7 Incredible Manifestation Examples Of People Who Made Their Dreams Come True

7 Incredible Manifestation Examples Of People Who Made Their Dreams Come True

The word manifestation has been used a lot.  But do people actually believe it and are there real examples of true manifestations occurring?

In one study involving more than 2000 Americans, researchers discovered that 52% of Americans believe in manifestation.  However, only 28% of this percentage actually practice manifestation techniques to attract their goals and dreams into their lives.

This is quite a small number of people who swear by the magic of manifestations.  But if you knew the incredible true stories of successful people who’ve actually brought their dreams to life, you might want to get started on your very own manifestation journey.

There have been so many success stories when it comes to the Law of Attraction, but we believe the 7 stories we mention here are some of the most amazing.

In this article, you’ll discover 7 success stories of manifestations, in the hopes of inspiring you to believe and get inspired.

Here are 7 incredible manifestation examples of people who’ve manifested their dream life:


Kabir Khan is Malaysia’s most famous magician, having performed in Hollywood, for the royal family in Dubai, as well as performing in shows in LA and Las Vegas.  Ever since he saw David Copperfield on TV at the age of 6, Kabir wanted to become Malaysia’s own version of the famous magician.

One of the tools he did to manifest this dream was making a vision board, as well as attending American author and master manifesto, Jack Canfield’s, workshops, and getting a hold of Canfield’s book, The Success Principles.  After one of such workshops, Canfield revealed Kabir approached him and told him about his dream of studying magic and performing in the US.

Eventually, Kabir attracted a Chinese businessman who sponsored his studies in the US.  After completing several courses, Kabir began performing, and the rest is history.  Today, he is celebrated not only for being Malaysia’s most famous magician but also regarded as one of the top magicians in the world.

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Conor McGregor is one of the most famous mixed martial arts athletes in the world.  He was named by Forbes as the highest-paid athlete in 2021, with $180 million in earnings that year.  He is also known for formerly being the simultaneous lightweight and featherweight champion in the UFC.

He is also vocal about his belief in the Law of Attraction and realized when he started learning about the book, The Secret, that he has been visualizing since he was a child.  One of the very things he visualized was scoring a goal for Manchester United, as he wanted to become a professional soccer player when he was a kid.

Later, when he was broke and living in his car in Dublin, he would imagine himself driving along the coast of Southern California, driving in a soft-top Bentley.  After achieving success in the UFC, he was able to buy the exact car he imagined, and yes, the drive along the coast in Southern California came true.

He also uses visualization in his fights.  In his win against Jose Aldo, McGregor has said he visualized knocking him out and imagined how he’d do it.  He was able to knock out Aldo in just 13 seconds.  He also visualizes his moves, visualizing opponents’ moves, and how he would defeat them.

Using visualization as a tool to achieve success, the Law of Attraction was introduced by his sister, Erin, when he was starting his career.  Until today, McGregor believes and practices the techniques of the Law of Attraction in many areas of his life.


Lindsey Vonn was dubbed by Sports Illustrated as “America’s Best Woman Skier Ever,” for being the most decorated female skier in America’s history.  And one of the ways she was able to succeed in all of her races was the use of visualization.

Vonn has constantly revealed in interviews that visualization helped her prepare for upcoming races.  The night before a race, she would visualize her moves and again the day after, moments before the start of each race.

By the time a race starts, Vonn would have visualized doing moves in the course more than a hundred times in her mind, helping her anticipate every turn and move needed to succeed.

In Vonn’s case, she used the tool of visualization to manifest winning every race she entered, and with incredible success.


Kellan Lutz is a Hollywood actor best known for his role as Emmett in the Twilight Saga.  In several interviews, Lutz has revealed he makes several vision boards each year, which has helped him manifest a list of things, from his dream car, acting roles, fitness goals, and travel plans.  

One of the most significant things he’s manifested from making vision boards is his wife, whom he said came into his life after having made a vision board that featured weddings and being married a year before.

