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7 2023 Mood Board Categories You Need For Your Dream Life

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About a third of Americans reported having made a New Year’s resolution for 2023.  However, about 13% of this same group also reported having given up on fulfilling the goals they set to achieve at the beginning of the year.

Have you made a 2023 resolution?  What goals do you want to achieve this year?  And have you made any progress?

If you answered no, then it’s about time to make one.  If you’ve already made your 2023 resolutions and haven’t fulfilled your goals, it may be time to revise them.

In this article, we’ll present to you 7 2023 mood board categories you need for your dream life.  We’ve done our research and believe these 7 categories will help you create a complete and fulfilled life.

We’ve also included a motivation theory we believe can help you achieve your goals, so you won’t belong to the 13% who’ve given up.

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Love and relationships can involve romantic relationships, family, friendships, and social support.  To love and be loved is one of the needs of man, as well as a sense of belonging.

Studies show that people who have strong social support systems live longer and have greater quality of life.  Friends and family can help us cope with problems in life, manage stress, and solve problems.  This makes our lives easier, which can help prevent and reduce signs of anxiety and depression.

Romantic relationships have also been reported to boost the quality of life, improve our self-esteem, promote heightened emotional support, and satisfy our need for physical and emotional intimacy.

However, it must be noted that healthy relationships bring about these benefits, and do not apply to abusive and toxic relationships we have with family members, friends, and significant others.

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Create a love and relationship mood board for your 2023 goals.  We’ve written a couple of articles on the topic, which you can find here and here.  Collect images of couples in love, families, and healthy friendships for this mood board.


The number 1 New Year’s resolution most people make is reported to be health and wellness. Most people who make 2023 mood boards focus on exercise, eating healthy, and living a healthier lifestyle.

This category is at the top of the list, which tells you a lot about the general health status of most people.  This means most people overlook their health, which comes from unhealthy eating habits, living a sedentary lifestyle, and engaging in lifestyle choices that are ultimately bad for the body.

Create your 2023 health and wellness mood board by including pictures of people exercising, eating well, and taking care of their health.  You can also include pictures and words of self-care, such as going to a spa, doing activities that you enjoy, or simply having a relaxing day at home.


Having a sense of purpose and productivity is important for many people.  Having the dream job, getting that promotion, having a successful business, being famous in their chosen career, earning a higher education, and other forms of self-development are some of the most important goals for any human being.

Being able to achieve something out of your hard work, intelligence, skills, and talents contribute to your overall sense of self, confidence, and self-esteem.  All of these are important in finding purpose and meaning in life.

For your 2023 career and personal growth mood board, use images that reflect success and achievement.  You can also include a diploma, a certificate of completion, and other images or words that represent success in career or personal development.

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Money also ranks high in what people want to have more of in 2023.  Money equates to freedom – freedom to do what you want and enjoy what life has to offer.

For your 2023 personal finance mood board, you may want to create a collage that includes all your financial goals for the year.  Do you want to eliminate debt? How about saving enough money to buy a new car?  Or maybe travel to your dream destination?

Create specific financial goals by making a vision board with specific amounts you want to attract.  We’ve also created a great blog about finances, which you can find here.


Spirituality is about connecting to something deeper than the physical world.  It is about finding meaning and purpose in life beyond work and relationships.  It can also be a connection to religion, nature, and anything that’s not tangible.

Having deep spirituality can help you cope with life’s obstacles, give you a sense of purpose in life, and help you understand the world and other people better.

It is a need that helps us make our lives more fulfilling.  Create a spirituality mood board by using images that resonate with your connection to a certain religion, to the Universe, or to anything that makes you feel spiritual.


It can’t be denied that this world is materialistic, and it’s completely okay if you wish to achieve tangible goals, such as a new car, a dream house, jewelry, a couture gown, or anything you believe is worthy of your hard-earned money.

Choose images of the very things you want to attract for your materials possession 2023 mood board.


And of course, everyone needs a vacation this 2023.  Traveling expands your mind, gives you unique experiences, and allows you to see what the rest of the world has to offer.

Your 2023 travel mood board can include pictures of places you want to visit, experiences and adventures you want to try, the food you want to taste, and people you want to meet along the way.

Create an itinerary and choose pictures that depict your planned holiday.

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When you make your 2023 mood boards, don’t just make them for the sake of making collages of these categories.  Take the time each day to visualize, and feel the emotions as if you already have these things, and expect them to come to you soon.

Emotion is the secret to the Law of Attraction, and by practicing visualization and manifestation techniques, you can be one step closer to your 2023 goals.  We’ve also written a great blog on manifestation techniques, which is very helpful in your goal-setting journey.

Once you’ve decided to make your mood boards, we suggest getting yourself a vision board kit that includes everything you need to make your vision board.

The Vision Cloud’s Vision Board Magazine Kit is perfect for this project, as it features a magazine with over 500 images with 8 different categories that include most of the 2023 mood board categories we mentioned here.

Vision Board Kit


The kit includes a sturdy foldable board, a magazine with images you can cut out, a mounting putty, a goal-setting worksheet, and other materials that will help you get started on your 2023 mood board project.

We’ve also created a great article about this vision board kit, which you can find here.


Creating mood boards is fun and exciting but we believe a theory of motivation can help you to create better goals.

We’ve also written a useful article on goal-setting, which can be found here.  We presented a few tips on how to make goals and achieve them, but here’s a theory we believe can also help you achieve your 2023 goals.

Locke and Latham created their Goal-Setting Theory in 1990, and it is an integrative model of motivation.  They believe that goals are key determinants of behavior, so how you craft your goals is essential to motivate you to take action.

Here are the things you need to remember when making goals, depending on Locke’s Goal-Setting Theory:

  • Make your goals challenging but attainable.  Goals that are too easy or too difficult won’t motivate you to act.
  • Set specific and measurable goals.  This way, you can measure your progress toward your goal.
  • Goal commitment is important. You need to be focused and committed to achieving your goals.  Make your goals important and life-changing, as if it were a matter of life and death.
  • Prepare supportive elements in your goal-making journey.  If you want to lose weight, buy exercise equipment and get rid of junk food in your pantry.  If you want to buy a new car, start saving and start looking at car dealerships near you.
  • Create motivation milestones.  If you want to lose weight, how many pounds do you want to shed in 1 month?  Give yourself bonuses for each milestone you achieve.  Give yourself feedback or have an accountability partner.

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Use these tips to help you achieve your 2023 mood board goals.  You can also integrate the goal-setting techniques we recommend in this article.

Mood boards can help you stay motivated, inspired, and excited to finally achieve your dream life this 2023.

Get started today and begin creating the life you want to attract.

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