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7 Ways to Make a Business Vision Board for Corporate Success

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The corporate world is mostly formal and decisions are made on factual data. And when you inject this world with the Law of Attraction principles, it may seem like the biggest mismatch. However, you might be surprised that the corporate world can substantially benefit from this New Age Thought belief.

A survey by TD Bank revealed that 82% of small businesses who made vision boards at the start of their companies achieved about half of their goals at the time of the study.  This is an impressively large number of successful businesses that use vision boards to help them achieve corporate success.

If you’re starting a business, operating an established one, or you’re a business executive who wants to try something new, then you’re going to love this article.

We’ve gathered 7 different ways to make a business vision board and how the principle of the Law of Attraction can help you achieve your business and corporate goals.

Let’s get straight to it.

7 Ways to Make a Business Vision Board

Here are 7 ways to make a vision board for business to boost sales, achieve corporate success, and create a workplace where everyone aligns with the company’s mission and goals:

1. Make an Annual Business Vision Board

See the big picture of your company and create your goals for the year ahead. When making this annual corporate vision board, make it as big as possible so everyone on your team can see it clearly.

Place it in the pantry or meeting room, where everyone can see it every day. Commit a time to share this board at the start of the year and meet again at the end of the year to review the board and determine whether you’ve achieved all of the goals you set out for that given year.

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This can help you understand your team’s strengths and weaknesses, based on what you’ve achieved and what you didn’t.


2. Make a Weekly Company Vision Board

A weekly business goal board is the mini version of your annual board. You can check this board each week to see if you’re hitting your targets and goals, and use it to restructure or change your workflow to improve your progress.


3. The Best Time to Make Your Board

When making a vision board for your business, it’s best to make it at the start of the year, when you’re on vacation, or when you have a weekend off.

You need to dedicate time to make this board when you’re not stressed at work and when you’re feeling happy, optimistic, and excited about your company’s future.


4. Company Intentions Board

A company’s intentions board is like your mission and vision mounted on a board for everyone to see. However, it’s slightly more specific and community-driven.

For example, it is your vision to be one of the best DJ agencies in the country. Your intention could be bringing joy to families during special occasions, or leaving all the work to a DJ rather than making a playlist of your own, and so on.

This board can help your team understand why they’re doing the work that they do. Because of this, they can be inspired to take ownership of their work, making them feel emotionally connected to their output.

And when this happens, they will have a greater sense of purpose because they know they’re doing something to improve the lives of the customers they serve.


5. Goal-Setting Business Dream Board

Studies have shown that setting goals is linked to higher achievement.  Goal-setting is a common practice in the workplace and it helps you have a clearer picture about why you’re offering your specific products or services.

A Huffington Post article written by Rick McDaniel shared that goal-setters see the bigger picture and future possibilities so much clearer than those who don’t set goals.  He also stated that these individuals are more comfortable with taking risks, are more motivated, and find change energizing.

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According to Locke and Lathan, setting goals is correlated with motivation, self-confidence, and autonomy.

The benefits of setting goals are undeniable and this is why a goal-setting dream board is crucial for your business success.

List down all of your goals, no matter how small or big, and create a vision board showing images and words depicting these goals.


6. Business Vision Board to Engage Value Tagging

Neuroscientist Dr. Tara Swart explains that vision boards work because of the concept of “value tagging.” This concept explains why individuals become more focused and motivated when they regularly look at their vision boards.

According to Swart, when you regularly look at your board, your brain filters out all the information that doesn’t match the visuals of your goals. Instead, it chooses information that aligns with your board, helping you better identify opportunities that work to fulfill your goals.

When making your business vision board, create several copies and mount them in different areas of the workplace so your team regularly sees them, therefore, imprinting the images of your goals in their brain.


7. Teamwork Vision Board

“Teamwork makes the dream work.”

“You’re only as good as your weakest link.”

These are popular quotes about working together as a team and how valuable each member is in the success of the group.

Create a teamwork vision board to boost emotional connection to the workplace and other workers by placing images of happy and successful colleagues, effective workplaces, and other pictures that capture what a great corporate team looks like.


3 Reasons Why You Need to Make a Business Vision Board

We’ve explained 7 different kinds of vision boards you can make for your business but here are 3 reasons why you need to make one:


  • You Have Clear Targets

Having clear and specific goals makes it so much easier to hit targets when you know what they look like. For example, your goal is to become the #1 residential plumbing company in your city. Since you know what this looks like, it becomes so much easier to know what actions to take to achieve this.

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  • To Keep Everyone in Alignment

Burnout is a common issue in workplaces and statistics show alarming numbers that lead to corporate stress and lack of motivation.  Studies show that 89% of workers in the US experienced burnout in 2022.

One of the main causes of burnout is a “values mismatch.” Creating vision boards is a simple way to express to the entire team the values the business or company prioritizes, and it helps everyone stay in alignment with your goals.


  • Boost Rapport and Camaraderie

One way to boost rapport and camaraderie in the workplace is by creating an opportunity where people can be vulnerable.

Making vision boards at a workplace can be a subtle way of sharing ideas, thoughts, feelings, and overall values. It helps everyone get to know each other better, helping them understand differences, and contributing to a supportive, friendly, and cooperative workplace.

One idea is to create a vision board-making day where the entire team creates a work/life balance vision board or career vision board, and everyone gets to share what they put on the board.

It’s a fun, emotional, and vulnerable activity that gets people to become more aware of other people on the team, boosting rapport, and camaraderie.

We highly recommend using vision board kits for this activity or you can also use vision board magazines to create boards at work.

Collecting magazines and cutting out pictures takes time and digital boards don’t have the emotional connection found in making physical boards.

The Vision Cloud is one company offering vision board magazine subscriptions, where you get a magazine with over 100 images and motivational words.  You can use this subscription to collect vision board magazines or, you can sign up for a few subscriptions for your team.

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The Vision Cloud is more than just a product or company but it’s on a mission to help people and businesses achieve success, whether it’s in their personal or corporate life. Finding happiness, boosting confidence, and helping you believe that anything is possible, The Vision Cloud is your ally in achieving your goals and dreams with ease.

The vision board magazine subscription  also includes goal-setting worksheets, an instructional guide on how to make vision boards that work, access to an exclusive Facebook community, daily SMS of inspirational and motivational words, and so much more.

For more information on The Vision Cloud’s vision board magazine subscription, please click this  link and organize a vision board-making exercise at your workplace using these resources.


The Law of Attraction applies to every aspect of life, whether it be your personal or professional life. By knowing how vision boards manifest your goals, you can definitely use this manifestation technique to achieve success in your business or company.

Try any of these 7 business vision board examples and boost your target sales, achieve your goals, create a more fulfilling workplace, and most of all, achieve your business mission and vision.

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