Lutz and his manager, Ryan Daly, are also the founders of National Vision Board Day, which happens every 2nd Saturday of January.  They had it registered as a way to encourage Americans to create their visions and goals for a given year.

Lutz also revealed he hosts vision board parties with families and friends annually, making him one of the biggest supporters of vision board-making in Hollywood.


Demi Lovato, a pop singer, and songwriter, is regarded to be a queen of manifestation due to many of her tweets on Twitter coming true years later.  She posts her desires and wishes on Twitter such as wanting to meet Britney Spears, dreaming of a collaboration with Christina Aguilera, and singing the national anthem in the Super Bowl.

All of these dreams came true for Lovato, who not only met Britney Spears but worked with her in the TV Show, X-Factor.  And in 2018, years after her tweet about wanting to work with Aguilera, they collaborated on a song that got a Grammy nod.  And yes, she finally sang the national anthem at the Super Bowl in 2020.

Though Twitter is a social media platform and not exactly a manifestation tool, it became Lovato’s method of setting her intentions into the Universe, and it worked.


    Simu Liu manifested his dream role in the Marvel movie, “Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” after he tweeted about it when the production company announced they were looking for an Asian actor to take the lead.

Just like Lovato, Liu used Twitter to set his intention into the Universe.  Liu has always wanted to be a superhero in a movie and even wrote scripts and comic books wherein an Asian superhero was the lead, hoping to land a role in Hollywood if these were made into films.

His dream was 10 years in the making, but he finally manifested it when he got the role of his dreams as Shang Chi, Marvel’s very first Asian superhero lead in a stand-alone film about the character.


Reina Rey is a founder and CEO of a multi-million dollar company based in LA.  She’s also the author of the book, “The Power Statements.”  However, before she achieved success, she lost all of her money, and her business, and fell into a deep depression.

She had always been a fan of “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne and had the book, “The Power” in her home.  During one of her days sitting in her bedroom, she felt the pull of the book and started re-reading it, kickstarting her journey to improve her life.

Using the book and the Law of Attraction, Rey was able to lose 40 pounds, started her company which eventually led to a $40,000 per week income, bought her first car, and first apartment, and led her to write a book in just 4 days.

Using the power of positive thinking and with the guidance of “The Power,” she was able to fulfill many of her goals and dreams.


Do these manifestation examples inspire you to manifest your dreams?  If yes, then you need to apply the techniques they used in your everyday life.

Using the examples stated above, here are some of the methods they used and how you can apply them to your goals and desires:


Kellan Lutz was able to manifest his marriage to his wife using his annual vision board.  He also uses it to manifest travel goals like surfing in Fiji.

Make a vision board at least once a year, preferably in January, to manifest goals you want to achieve in that given year.

We recommend making a physical vision board like Kellan Lutz, using a magazine to make collages on your board.  However, you can also make use of vision board kits that have everything you need, including pictures.

The Vision Cloud’s Vision Board Magazine Kit is a great tool to make your annual vision board since it has everything you need to make one.  It has a sturdy board, as well as a magazine that has over 500 pictures you can use.

It also has a goal-setting worksheet, mounting putty, faux checks, and everything you need to make a vision board.


Without even realizing it, Conner McGregor started visualizing when he was a kid, and more so when he was broke.  Vonn, on the other hand, used visualization to prepare herself for competitions.

If you are an athlete or about to present a business proposal, try visualizing the night before to help you prepare. Visualization helps you prepare mentally and physically, so when the moment comes, you are more than ready to succeed.


You can use any social media platform to set your intentions into the Universe.  Try a tweet to announce your goals and desires.  Talk to the Universe and speak about goals and dreams.  When you announce your intentions into the Universe, you are speaking words of confidence, assumptions, and expectations, which release positive energies of attraction.

You can also read books, such as The Secret, The Power, or The Success Principles just like Kabir Khan and Reina Rey, who used the knowledge in these books to achieve their dreams.

You have the power to manifest anything you want, and just like these incredibly successful people, you have what it takes to attract the career, the money, and the happiness that you desire.

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