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Most people associate vision board-making with crafting. And just like arts and crafts projects, most people also believe vision boards don’t need to last longer than one-time use.  However, this is not the case for anyone with long-term goals.

Whether you’re looking to buy a vision board paper or other materials such as adhesives and magazine clippings, there is a need to opt for quality over quantity.  Yes, the efficiency and durability of a craft supply matter when you make your dream board, and this article will explain why.



John Assaraf is a New York Times Bestselling Author, keynote speaker, behavioral neuroscience researcher, and CEO of NeuroGym, a coaching and training company that uses neuroscience in its approach.

If you’ve watched the 2006 film, The Secret, you’ll also recognize him as one of the resource speakers on the Law of Attraction.

One of the most amazing manifestation stories using vision boards comes from Assaraf’s very own experience. It involves a vision board he kept for 5 years, which held a long-term goal, and that’s to be able to buy his dream home.

Assaraf made his dream home vision board in 1995, where he mounted it in his home office.  Fast forward to May of 2000, a couple of weeks after he moved into a new home, his son Keenan was sitting on a box and asked his dad what was inside.

Assaraf told his son the box contained his vision boards.  When he opened it, he looked at his dream home board and was in shock.  Looking at the pictures, he started crying when he realized he had bought the exact house in his dream home board.  Not something similar, but the exact home in the pictures.  Assaraf unknowingly manifested the very dream home he envisioned.


magazines for vision boards

A dream board shouldn’t be used once and disposed of the minute you’re done making it.  In terms of long-term goals, such as John Assaraf’s dream home, the board and the materials that go with it should last longer.

When a board is sturdy and durable, you can keep it, revise it, store it, and once you’ve manifested your dreams, look back and realize you’ve actually achieved something you only once dreamed of.

The connection between John Assaraf’s vision board story and using materials that are high quality may be far-fetched but it actually makes sense.  Goals and dreams can’t magically come true overnight, they take time, effort, and plenty of motivation.

If you want your dreams on your vision board to come true, they must stay put on the board, on the wall, and in your thoughts.  And one of the ways this can happen is by choosing to use good quality materials and supplies that last longer.



We’ve been talking about the durability and efficiency of vision board paper and other materials but what do we exactly mean when we say “good quality?”

Here are the most important questions to ask:



Products are made to solve a problem.  Materials are considered to be made of good quality based on the extent to which they solve the problem.

As for craft supplies like a poster board, does it hold a collage of pictures?  Does it stay put on a wall? Consider this when choosing your craft supplies for your dream board.



Does the product get the job done?  Does it do what it’s supposed to do? If yes, then the material is considered to be efficient and good quality.


vision board magazines clippings



A good quality product should not be difficult to use.  Instructions on its useability shouldn’t be complicated and you shouldn’t have to spend too much time trying to figure out how it works.



And lastly, is it polished?  The aesthetics of a product should look good and clean.  The dimensions, size, colors, and other elements should align.  They shouldn’t appear inexpensive or cheap.

When buying your vision board supplies, ask these questions first.  By doing so, you are ensuring you are getting good quality products that can withstand wear and tear.



What craft materials need to be made of good quality materials for your vision board-making activity?  Not all of the materials need to be made of high quality, such as a pen for writing down your goals, or embellishments like ribbons or trinkets.

Only the most important materials need to be made of great quality, such as the board, adhesives, pictures, stickers, markers, and other supplies that ensure your dream board stays together, sticks on a wall, and stays the same even after a few months, or even years, just like John Assaraf’s vision board of his dream home.

Here are the materials for your board that need to be of great quality:



You can use a variety of different board materials for your board.  Some use cork boards, poster boards, or tri-fold display boards.  These board options are great for making a dream board but we believe a poster board is the best choice.


Poster boards are the most common and most popular board material for dream boards.  They are also inexpensive, work well, and come in many different color options.


vision board magazines

A standard-size poster board is a half sheet or 22” x 18.”  It is the ideal size for a regular dream board, but if you want something bigger, you can also opt for bigger sizes such as the whole sheet size of 24” x 36.”



You can also use a Tri-Fold Display Board that can stand on a desk.  If you don’t want to use a flat poster board or you want something you can fold and keep in a drawer, then this product is best for your needs.

Choose a display board that’s made of quality thick cardboard.  Make sure it can stand on its own since you won’t be mounting this on a wall.  It should also be sturdy and easy to use.



A corkboard for a board is also a great idea.  You won’t need adhesives since it requires push pins or thumb tacks to post images.  The great thing about cork boards is making your dream board will not be messy.  You can also easily revise your board by removing pictures or adding, revising, or updating your goals.

Make sure the corkboard you buy is durable enough to mount on a wall and sturdy enough to hold multiple pictures, embellishments, and other trinkets.

It should also be thick enough that the tacks you use fully embed in the material to ensure the images and objects you have on your board stay put.



When buying adhesives for your board, make sure you’re using great quality products that ensure the security of your pictures when they’re glued on the board or pinned on a corkboard.

You also need to ensure the adhesive for mounting your board on a wall is strong enough that it stays put on the wall for a long time.

The Vision Cloud’s Vision Board Magazine Kit features a mounting putty for sticking pictures on their sturdy foldable board, which comes with the kit.  This putty makes it possible for you to stick pictures temporarily, so you can easily remove them and replace them with other pictures if you change your mind or want to make another theme for your board.


vision cloud vision board

The kit also comes with an adhesive that allows you to mount it on a wall.  They use Velcro adhesives that are attached to the board.




And lastly, you’ll need high-resolution pictures and images to make your board.  Good quality visual representations of your dreams and goals help to create aesthetic and visually appealing dream boards that inspire and motivate.

Use good quality magazine clippings, images, clip art, illustrations, and graphics.  Aesthetics may seem like a superficial quality but they do matter, especially when it comes to representing your goals and ambitions.

Choosing vision board paper and other materials for your dream board-making activity should be based on quality materials that are durable, efficient, and get the job done.  And of course, good aesthetics won’t hurt either.

Dream boards are not disposable.  They should last longer than a week or even a month, so you can harness their power to help you manifest your goals and dreams.  Invest in great quality craft supplies that can help in your journey to create the life you’ve always wanted.

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