5 Vision Board Clip Art Sources To Help Activate Your Manifestation Power

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Are you planning to make a vision board but don’t want to use typical magazines to make one?  If yes, that’s perfectly okay, because there are so many other ways you can make a board without the use of magazine clippings.

For one, you can buy a vision board dream kit that has everything you need, such as pictures, quotes, affirmations, and even visualization activities.  Or, you can simply buy any kind of board and print out free vision board clipart ideas from the internet.

There are millions of clip art graphics that you can download for free.  You can save them and print them out to make a collage for your vision board, or you can also download them and create a digital vision board.

vision cloud vision board

No longer do you need to collect hoards and hoards of magazines, sift through page after page, and spend hours looking for one image.  All you have to do is type the name of the image you want to find, and you’ll be presented with thousands of different options that best represent what you’re looking for.

But alas, finding a free clip art source from the internet can be a daunting task.  There are also hundreds, if not thousands, of different clip art sources that promise to offer free clip art downloads, but in reality, you need to pay a premium to have access to these sites.  Some sources also have limited free clip art options that you’d need to go elsewhere to get the images you want.

Fortunately, we’ve done the work for you and come up with 5 of the best ways to get free vision board clip art images you can use for your vision board.


vision board clipart



Here are 5 vision board clip art sources to help activate your manifestation power:

  1. CANVA

Canva is not just a place where you can get free clipart and graphics, but it’s actually an editing tool that allows you to create designs to use on social media, presentations, invitations, and so much more.  If you need custom graphics, Canva is one of the most popular graphic design tools in the world.

Canva is an Australian company that offers a simple tool to create graphic designs.  The platform offers a mix of free and paid illustrations, fonts, templates, and photography, which you can use to create your very own logos, images, posters, and so much more.

To be able to have access to its clipart images, you need to sign up for an account.  Canva offers many kinds of memberships, with one being free, and the others being Canva Premium, Canva Pro, Canva for Business, and others.  Since we’re talking about where to find free clipart images, we’ll limit our guide to using the free membership.

Once you sign up for an account, where you can use your email or social media handle, you get instant access to the hundreds of free clip art images via the graphics collections.

Click on any of the templates, such as invites, posters, logos, banners, etc. and you will then be presented with a blank page.  Click on the Graphics option to find the clipart in images.  You will then be presented with free and Premium graphic options, but since you only have a free membership, you can only download the free images.

You can choose to download the images in a .jpg or .png file, which you can save on your desktop.  You can then use these images for your digital vision board, or you can print them out instantly to create your physical vision board.



Gpng.net is a simple clip art source online that lets you download free clipart images on a .png file.  It is one of the largest free PNG clipart sources online, where you can choose from thousands of royalty-free PNG images, vectors, texts, effects, templates, backgrounds, and so much more.

There is no need to sign up, making it one of the simplest ways to download free clip art from the web.  Simply type in the image you want to find, and you will be presented with thousands of different options for a particular word.


vision board clip art book


What makes Gpng.net special is that it provides PNG images exclusively, which are said to be preferred by graphic designers.  This is because images in PNG files support transparent backgrounds, giving graphic designers more options to customize and edit the images.

There are also tens of thousands of images in Gpng.net, which are updated daily to give you more options as you visit the site each day.  The categories are also organized to help you find the images so much easier.



Freepik.com is one of the largest places online to find free vector graphic designs.  You can choose from a wide range of illustrations created by the site, but also from the thousands of contributors on the platform.

There are over 200,000 free clip art images for download, as well as Premium options you can purchase from the site and from the contributors.  When downloading the images, there are no watermarks or copyrights on the images, which means you can use them for commercial purposes as well.

To gain access to the images, simply sign up and create an account.  You can use an email address, your Facebook account, or your Google account to sign up.  Choose the free membership option to be able to access the free downloads.

Most of the images require attribution.  Read the guidelines for each image to attribute the creator of the image.  They may require you to post the source of the image or mention the name of the contributor when you post the image to your social media website, or when you use the clipart for commercial purposes.

