Discover 5 Unique Ways to Manifest With These 2024 Vision Board Ideas

Discover 5 Unique Ways to Manifest With These 2024 Vision Board Ideas

2024 vision board ideas

Manifestation is a word that’s become quite popular (as of the time of this writing). If you visit the social media site, TikTok, you’ll discover a wealth of influencers who use the keyword “manifestation,” which has garnered 34.6 billion views as of May of 2023.

Despite its popularity, many people still label it as “magical thinking” or superstition. However several studies reveal the scientific explanations behind vision boards, manifestation techniques, and positive thinking.

In this article, we’ll show you 5 unique ways to manifest using 2024 vision board ideas that may not be as common or popular. You never know, maybe these ideas may just be what works for you.


What is Manifestation and Is It Real?

Before we reveal these 5 unique ways to manifest with our 2024 vision board examples, we wanted to share this compelling research about manifestation.

A study conducted by Lucas J. Dixon, Nicole Hartley, and Matthew J. Hornsey was published online on July 8, 2023. The researchers named their paper, “The Secret to Success? The Psychology of Belief in Manifestation.”

The researchers wanted to explore the psychology of people who believe in manifestation, and thus, they created The Manifestation Scale, which is a questionnaire that measured an individual’s belief in manifestation and one’s corresponding behaviors, beliefs, and life experiences.

The study revealed that people who believed and practiced manifestation were more likely to have a positive view of themselves. It was also revealed that manifesters perceived themselves to be more successful, believed they were more likely to succeed and had bigger aspirations compared to those who scored lower on the scale.

However, the researchers also showed the negative aspects of having a strong belief in manifestation, which include being more likely to get involved in risky investments and having the belief they’ll get rich quickly.

vision board ideas

Though the study revealed some negative aspects, the data showed that believing and practicing manifestation techniques such as visualization and positive thinking, did show more confidence and a stronger belief in one’s ability to succeed.

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, having an unwavering belief in your success is one of the keys to manifesting your desires.

Using the information from this study, it is safe to say that believing in the Universe and yourself is one of the best ways to manifest.


5 Unique Ways to Manifest with These 2024 Vision Board Ideas

Having a firm conviction you’ll attract money, love, happiness, and career success is what you need to manifest, but having a little help won’t hurt either.

These vision board ideas for 2024 will help you manifest your goals faster and so much more effectively, by giving you the tools you need to engage the Law of Attraction in your favor.


  1. Focus Wheel

The Focus Wheel was created by Abraham Hicks. It is a simple exercise that helps you shift your negative mindset into a positive one, through the use of affirmations.

Here is how it works:

  • Make a circular diagram with one circle in the middle and equal sections drawn around it. Think of the circular diagram as a clock where each hour represents a blank space.
  • Write your goal in the circle found in the middle. This could be: “I manifest financial abundance,” or “I manifest my dream job.”
  • Starting from the topmost section (12 o’clock), begin writing affirmations. Continue writing until all of the 12 sections are filled and until your vibrational frequency matches your goal in the center.

        The purpose of this exercise is to help you raise your energy so it matches your goal, helping you manifest it. This is ideal for individuals who may be feeling negative about their dreams right now and need a shift in their thinking.

        dream board ideas

        Be patient and avoid writing affirmations just because you have to. Write a sentence or affirmation that can help you boost your mood.

        The Focus Wheel is not a vision board per se but you can make your diagram on a whiteboard or white poster and mount it on the wall. A whiteboard is ideal because you can use it again and again, each time you want to shift your mindset.


        1. Vision Board Kit

        A vision board kit is usually a product that contains everything you need to make a vision board. The traditional way of making dream boards is by buying art supplies like poster boards, glue, stickers, and embellishments, cutting out images from a magazine, and making a collage.

        But with the ever-growing fast pace of life, having the time to go to a craft store and collect magazines has become a privilege only a few can enjoy.

