Need a Career Change? Make a Career Vision Board Right Now

Need a Career Change? Make a Career Vision Board Right Now

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”
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Statistics show that by the age of 42, an individual will most likely have had ten jobs. In addition, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that during a person’s working life, the average individual will have changed jobs at an average of 5 to 7 times.

Furthermore, a 2021 poll by reveals that 52% of American employees are considering changing their careers and that 44% have already made this change.

These numbers show that changing careers is a common occurrence and many people have done it before and will continue to do so.

So if you’re one of the 52% who are considering changing careers, you’ve come to the right place.  We’ve put together a great article on how a career vision board can help you create the perfect roadmap to achieving a successful shift in your professional life.

Without further ado, let’s jump straight into creating your career change roadmap.

Career Change Roadmap

Here is a simple guide to making a career change roadmap, so you have a direction toward your target goal:


  • Know Yourself

The very first thing you’ll need to do is take time to self-reflect. Why do you want to change careers or jobs? What is it about your current job that you don’t like and what is it you’re looking for?

Our opening quote by Aristotle states that knowing thyself is wisdom. And so, before you embark on your journey to shift into another profession or career, you first need to understand what it is you want.

We also understand that this is not easy to figure out. Maybe right now the only thing you know is that you don’t want your current situation and you want it to change. That's perfectly okay.

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To help you find something that resonates with who you are, you might need to take a personality test, or maybe learn more about your Zodiac sign, or even your Life Path Number.  A personality test can be done by a professional psychometrician but there are also free online tests you can take.

Online tests are not scientific so treat them as merely fun ways to get to know yourself a little better.  Zodiac signs can help you gain an understanding of your personality, as well as your Life Path Number.

For example, people whose Zodiac sign is Sagitarrius are known to be adventurous, spontaneous, and fun. Therefore, if a Sag would find a career that resonates with her sign, she should choose a career in the events industry, travel, or anything that fuels her thirst for life.

When it comes to your Life Path Number, here is an example: people whose Life Path Number is 9 are known to be spiritually inclined, have compassion for others, and are natural empaths. If you have this number, you should look for careers in social work, psychology, humanitarian work, and so on.

These are just fun recommendations on using these anchors to help you find a career that resonates with who you are. Because when you do align your profession with your innate characteristics, that’s when you find joy, fulfillment, and happiness.


  • Research Career Options

Once you know the industry or field you want to get into, start researching your career options. In the same example above, for those whose Life Path Number is 9, explore jobs in NGOs, social work, or counseling.

Research the job definitions of these professions and try to see if these are the careers you’d like to have.


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The more you have an idea about different kinds of careers, the more you can find the best match that fulfills your true essence.


  • Improve Your Skill Set

If you want to become a life coach or therapist, start investing in improving your skill set. Go back to school, get another degree, or take classes and get certified.  The more skills you have for your chosen new career, the better it will be for you to land the perfect job that aligns with the shift you wish to make.


  • Get the Job

Start looking for jobs and apply. You can also volunteer and intern so you get a good grip on what the jobs entail, your responsibilities, and whether or not you’ve chosen a career that you really want to have.

Here’s an interesting story: a young lady had always wanted to be a preschool teacher and during her college internship, she worked in a local preschool as a teacher’s assistant. She thought for sure she’d enjoy it, but lo and behold, she realized she could never live her life teaching at a preschool and so, explored other career options upon graduation.

If she hadn’t interned at a preschool, she would’ve found a preschool teaching job after graduation and lived to regret it.


  • Grow and Advance

Once you get the job, continue to invest in your skillset to grow in your career. Whether you work as an employee, you start your own business, or you’re self-employed, you are getting paid for the value you give your customers and employers. It’s not the time that you work, but rather, the output that you create.

Valuable skills and abilities will put you ahead of the competition, and soon, you won’t even be looking for a job because customers or employers will be the ones who chase after you.


Make a Career Vision Board Based on This Roadmap

Do you like our recommended roadmap? Well, let’s put it to good use by making a career vision board based on this plan.

Here are 3 career vision board ideas to help you find the career that aligns with your true heart’s desires:


  • Create Different Sections on the Board

Divide your vision board for your career into different sections such as: finding a job, improving your skill set, and so on. Create one big goal board collecting images that represent each section of your roadmap.


professional vision board
  • Make Multiple Career Vision Boards

You can also make individual vision boards for each section.  One board could be about learning more about yourself, another would be about finding your dream job vision board, and so on.

Mount these career vision board examples together or you can also use a foldable board and use each fold to hold specific areas of your roadmap.

You can find foldable boards in vision board kits or individually in arts and crafts stores.


  • Use a Career Vision Board Template

You can also make use of pre-made vision board templates that offer a structure and organization to make your action plan.

In fact, these are great vision board ideas for students to help them get a good start at planning for their future careers. And they make a good resource for anyone who wants to make a goal board without starting from scratch.

There are typically sections on these templates where you put images, while other sections need you to answer a few questions about yourself or your goals, and other exercises you can do to manifest your dream career.

The Vision Cloud offers free vision board templates you can use for your career change journey and other categories, such as financial goals, business goals, and more. Click this link to get your free vision board templates from The Vision Cloud.

And while we’re at it, allow us to talk about The Vision Cloud’s mission to help people find the happiness and success they’re looking for.

Equipped with the knowledge of the Law of Attraction, The Vision Cloud helps you create your dream life by helping to shift your mindset to positivity and attaining the confidence that anything is possible.

Offering The Vision Cloud’s vision board magazine subscription, get to experience a magazine that’s packed with 100s of images you can use for your career goal board, and so much more.

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The subscription also gives you access to an exclusive Facebook community, and an invite to a yearly conference where you get to meet other manifesters, learn more about vision boards, and enjoy wellness activities.

For more information about The Vision Cloud and the vision board magazine subscription, click this  link  and discover the world of manifestation through vision boards and the Law of Attraction.


Additional Tips for Making a Career Change Vision Board


Here are some additional tips for making your career change goal board:

  • Keep the board visible so you can see it every day.
  • Be as specific as possible with your images.
  • Include images about yourself.
  • Revisit and revise.


Make sure you mount your board in a location where you get to see it every day. Use it as a visual reminder and guide to help you align your actions with your intentions.

You can also include images about yourself on the board but make sure they’re specific and the pictures are high-quality.

And lastly, revisit and revise your board. Your professional vision board is not set in stone, so you can definitely revise and edit it as much as you can.

Changing careers can be a scary thing but it can also be exciting. You’re finally deciding to look for something that resonates with what you really want to do with your life and that’s one of the very first steps to living your dream life.

While it can be challenging to start from scratch and change your profession, you can use the help of a career vision board to help you create the perfect roadmap to your new journey.

Try our recommendations and guide to help you plan and get started on this beautiful journey to finding your true calling and happiness.

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