How Mood Board Aesthetics Can Help You Create The Life Of Your Dreams

How Mood Board Aesthetics Can Help You Create The Life Of Your Dreams

Studies have shown that art can improve health and well-being. Additionally, aesthetics, or the study of beauty, has been known to promote positive emotions.

Because of this, we believe that creating a vision board that’s aesthetically pleasing can further improve manifestations.  

A vision board is a collage of images, but if you merely collect a bunch of images without considering design and aesthetics, it may fail to bring about the results you intend to achieve.

In this article, we’ll talk about why aesthetics is essential when making your vision board, how you can make your mood board aesthetically pleasing, and a few free vision board software that can help you.


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A vision board is a visual representation of your goals, wants, desires, and plans.  Images evoke certain emotions, such as excitement, joy, sadness, anger, happiness, and so on.  It is clear that pictures have an emotional effect.

Therefore, we can use images to promote positive emotions, and we can achieve this by making our vision boards aesthetically pleasing.

Research in psychology reveals that an aesthetic experience can induce a positive emotional effect.  These emotional effects include upliftment of mood, lowers stress levels, promotes social connection, while also helping to improve memory.

We can use this information to create a vision board that appeals to what we perceive as beautiful and to bring about positive emotions and effects that are needed in our visualization and manifestation processes.

When we feel good whenever we look at our vision boards, it improves our motivation to take action in fulfilling our goals and desires.  Positive emotions are a requirement to manifest, as well as being one of the most important rules in the Law of Attraction.

No matter how many images of money, your dream job, a tropical vacation, or a family you have on your vision board, if you don’t feel good looking at your collage, you simply won’t manifest them.

By making your board visually appealing, it can instantly promote positive emotions that can help you in your manifestation journey.


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Let’s further explore the benefits of mood board aesthetics to help convince you to create a beautifully-designed layout for your vision board.

Contrary to popular belief, mood boards have actually existed since ancient times.  Yes, mood boards aren’t the product or idea of wedding coordinators or Pinterest.  By looking at ancient paintings such as Egyptian cave paintings and carvings, archaeologists have discovered collages of different images put together.

Though vision boards are recent phenomena, thanks to Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, and Oprah Winfrey’s promotion of these manifestation tools, the concept of putting together images to communicate and attract the things you desire has long been practiced.

But one other purpose of paintings and collages is to create beauty.  And the beauty in images is synonymous with aesthetics.

As mentioned earlier, aesthetics promotes positive emotions.  It is even being used in marketing and businesses to create products and advertisements that appeal to the aesthetic perceptions of its target markets.  

Studies have shown that aesthetically-pleasing products tend to sell better than similar products that are not aesthetically designed.

Here are other benefits of aesthetics that prove it’s an essential part of making mood boards:



Details of design such as color, patterns, lines, balance, shape, and harmony, are known to stimulate the brain.  It makes us think, calls our attention, and improves our memory.  

Aesthetics in your vision board can help stimulate your cognition, helping you pay more attention to your images, as well as improve how you remember the images on your board.



A visually appealing vision board can promote feelings of happiness.  Professor Abraham Goldberg and a group of researchers studied groups of people who live in certain cities around the world and they discovered that an aesthetically-pleasing environment can contribute to one’s feelings of happiness, calmness, reflection, appreciation, and hope.

When it comes to vision boards, the more beautiful it is, the more positive emotions you will derive from looking at them every day.


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And lastly, beautiful things can make you feel calm, thereby lowering stress and anxiety.  When you are relaxed, it is better for you to meditate and visualize your goals and dreams.

Take advantage of the benefits of aesthetics to help you manifest the very things you have on your vision board.



Here are some tips on how you can make your vision boards aesthetically pleasing:



Beauty can be subjective, although many philosophers have distinct criteria for what entails beauty, such as harmony, balance, proportion, symmetry, and unity.  However, cultural and personal preferences may matter in what one perceives as aesthetically beautiful.  

