Vision Board Party Guide & Best Ideas

Vision Board Party Guide & Best Ideas

Spending an exciting evening (full of laughter and connection) with some of your most special friends, setting goals, and envisioning your future together is precisely what a vision board party entails.

In this article, you will discover everything you need to know about throwing an unforgettable vision board party that will become the memory of a lifetime!



A vision board party is when you get together with like-minded people to set and visualize your goals.

You must have heard of manifesting your desires via setting up your vision board. Well, a vision board party is when you do the same but in the company of some wonderful guests, good food, and the perfect ambiance.

Sounds pretty fascinating, doesn’t it?




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The vision board party is an excellent way to bring up the collective manifestation energy and use that to focus on your goals and desires. So, you have to make sure that all the friends you invite over for your vision board party are open to the ideas of goal setting, intention, and manifesting.

Vision board parties are also a great opportunity to connect with your friends on a deeper level. When you take out time to plan and envision your future together, you get to know each other better than just the superficial interactions that you usually indulge in.

Also, a vision board party is quite a healthy and productive activity with so many benefits. Rather than getting together with your friends to discuss other people or their lives, at a vision board party, you get a chance to reflect on your life path and find the motivation to transform your life positively.



A theme for your vision board party is important so that you (as the host) may know what supplies and setup would be essential and your guests know what to expect.

You can throw a vision board party to manifest a specific goal or to set intentions for the next month or the year. Specific manifestation themes can be health goals, relationship goals, business goals, etc.

With the year 2023 just around the corner, it’s undoubtedly a fantastic time to throw a vision board party to set yourself up for success in the new year.



The very first thing to plan for hosting a vision board party is to think of where you will host your guests.

Is it going to be at your home or some other party venue?

Ideally, it’s best to host it at your place because of the convenience and comfort you and your guest would feel at your home.

A vision board party is a rather intimate affair, and people (often) demand privacy when they think about showcasing their goals and desires on a board.

But if your home environment is too noisy because of your kids or some other problem, you should definitely consider hosting it elsewhere.

Because if you cannot offer your guests the space to unwind; and much-needed mental peace and silence to reflect on their goals, then there is no point in throwing a vision board party.

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This is another critical aspect you must take care of while hosting a vision board party.

First, how many guests would you be inviting? That number (generally) depends on two things:

  • How many friends do you have who would be happy to be a part of such a get-together?
  • How much space do you have at your disposal so your guests can easily sit and indulge in all the activities without discomfort?

Here is a pro tip: you must only invite friends who are on the same vibrational frequency as you. You don’t want the skeptics, the pessimists, and the naysayers who don’t believe in the power of manifesting through a vision board. Because quite honestly, such people will not only ruin the ambiance but will also dissuade others from indulging in the activities you would have planned so lovingly.

Also, to save you the trouble of creating an invitation from scratch, I have a FREE downloadable vision board party invitation for you right here. Make sure you send it out to your guests for your next vision board party to really impress them with your thoughtfulness and creativity!



Here is a vision board party supplies list that you can use while planning your next party:

  • Poster boards to paste the pictures
  • Magazines with exciting imagery
  • Glue sticks to paste the images on the board
  • Multiple pairs of scissors
  • Pens and markers to write affirmations on the vision board

If you are interested in making your job easier with the supplies and also want to give your guests a memorable experience they would cherish, then you MUST invest in some ready-to-use vision board kits.

A great option is the Vision Board Magazine Kit by The Vision Cloud.

vision board party themes

This kit comes with a reusable board that’s perfect for pasting pictures. Then it has a stunning magazine with over 500 images and statements. The images and statements are categorized into sections with each section representing a certain area or aspect of an individual’s life.

The sections include family, career, health, relationships, adventure and travel, creativity, hobbies, and wealth. So, you have a ready-to-cut-and-paste list of high-quality images, quotes for every guest.

I am sure they would be ecstatic discovering the thought and effort you put into making them comfortable and buying these kits would save you tons of time and energy too. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.



Any party is incomplete without snacks and drinks, and so is a vision party. Make sure you have some healthy and tasty snack options for your guests.

If this party lasts for more than a couple of hours, then it’s a good idea to prepare a meal for your guests. Also, make sure that you have some hot and cold beverages available to them.

vision board party with a twist


Hosting a vision board party is a great way to reunite with your friends and spend quality time with them. I always find vision board parties very rewarding and fun.

It’s fun and exciting to set up a vision board by yourself, but when you do it in the company of some friends, the excitement level gets multiplied by 100.I hope this article helps you in your vision board party setup and will give you enough ideas to make it a super fun event for you and your guests.

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