        A vision board kit solves this problem by giving you all the things you need to get started. Some kits have poster boards, pictures, glue, Law of Attraction exercises, trinkets, and other materials needed to make a 2024 goal board from scratch.

        An alternative to vision board kits is vision board subscriptions. These are memberships where products are sent to you on a regular basis, which can include complete kits or digital images, goal-setting activities, vision board templates, and many more.

        The Vision Cloud is one such company offering these vision board subscriptions. With a mission to help people learn about manifestation and the Law of Attraction, The Vision Cloud helps you find happiness and success. And most of all, helps you find the confidence in yourself to believe that anything is possible.

        With a  vision board magazine subscription, you get to receive a magazine with over 100 images you can use for a physical dream board, as well as goal-setting activities, and so much more.

        You also get a manual that teaches you all about vision board-making and how to make it work, a daily SMS of inspirational and motivational quotes, access to an exclusive Facebook community, and an invite to a yearly conference where you get to experience wellness activities, learn more about vision boards, and of course, meet other manifesters like you.

        For more information about The Vision Cloud’s vision board magazine subscription, please click this  link and get started on your manifestation journey.


        1. Freely Give to Receive Law of Attraction Vision Board

        Make a vision board of images where people are giving to others, volunteering, or doing acts of kindness.

        One of the manifestation techniques of attracting money is giving to receive. When you give money away, it is believed that you will receive it back ten-fold.

        Holding to money too tightly means you do not trust the Universe. You have a fear that there will never be enough, so you hold on to it for dear life.

        To receive continuously, you need to keep the flow of money at a constant pace. The more you give, the more you will receive. It’s as simple as that.

        But also remember to give only what you can. If you keep on giving to others that there’s nothing left for you, that’s also a bad thing.

        Take care of yourself then take care of others. You can also learn how to make a vision board 2024 for self-love, to give to yourself first.


        1. Manifestation Altar

        A manifestation altar is another idea that’s not exactly a vision board but it makes use of visuals to keep you focused and motivated to achieve your dreams.

        This technique is the 3D version of vision boards. This is how it works:

        • Choose a specific location in your home where there’s not a lot of foot traffic, such as in your bedroom.
        • Prepare objects that represent your goals: a cheque for a million dollars, running shoes to manifest joining a marathon, a picture of a luxury resort, a miniature airplane, and any object.
        vision board examples
        • Put candles,crystals, bay leaves, and other good luck charms around the objects.

          The purpose of this altar is to give you a 3D visual of your dreams, inciting excitement and motivation each time you look at the objects that symbolize your goals.

          You can take a few minutes each day to meditate in front of your manifestation altar, to help you visualize your dreams.


          1. Vision Box

          A vision box is a physical box that you fill with pictures of your goals. Get a square box and seal it completely, slashing a small opening at the top where you can drop pieces of paper inside.

          Fill the external sides of the box with images of your goals, similar to a vision board. Once that’s done, begin writing down your goals, affirmations, or notes of gratitude on paper. Drop these pieces of paper inside the box.

          The Vision Box technique is another dream board idea that’s not as popular as traditional methods. The act of writing down affirmations and goals on a piece of paper and dropping it in the vision box is your way of setting your intentions and allowing the Universe to do the work.

          It is also an act of letting go. When you set intentions into the Universe, you need to let go and trust that it will come to you soon. Being worried or having fears you won’t get your dream are hindrances to manifestation.

          So the dropping of the pieces of paper is symbolic of trusting the Universe and letting go.


          dreamboard examples

          There you have it, 5 unique ways to manifest with 2024 vision board ideas that will help you better attract your dreams and goals. Though the traditional way of making dream boards is making a physical board from scratch, there are so many different ways to practice manifesting your dreams.

          Try any or all of these 2024 manifestation board ideas and begin to discover the magic of your thoughts, emotions, and unwavering belief that you deserve everything you want to have in life.

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