Because of this, you might need to make a vision board with your personal style in mind.  Create a collage that’s aesthetically pleasing according to what you define as beautiful.

It might be a vision board filled with black and white photos, large images, or a simple board with only 1 or 2 pictures.

Determining your personal style will help you create a vision board that’s appealing to you.



Colors are very important when making your vision board.  If you want to attract calmness and relaxation in your life, use calming colors such as blue and green.  If you want excitement, use warm colors such as reds and oranges.



You may want to create a design layout for your vision board but it ends up creating a collage that doesn’t make sense.  If you want a vision board that works, it might be better if you follow the design concept of form following function.

Make sure your vision board works to achieve cohesion and connectedness first before you think about design and aesthetics.



We’ve written a great article on how to make collages and you can find several design concepts and ideas that can help you create a vision board that looks good and feels good for you.  You can find the article here, and we highly recommend you check it out for ideas and guidelines.


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Jon Franklin, an acclaimed artist and designer said it best:  “Simplicity, carried to the extreme, becomes elegance.”

Reject unnecessary design elements that add more clutter than aesthetics. Take a look at your vision board and determine which images and embellishments do not belong.  Reject anything that makes your board look cluttered, chaotic, or messy.


Sometimes, we might need help when it comes to creating a vision board that looks and feels good.  If you’re not too keen on doing the work of studying design concepts and ideas, choosing a color palette, and looking for images from magazines, don’t worry, there are several free online platforms that offer vision board-making features.

These vision board-making software are equipped with features that instantly create mood board aesthetics without you having to lift a finger.  These apps also have access to thousands of images that you can use for your digital aesthetic vision board.



Canva is a free design tool that allows you to create a multitude of different designs from ready-made templates.  You can download the app for free but it also has a premium account offering more features.

From making logos, business cards, invitations, slogans, and so much more, Canva also has a vision board feature that’s easy to use, and gives you access to thousands of free images, vectors, and illustrations that can help you create an aesthetic vision board in minutes.



Horizons is an app for anyone who wants to make simple, streamlined, and contemporary vision board designs.  It also features access to their database of quotes, motivational words, and affirmations.  It also has a journal feature if you want to write down a list of goals, or everyday thoughts.  You can use it for free but for an upgrade of $4.99, you have access to more features.


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Vision Board is an app specifically designed to create aesthetic vision boards.  It’s free but if you want to access more features, you can opt to pay a premium for weekly, monthly, or annual fees.  Weekly fees for a premium account is at $2.99.

You can create vision boards from their image database and you can also include images from your phone’s camera roll, helping you make a digital vision board that’s personal.  You can also set deadlines for goals with notifications for your schedules.



Perfectly Happy is an app that allows you to create video vision boards.  You can also add music to your video vision boards, making them more appealing and enjoyable to make and watch.

There’s also a feature for journaling and a quotes section.  The app is free but an upgrade is also available for more features.



Visuapp is considered to be a great vision board app for those who love to meditate.  It allows you to create deadlines for goals, as well as have a category template for your vision boards.  For each image, you can also add a caption for more visual stimulation.

If you want to make a mood board aesthetic with a physical vision board, we highly recommend The Vision Cloud’s Vision Board Magazine Kit.  There’s no need to look elsewhere for images and words since the magazine features over 500 images, words, and quotes you can use for your aesthetic vision board.


the vision cloud vision board kit


It comes with a beautiful, sturdy, and foldable board and everything you need to make your collage such as mounting putty, velcro adhesives, activities, as well as a monthly goal-setting worksheet.

Take advantage of the benefits of aesthetics to make your dreams come true.  A vision board won't work if you don’t consider design, layout, and function.  You need to use your board for visualization, so make sure you love and enjoy looking at it every day until you have your dreams in the palm of your hands.

Experience positive emotions with an aesthetic vision board that works.  

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