9 Tips For Making Your Dream Board For 2023 A Reality

9 Tips For Making Your Dream Board For 2023 A Reality

“All dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” -Walt Disney

Have you made your dream board for 2023 yet?  If you have, how is it going?  Have you made any progress?  If yes, then congratulations!  You are on your way to making your dreams for 2023 a reality, or maybe they already have come true for you.

However, because this article is about tips for turning your dreams into reality, some or all of your goals for the year may not be doing so well.  Maybe you’re here because you find yourself not fulfilling any of your goals, or maybe you’re at a roadblock and you don’t know what to do next.

Whatever your reason for reading this article is, we welcome you with open arms.  We hope the tips we recommend in this article will help you get the ball rolling, resume your journey, or inspire you to finally pursue a dream you haven’t started yet.



If you’re an adult, you already know how to go after your dreams.  If you want to be a lawyer, you go to law school and get a degree; if you want to start a business, look for capital and open a store/office/create a product.  

But is it really that easy?  Unfortunately, no.  Dreams are never easy to fulfill, and that is why everyone needs a little help when they want to turn their dreams into reality.

Here are some quantitative data to back this up:

Surveys, studies, and research show one common data: the majority of people do not fulfill their goals and dreams.  It’s sad, and disappointing, and makes you want to forget about your dreams altogether.

But amidst all of this data, there’s always a ray of hope.  There’s the 8% of people who do fulfill their New Year’s goals; 2% of people who make their dreams a reality before they die; and the 20% of people who make their childhood dreams come true.


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So how do you become part of these small numbers?  Well, that is what this article is about.  We’ve done our research and came up with 9 simple tips to help you make your goals in your dream board for 2023 a reality.





When creating your goals for your dream vision board, don’t limit yourself to what you think you can achieve.  Yes, you must be realistic when it comes to creating goals, but you are more than your comfort zone.

If you want to be an actor, why not dream about winning an Oscar, too?  Or if you want to travel the world, why not dream about traveling in style on a private jet?  Or if you want to find love, why not attract the person you’ve always had a crush on?

You have more potential than you know.  When you create your images in your collage of dreams, try seeing the world from a bigger perspective.  If you can dream, you might as well dream big, right?



Visualize, practice manifestation techniques, use affirmations, listen to motivational speakers, and most of all, use the Law of Attraction to turn your dreams into reality.

One of the best tools for practicing the Law of Attraction is using vision boards. But more than just putting together images of what you want to achieve, you also need to visualize.

Take time each day to look at your dream board for 2023, and feel the emotions of finally making your goals come true.

If you’ve already made your dream board but you want to make a new one, you can do so.  The great thing about vision boards is that they are never set in stone.  You can always remove certain goals and create new ones.


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Just like The Vision Cloud’s Vision Board Magazine Kit, you can use a mounting putty to put images on a board, remove them, and put other pictures containing other goals and dreams.

The Vision Board Magazine Kit is a great way to make a dream board because it has everything you need to make one.  It has a foldable board with a shiny finish, making mounting putty the perfect material to mount pictures because you can easily take them out and replace them with new images.

The Magazine Kit includes over 500 images of different categories, so if your dream for 2023 is to build wealth, start a family, or simply become more creative, the vision board kit has got you covered.

We’ve also written a great article about this kit, which you can find here. 



We love the expression, “Burn Your Boats.”  Its origins come from the story of Hernan Cortez, who conquered Mexico in the 1500s.  He ordered his men to burn the boats they used to arrive in Mexico, to prevent any chances of abandoning their mission and turning back.

This expression means when you set out to achieve your dreams, be fully committed and not turn back.  Because until and unless you are fully committed to pursuing your dreams, there will always be doubts, hesitations, and ineffectiveness. 



A vision board won’t work if you don’t.  If you simply create a collage of images of your dreams and let them sit there, it won’t give you the life of your dreams. You need to create a plan to make sure you get to fulfill your goals.

If you want to get a certain position, apply for that job.  If you want to start a business, make a feasibility study and get started.  If you want to marry your partner, plan a proposal.  If you want to travel the world, start booking your flights.


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Thinking about making a multimillion company can seem overwhelming.  Thinking of raising kids can be scary.  And dreaming of pure happiness can seem like light years away.  However, there’s a way you can start pursuing your dreams without thinking of the bigger picture, and that is by creating micro goals.

This means taking baby steps is better than not taking any steps at all.  Taking that first step to pursuing your dreams can be scary but if you create smaller goals, they won’t become too overwhelming and intimidating.

We’ve also written a great blog on goal-setting techniques which we believe can help you achieve your micrograms.  You may be taking smaller steps today, but in the near future, you’ll be surprised you’ve actually gone a long way.



A timeline can help motivate you to finish your goals because it creates a sense of urgency.  If you say, I will fulfill my dreams in the near future, or soon, or someday, you won’t be motivated to act today because you believe you have all the time in the world.

Since this article is about a dream board for 2023, you should ask yourself, when in 2023?  Is it in August?  December?  When do you want to achieve your dreams?

When making your dream vision board, create deadlines to achieve your goals to keep you motivated.



Burnout can make you hate your job or career.  What once fueled your passion is now something you loathe doing.  If you work yourself to exhaustion in pursuing your dreams, you may experience burnout, and this can make you let go of something that would’ve been the path to living out your dream life.

In your pursuit to make your dream board a reality, you must take breaks.  Do not force yourself to work so hard to the point of exhaustion.  Do not allow yourself to stop loving what you do.

Taking breaks or pausing your pursuits can help improve your focus and productivity.  In fact, research reveals that when we become burned out, our performance and productivity begin to plummet.


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Studies reveal that taking short breaks in between work, even as short as 5 minutes, can help improve our focus.

When you find yourself feeling tired, losing your passion, and wanting to quit, take a break first.  Pause and get back to the grind as soon as you’re rested.



When going after your dreams, don’t compare yourself to others.  Otherwise, you will only get disappointed and frustrated.  You may have a sibling who now owns a home, has a family with kids, and you’re here, still trying to make things happen for you.  Or you look at your high school classmates who are being invited to speaking engagements, and here you are, still saving up to travel for a trip abroad.

When you find yourself focusing on the things you lack in your life, that can give you negative emotions.  When it comes to making your dreams come true, you need to surround yourself with positive energy, and that includes your thoughts and mindset.

If you start comparing yourself to others, stop by saying affirmations.  Tell yourself you’re good enough and if you’re not yet there, you will be soon. Replace envy with gratitude for all the things you do have in your life right now.

Gratitude puts you in a position of joy and happiness for what you have in the present, and not what you lack.


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An Anais Nin quote perfectly sums up our tips for making your dreams a reality, and it goes:

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Staying in your comfort zone will never give you the life you desire and deserve.  Staying put where you are will not help you in your pursuit of your dream life.

So start creating your dream board for 2023, and don’t give up even when small setbacks occur.  Remember this Anais Nin quote and remember that taking the risk for your dreams is always worth it.

If you’ve made your dream board for 2023, re-evaluate what you have on your board and remove things you don’t need, and add the ones that do.  Visualize, dream big, don’t give up, and follow the tips we recommend in this list.

Take the steps to achieve your dream goals, and one of these days, you’ll look back and thank yourself for finally having the courage to go after your dreams.

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