A Guide To Using Magazine Pictures For Vision Boards: Everything You Need To Know About Magazines And Pictures For Your Vision Boards

A Guide To Using Magazine Pictures For Vision Boards: Everything You Need To Know About Magazines And Pictures For Your Vision Boards

Ever since the release of the film, The Secret, in 2006, several manifestation techniques have emerged.  One of these techniques is making vision boards:  harnessing the power of pictures to inspire, motivate, and help you achieve your dreams.

Vision boards first started gaining popularity when Oprah Winfrey talked about them many times in her shows.  Ever since vision boards were birthed into the general consciousness, magazine pictures for vision boards have always been the go-to source for images used in this technique.

However, with the decline of printed magazines around the world, are they still the de facto source for every dream board being made?  With more and more digital resources available, why should you still use printed magazines in your vision board-making journey?

In this article, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about magazines for vision boards, why they’re still the best source for dream board pictures, and even where to get them for free.

Here’s a simple guide to using magazine pictures for vision boards:


It’s so easy to go online and make a digital vision board today that you can literally have billions of options for images in seconds.  You can make a Pinterest board of dream homes, fancy cars, job promotions, and travel inspirations, and make them instantly.  But are digital boards the same as physical boards?

We believe that making a board with actual materials and magazine pictures is still the best way to practice your manifestation techniques.  Why?  Well, there are a lot of benefits to making a physical board with magazine images, and here are some of them:

  • Saves Time
  • Direct to the Point
  • Images That Speak to You
  • Fun and Tactile
  • Effective Visualization Aid
  • Perfect for Vision Board Parties

magazines for women on a newsstand

While digital sources such as Canva, Pinterest, and free clipart sites are convenient and easy to use, we still believe making boards the old-fashioned way remains the best and most effective method in attracting the life that you want through dream boards.

For an in-depth article on the benefits, we’ve written a great article surrounding this topic, which is called, 11 Benefits of Using Magazine Pictures for Vision Boards.


Now that we’ve established that printed magazines are the best sources of pictures for vision boards, the next question is, what magazines do you use?  

In the US alone, there are over 7,000 publications as of 2020, giving you a mountain of options.  Whenever you visit a newspaper stand, you are presented with hundreds of different choices, so which titles do you get for your Law of Attraction practice?

Well, we’ve done our research and come up with a list of the best magazines for the top categories most people have for their goals.  Some of these categories are travel, relationships, dream homes, self-care, finance, health, and family.

We’ve chosen the top magazines for these categories, and came up with this list:

  • Travel - Conde Nast Traveler
  • Relationships - Cosmopolitan
  • Finance - Money Magazine
  • Homes - Better Homes and Gardens
  • Self-Care and DIY - Real Simple
  • Fashion - InStyle
  • Health and Fitness - Women’s Health Magazine
  • Family - Today’s Parent

We believe these magazines have the best pictures, as well as big, bold text you can use for your board, as well as ideas, inspirations, and inspiring real-life stories we believe can motivate you to go after your dreams.

We’ve written an article about this, Top 9 Magazines for Vision Board Making, which you can find here.


Buying individual magazines, or collecting them one by one can be time-consuming and tasking.  For one vision board, you may need at least 5 to 10 issues to complete different categories of goals.  While it can be a fun activity for many, it may be too much work for others.  

Of course, in this time and age where everyone’s busy, we understand not everyone has the time to find and collect publications, as well as flip through hundreds of pages to find one or two images of your personal goals.

Lady relaxing on a two-seat couch

That is why we also recommend magazine books specifically designed for vision board-making.  These magazines, also known as clipart books, contain distinct pictures, words, quotes, and affirmations that are designed to be used on a dream board.

They help you save time, and effort, and give you exactly what you need in terms of images for your board.

Some of these magazine books include Lamare Store’s Vision Board Book, which has over 800 images, Vision Board Manifestation Book for Black Women, the downloadable clipart book called, The Vision Board Book by Inspiranexus Press, the 2023 Vision Board Template Kit, and many others.

We love these magazine books because they’re convenient to use, and save you so much time rather than collecting individual magazines.  

You can find more of these products in our article, 7 of The Best Vision Board Magazines to Buy.


We’ll take it a step further by recommending a complete vision board kit with magazine books for your dream board-making activity.  We love these kits because they have everything you need to make a board without having to buy individual supplies.

These kits have a board, a magazine book with hundreds of pictures, as well as words and affirmations, and other materials needed to make a board from scratch.

You won’t have to go to a craft store, a newspaper stand, or buy other materials to make a board because everything is included in the kit.

Some of these kits include the Magazine 101 Vision Board Kit, the Bold Tuesday Vision Board Kit for Women, Live Your Dream Nature’s Way Rectangle Vision Board, and of course, The Vision Cloud’s Vision Board Magazine Kit.

vision cloud vision board

The Vision Cloud’s magazine of pictures and words includes over 500 images you can use, as well as quotes and affirmations that supplement your collage of magazine pictures.  Simply cut out the pictures and use the adhesives in the kit to make your board.

Just like all the other kits mentioned here, these products are perfect for beginners, as gifts, or even for vision board parties.

Our article, Complete Law of Attraction Kits with Vision Board Magazine Clippings, recommends a list of these products and more.


If you’re one of the many people who have been relying on digital sources for images and graphics in recent years, you might be wondering if your favorite publications are still printed out in physical magazines.

Well, many publications have gone digital and ceased printing out physical magazines, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use back issues.  That also doesn’t mean you need to buy new magazines for your vision board.

A magazine with loads of high-quality pictures and big, bold, text can be used for your board.  As long as they don’t contain too many negative ideas or energy, you can use old printed magazines that are lying around your house.

Here are some of the best ways to find magazines for your dream board:

  • Get them for free by asking family and friends for old magazines.
  • Get a subscription for cheaper costs.
  • Try bartering online or getting them for free for people who are decluttering.
  • Download and print pictures, instead.

There are many places to find magazines for cheap and even for free.  Before you start buying new issues, try these tips first.

a close-up shot of magazine

You can also find more ways to find magazines, as well as a great piece on mental imagery, in our article, entitled, The Power of Images:  Where to Get Magazines for Vision Board.


Arts and crafts materials aren’t exactly known for their durability.  Making a DIY or craft project with paper products doesn’t resonate with something long-lasting.  Although dream boards are mostly associated with vision board paper and cutouts of magazines, it’s actually very important that they last longer than just a day or two.

Here us out: You’re making a visual representation of your dream life.  You’re trying to attract and create the life you want to live.  This means you still have a long way to go, but you’re taking the first step.  This is how important a dream board is.

You post your board on a wall or on your desk, and you need to visualize every day.  If your board falls apart instantly or in days, how can you use it to inspire and motivate you to go after your goals?

This is why we believe that investing in good vision board paper and other materials matters when you want to make a board that represents your future self.  Make sure you use adhesives that stick well, a sturdy board that doesn’t get flimsy, and pictures with high-quality graphics that truly resonate with your deepest desires.

Of course, we’re not saying you need to have the most expensive poster board, glue, or the glossiest magazines.  What we’re saying is that you should ensure your board stays up for a good period of time, so it can do its job in inspiring you, motivating you, and helping you manifest the dream life that you desire.

magazine pictures for vision board

Magazine pictures for vision boards are still the best materials for your dream board.  Though you can use digital methods and sources, we still recommend making a board with your hands and creating a physical board is the most creative and effective way to practice this manifestation technique.

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