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Vision boards help us achieve a plethora of different goals:  a job, specific amounts of money, our soulmate, completing a college degree, or success in a business.  But did you know you can also use your vision board to help you improve your mental health?

Yes, a vision board can help you attract mental well-being, especially when you need it the most.  Financial problems, marital woes, and personal issues can put a weight on our mental health, and when not given the attention it needs, can lead to serious consequences, like anxiety and depression.

A vision board may seem like a simple fun craft activity or a basic collage of pictures, but if you discover its true potential, you can use it for its immense power to help you in any and all areas of your life, including mental health.


The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reports that 1 in every 5 adults in the US suffers from some form of mental illness every year.  They also reported in 2019 that suicide was the 10th leading cause of death in the US, with over 44,000 suicides in the US that year.

In addition, The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA)reports that anxiety and depression are the two most common mental illnesses in the country, with women twice as likely to develop these conditions.

These statistics show that mental health is a serious issue that needs to be given attention.  Stress is one of the causes of anxiety and depression, as well as major life transitions, such as the loss of a job, the dissolution of marriage, the death of a loved one, and many other issues.

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While you can’t prevent certain events from happening in your life, you can control how you react to them.  Just because you suffered the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, or you’re having issues with your relationships, doesn’t mean there’s no other choice but to succumb to the negative consequences of life’s challenges.

With effective coping strategies, a positive mindset, and the tools to improve your mental well-being, you can avoid falling into the statistics of being 1 of every 5 adults who suffer from a mental health condition.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can use a vision board to help you achieve mental health and well-being.


We’ve come up with 7 mental health tips you can use on your vision board to help you achieve inner peace:


A morning routine can help you start your day on a good note.  It is known to promote feelings of self-worth, energize you, boost your productivity, and can provide stress relief.

Repetitive routines also provide a sense of calm and normalcy, helping to ease anxiety.

But what is a morning routine?  A morning routine is a set of tasks you do every time you wake up in the morning.  It eliminates unpredictability in your life, so you are relaxed and calmer when you start your day.

You can exercise, eat a specific food, read a book, jog, do yoga, or stroll outside.  Whatever activities you do, make sure you do them every day, in the same order, and at the same given time.  You can also do affirmations, and visualization techniques of your goals, or you can also listen to different motivational speakers.

Create a morning routine vision board by collecting pictures of the different tasks you do every day.  You can also add pictures of calmness, mental health well-being, and productivity inspirations to help you achieve the results you want with your routine.

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Mental health and physical health go hand in hand.  You can’t be fully healthy if your mind is not at ease and if your body is not working well.

Exercise, for example, is known to release certain hormones that can help improve your mood.  Endorphins are released when you exercise, which is a hormone that gives you a feel-good sensation.  Exercise is also known to release serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, which is known to regulate mood.

Eating well, sleeping at least 7 to 9 hours a day, and taking care of yourself can help improve your overall well-being, which includes your mental health.

Use an exercise, weight loss, or health vision board to attract improved mental well-being.  Or, you can make one main mental health vision board and include images of exercising, eating healthy, and sleeping well in your collage.


This may be a bit challenging because when you’re sad, anxious, or you’re not feeling good about yourself, you tend to isolate.  You distance yourself from people and don’t want to socialize at all.  But did you know that socializing actually does have mental health benefits?

Even if you can’t get up from bed, you can socialize by talking to your friends online, or by participating in video meetings and conversations.

According to the CDC, both the quality and quantity of your social relationships have an impact on your mental health.  This means socialization with people who support and help you are the kinds that boost your mental health.

Surround yourself with people who uplift you, listen to you, and support you emotionally.  If you don’t have a good social support network, you can still socialize by volunteering, enrolling in a class, or playing sports.

For days when all you want to do is sulk in your room, a vision board with images of your friends, social events, and meeting new people can motivate you to get up, get dressed, and go out to enjoy the company of others.


