Top Vision Board Styles That Resonate With Men

Top Vision Board Styles That Resonate With Men

Vision boards are for everyone, but this manifestation tool has always been associated with women.  But did you know that men can do them, too?

If you have a spouse, boyfriend, brother, dad, or male friend who’s not getting the life they deserve, encouraging them to use the tools of the Law of Attraction just might help them achieve their goals.

But alas, society has long regarded manifestations, visualizations, and making vision boards as a feminine thing, but this notion has to change.

In this article, we’ll try to help you introduce vision board styles that resonate with men, so you can convince the men in your life that creating the life they want is as easy as cutting out images from a magazine.  

Well, of course, that’s not entirely true, but the life of their dreams can start with a collage of images of their goals, desires, and dreams.


Try introducing masculine colors in your vision board supplies.  Get your spouse or boyfriend business and men’s magazines, such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, or Men’s Health magazines that are packed with images of successful men.

You can also purchase supplies that have masculine colors, so the collages don’t look too feminine or girly.

We’ve done our research and come up with a list of colors that resonate well with men.  When making vision boards for your partner or giving them tools to make the board of their own, stick to the following colors that ooze masculinity:

  • BLUE

We’re starting with blue because according to a study done by Kissmetric, 57% of men say their favorite color is blue.  

Blue also symbolizes responsibility, loyalty, serenity, calmness, trustworthiness, wisdom, and honesty.  These traits are associated with the color and ooze of a sense of strong masculinity.

Create a board that has a lot of blue images, words, and objects so it evokes a male gender’s collection of wants and goals.

male vision board


Green is another popular color for men, and it evokes emotions of stability, encouragement, and being grounded.  Shades of green such as military green, dark green, and other darker shades are also perfect for a male vision board aesthetic.


Brown evokes emotions of seriousness, respect, and maturity, but also reliability, comfort, sturdiness, and a feeling of nature.

A collage with brown colors will resonate well with men who are more serious and mature in their lifestyle.


And of course, a color that’s associated with men and being strong is the color black.  It is a neutral color but is also favored by men for its simplicity, elegance, authority, and power.  

Black also goes well with most other colors, so the men in your life won’t feel too overwhelmed or intimidated when making a collage in black and white.

  • GRAY

Gray is another color that works well for vision board ideas for men since it’s a neutral color that doesn’t evoke strong emotions.  It is a color of practicality, neutrality, and conservative, making it appeal to the tastes of most men.

Masculine colors tend to connect more with darker colors such as black, dark blue, brown, dark gray, and other heavy hues.  But to prevent a vision board from becoming too drab and dark, you can suggest injecting the collage with brighter male colors, such as royal blue, emerald green, or light gray, which also remain within the favorite colors that most men have.

mens vision board


Aside from the colors to elicit a certain style or aesthetic, you can also suggest different themes for the different goals your partner, brother, or boyfriend has.

Here are some of the most common vision board categories for men:


Tell the men in your life to make a fitness board.  Their appearance and looks are important to them and to help them get leaner, more muscular, and healthier, help them make a fitness plan with their exercise program or diet plans.  A vision board doesn’t have to be about glitters and rainbows, but it can be a simple goal-setting tool to achieve fitness targets.


Men need to be financially secure to have stability and security in life.  And thus, a finance dream board is one of the categories that men will love to make.  Tell them that putting pictures of money, and bank accounts, and having the ability to buy anything they want can help them achieve their personal finance goals.


A study reveals that men value professional achievement more than women, so a career dream board is definitely one of the categories that most men will resonate with.  Help them create collages of their dream job, how much salary they’d want to receive, and other career goals they’d want to achieve.


Relationships are as important to men as women.  They place great value in their friendships but also seek the love and affection of a significant other, while also yearning to belong to a group or community.

In a study conducted by YourTango in 2016, their researchers discovered that 86% of men want to find the woman of their dreams and get married. So why not make a romance vision board, too?

Help your husband, brother, or boyfriend create a relationship board that puts emphasis on what kinds of relationships he wants to have.  Maybe he wants to have a family someday, have kids, go traveling with his best buddies, or grow old with his siblings.

vision board for guys

By making boards that correspond to the most important things in a man’s life, you can pique their interest in making these visualization tools.  Help them create something that has meaning in their lives, so they have an emotional connection to the boards, even if they’re not completely committed to making them at first.


Lastly, if the men in your life want to use different methods for creating a collage of their dreams, aside from physical boards, you can also present the different kinds of vision boards they can make.

These are the options to make different vision board styles for men:


Making physical vision boards can sometimes feel like an arts and crafts project, which may repel most men.  But this is not the only way to make boards and collages.  You can actually use Pinterest to make a digital board of your dreams.

Digital boards are perfect for men who are always on the go because they can easily open the Pinterest app and view their collage of goals anytime and anywhere they go.  It also doesn’t need any other supplies.  You just need an electronic device, the internet, and your desire to collect images of everything you want to attract in your life.

It’s also very easy to do, you can make a board in minutes, and you can keep it with you everywhere, and access it anytime.  


If your boyfriend, husband, or brother loves writing down his goals, then a manifestation journal will do.  This journal can hold all the things he wants to accomplish, his plans, and everything he wants to have in his life.  You can encourage him to put pictures, stickers, motivational quotes, affirmations, and other visual representations of his dream life.

vision board men

Choose a manifestation journal that’s designed for men, as these tend to have masculine design details, colors, and activities that are specifically created for what a man responds to.

A journal can also be carried in a backpack or suitcase so viewing his journal writing and collage of images can be done anytime he wants, even when he’s traveling or out on a business trip.


Aside from Pinterest, there are other collage-making software where men can make their vision boards in minutes.  With access to a library of images, clipart, fonts, and even animation, you can make multimedia visualization tools without having to pick up a glue or pair of scissors.

Canva has a great collage-making feature, as well as other online tools like Photoshop, Photojet, PicMonkey, and so much more.

And with men being more technology-savvy, you’ll be sure they’ll have a blast making different kinds of collages of their dreams and goals for the life they wish to live.


And of course, you can always encourage them to make an actual physical vision board.  There’s nothing quite like a physical board with actual cut-out images that make them powerful and effective in helping you reach your goals.

If cutting out pictures from magazines is not their thing, then a vision board kit is a great idea.  The Vision Cloud’s Original Vision Board Kit is a great product that has the materials needed to make the board of your dreams.

vision cloud vision board

Though the board kit is designed for women, this kit comes in shades of light blue, with pictures that are gender-neutral, and includes a mounting putty, two activity sheets, and so much more.

Simply buy the kit and it will be delivered to your door in a few days.  Once you open the box, you can start making your vision board on the spot.  It’s easy to do and comes with all the supplies for a beautiful, effective, and large dream board.

Men can sometimes avoid engaging in activities that are highly associated with women, such as making vision boards.  But they’re missing out on one of the most effective and powerful tools to help them attract the very things they want to achieve in life.

Though they might not always respond to your encouragement, creating means that will help them relate better to this manifestation tool can ease the resistance.

Use these vision board styles designed for men to help you persuade the men in your life to start creating the life of their dreams.

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