you want to meet your soulmate?  Do you want a new car?

You can write in a manifestation journal or you can make a vision board.  Collect images of your wishes and make a collage on a vision board.

The Vision Cloud’s Original Vision Board Kit is a great way to get started in the vision board-making manifestation technique.  It comes with everything you need to make a vision board from scratch:  it has a big foldable board, 100 pictures of different categories, 40 stickers for embellishments, as well as 60 mini cards that contain quotes, affiliations, and questions.  It also comes with 2 activity sheets for manifestation, as well as mounting putty and Velcro adhesives.

Once you’ve finalized all the things you want to attract, create a collage to create one big board that represents all the things you want to achieve at a given timeline.  Once you’re done making your vision board, it’s time you choose the candles you wish to use for your manifestation candle journey.


We can use the concept of using different candle colors for different goals.  Some of these include pink for love, red for passion, and so on.  We’ll cover these symbols in the next section of this article.


Choose a special spot to work with your manifestation candles.  It has to be a spot where there are no distractions, no noise, and no other people who can disturb you.  It needs to be quiet, private, comfortable, and safe.
This can be your bedroom, a study, your kitchen at night, or any space where you can meditate and visualize.


You can work with your manifestation candles before you go to sleep at night, when you wake up in the morning, or you can also harness the power of numbers.

Time and dates that correspond with certain angel numbers or master numbers in numerology are believed to hold special manifestation powers.

Some of these include 11:11, 2:22, 3:33, and so on.  By choosing to work with your manifestation techniques during these times on the clock, you are taking advantage of the strong manifestation vibrational frequencies that boost your ability to transform your dreams into reality.


Once you’ve chosen your candle colors, your space, and your schedule, it’s now time to manifest with manifestation candles.

Put your vision board, manifestation journal, and other objects that can help you manifest in the designated spot.

Place your candles in front of these items, or you can also create a circle and sit down in the middle of your candles.  Light your candles one by one.

Sit in a comfortable position and start visualizing, and reciting affirmations or mantras, or you can also hum.  Meditate about your goals, plans, and wishes.  Set your intentions into the Universe.  Feel the warmth of the smoke from the candles around your body.


Visualize your dreams coming true and how beautiful they will feel when you’ve received them.  Once you’ve set your intentions, close your eyes and welcome the energy of the Universe.

When your candles have melted, blow them out one by one, saying things you’re grateful for in your life.  Gratitude is incredibly important in manifesting your dreams.  It is your way of thanking the Universe for giving you the blessings you’re enjoying in your life right now.  The more grateful you are, the more positivity will come to you.


Close your ritual by thanking the candles for helping you manifest your wishes.  If there is still some wax left, keep your candles for another candle ritual.  If they’ve completely melted, keep them and place them in a spell jar, or bury them in the ground so the energy of the Earth receives your intentions.


As mentioned earlier, certain candle colors attract certain desires.  In this section, you’ll find what different colors of candles represent:

  • Orange – Attracts success, youthfulness, vitality, cheerfulness, and stamina.
  • Green – Attracts money, good luck, confidence, harmony, and balance.
  • Pink – Attracts romantic love, boots emotional intimacy between partners, and boots emotional connection.
  • Yellow – Attracts optimism, charm, and concentration.
  • Black – Attracts protection and transformation of negative thinking into positivity.
  • Blue – Attracts loyalty, overcoming addiction, peace, and concentration.
  • Purple – Attracts wisdom, and ambition, and enhances psychic ability.
  • White – Attracts purity, truth, blessings, peace, and unity.
  • Red – Attracts passion, and enhances sex life, energy, and fertility.
  • Gold – Attracts abundance, wealth, influence, knowledge, and awareness.
  • Gray – Attracts wisdom, vision, patience, and psychic protection.
  • Brown – Attracts grounding, humility, balance, stability, travel, and rebirth.
  • Silver – Attracts ambition, fame, and creativity.

You can also use different colors for your manifestation candle technique when you want to attract different things in your life.


If you can’t get your hands into any of these special manifestation candle colors, you can also use white candles and program them.


  1. Assign a specific purpose for the candle.  You can even carve a letter or number on the candle to signify what you want it to do for you.
  2. When you’re visualizing to manifest money, health, or spiritual growth, use these programmed candles to attract their specific intentions.
  3. Use these candles exclusively for your manifestation rituals.  Do not use them for a warm bath, to light a room during a power outage, or for any other purpose.  Only use them for your rituals and manifesting ceremonies.

Candles emit a strong emotional response, especially if you light them when the lights are out.  They can create a calming ambiance and can help you relax, which is needed when you meditate and visualize.

Choose your manifestation candles for your visualization practices and let them help you increase your vibrational frequency.  The higher your energy field is, the more effective it will be for you to transform your thoughts into reality.

Take advantage of manifestation candles to bring your thoughts and physical reality together.

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