Research shows that spending time in nature can improve mood, reduces feelings of anger, and reduces stress levels.  Data also shows that people who are connected with nature report feeling happier in life, as well as having reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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However, it must be noted that high-quality nature is required, and not just any kind of outdoor space.  If you go to a park filled with vandalism and trees or plants are not being cared for, this doesn’t qualify for high-quality nature.

For nature to help you improve your mood, you need to find a place that’s serene, calming, and quiet.  If you can’t find a place like this near you, you can also bring nature indoors.

Put plants inside your home, open your windows, grow plants and herbs on your balcony, or have an aquarium.

Create a vision board of natural places you want to visit, such as a rainforest, the beach, a waterfall, or pictures of an urban garden you want to make.


What kind of activities bring you joy?  Is it playing sports? Spending time with your children? Or maybe even shopping for new clothes?  If you have a set of activities you enjoy doing, do them more often.  You may get a rush of dopamine when you buy a new pair of shoes, so do that.  You may feel good when you eat a whole bar of chocolate, so do that, too.

If you want to learn a new skill, enroll in a class.  Learning a new skill is known to boost confidence, improve your sense of self-worth, and boost your self-esteem, which can help lower anxiety and feelings of sadness.

Look for pictures of all the activities that bring you joy and put them on your vision board.  Look at them each day and remind yourself of the positive emotions they bring into your life.


Research shows that people who are constantly thinking about what’s not happening in their lives report being unhappy.  So what’s the antidote to this? Think in the present.

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Mindfulness is being aware of the present moment and not thinking about the past or the future.  It means embracing and experiencing what is happening to you now and not worrying about what tomorrow brings.

Be more conscious of your surroundings, and of the people in your life in the present, and enjoy what you have.  Feel the goodness of your body, taste the flavors of food that go into your mouth, and relish the warm embrace of sunlight on your skin.

Being mindful helps you appreciate all the good things you have in your life right now, and it can instantly give you a sense of joy.

Worrying about why you’re not yet earning this much or why your boyfriend is not yet proposing will only give you stress and anxiety.  Cherish the present moment and find happiness today.

Collect pictures of people practicing mindfulness, gratitude, and images of experiences in full zoom to give you a sense of personal connection.


If you have trouble sleeping, you find yourself not having the appetite to eat all day, you’re isolating yourself and not responding to persistent calls by family or friends, you’re not showing up at work, and your personal hygiene has suffered, it’s time you seek help.

When your mental issues show up in drastic results in your daily life, and it goes on for at least 30 days, you need to go to a professional.

When things become unbearable, it is completely okay to admit that you can’t handle things on your own anymore.  Seek a mental health counselor or go straight to a psychologist who can help you manage your emotions, thoughts, and behavior.

You can place a contact number of professional psychologists or counselors on your mental health vision board.  Of course, you don’t want to attract a serious mental health issue, but putting it on your vision board can tell you that there’s a safe space and place for you to go should things become too much in your life.  Knowing that there’s somewhere and someone to go to can already give you a sense of peace, safety, and comfort.

mental health board ideas


A vision board for mental health is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their mental well-being or for anyone who’s struggling emotionally in their life right now.

You can use a digital vision board you can keep on your phone that you can access anytime and anywhere, or you can also make a physical vision board.  Place this vision board where you can see it every day, and remind yourself of the 7 vision board mental health tips we recommend.

We suggest using a vision board kit that’s complete with everything you need to make a mental health vision board.  One of these kits is The Vision Cloud’s Original Vision Board Kit, which includes a sturdy, foldable board, 100 images, 40 stickers, and 60 words you can mount on the board.

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It also comes with a set of activities you can start to take your manifestation journey to the next level.  We’ve made a great article about the kit, where you’ll find everything you need to know about what’s included in the box, what you can do with it, and how it can help you manifest any goals you may have, including mental health goals.

You deserve to be happy and free from anxiety.  Create your mental health vision board now and get to welcome life in a more positive light.

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