The files are downloaded via a zip file, where the images are saved in a JPG file.



Clipart-Library.com is another straightforward vision board clipart source online.  There is no need to sign up, making it one of the most accessible ways to get clipart on the web.  Simply type in the image you want to find, and you will be presented with tens of thousands of free-to-download images on the site.

Some downloads have transparent backgrounds while some don’t.  Some files are also in JPG while others are in PNG files, so it all depends on the image you want to save.


free vision board clip art


If you don’t have a specific image in mind, the clipart images are also organized into different categories, making them easier to use.  Some images are also presented in electronic forms, text, or fonts, and you also have options for images in colored or black and white.



If you don’t have the time to search, download, and print clipart images, what you need is a complete dream kit.  These are kits that contain everything you need to make a vision board, from the board itself to the adhesives, to hundreds of pictures, motivational quotes, and even an activity board that helps you to create your very first vision board.

The Vision Cloud’s Vision Board Magazine kit is one of the most popular vision board kits on Amazon .  It has everything you need to make your own vision board at home, eliminating the need to download and print out clipart images, cut out pictures from a magazine, or find motivational quotes to help you manifest your dreams.



The Vision Board Magazine Kit includes 500 pictures, labels, and motivational quotes.  All you have to do is make the collage of your dreams and goals using the kit’s adhesives and that’s it.  No more going through different clipart sources to get the images of your dreams, and no more thinking of quotes to include on your vision board.

It’s simple, easy to use, and has everything you need.  It also makes for the perfect present for loved ones, or for yourself.



Why do you need images?  Can’t you just visualize using your imagination?  Yes, you can visualize your goals and dreams, but do you want to manifest them faster?  Sometimes, when you don’t have a visual representation of what you want to achieve, you tend to forget about them.

Here are 5 reasons why vision boards with specific clip art images work to manifest your dreams:



A tangible representation like images on a vision board hastens your power to manifest.  This is because clipart images or any picture you put on a vision board represents the specific object or goal you want to achieve.

Using images forces you to be clear about what you want.  Most people, when asked about what they want in life, answer generic answers, such as “I want to buy a luxury car,” “I want to be married,” or “I want to travel the world.”


vision board clip art free


When your dreams are general, it doesn’t inspire you to take action. This is because there is no specific goal.  Choosing images to put on your vision board forces you to get into details about what you want, which is one of the rules of the Law of Attraction.

When you want something, be as specific as possible.  The Universe won’t know what you really want if you won’t give out the details.  You may say you want to travel, but where?  And what are you gonna do when you get there?



Another reason why clipart images work when manifesting your dreams is that images promote positive emotions.  Another rule of the Law of Attraction is to pair your visualizations with positive feelings.

The more you see the very things you want, the more you will feel the positive emotions associated with achieving your dreams.



It’s easy to forget about your dreams when the strains of life take over.  Sometimes, you’re too tired from work to even think about all the amazing things you can accomplish.

A vision board with clip art images posted on a wall at eye level will be your daily reminder that you have dreams to fulfill.



Simply writing down what kind of car you want, the features of your dream home, or even how your future spouse should look helps you achieve your goals.  But did you know that images work better?

Human beings are visual.  Have you noticed how easier it is to remember a TV commercial over a radio commercial?  This is because our brains are better able to store memory when concepts are presented to us in images rather than mere audio or in writing.



Life can be mundane.  But when you have a vision board filled with clip art images, it reminds you that there is so much more to life.  It reminds you that you can manifest whatever it is that you want, and you can get excited again about your future.

Images of the things you desire give you hope and tell you there’s more to life than just waking up and going to work.

Clipart images, pictures, and motivational words are some of the most powerful tools you can use to make a vision board come to life.  Take advantage of these simple tools to manifest the dream life you desire.  Use as many specific images as you want, and watch as the Universe brings them to you.

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