Harness The Magic Of A Vision Board Kit With These Vision Board Ideas For Success

Harness The Magic Of A Vision Board Kit With These Vision Board Ideas For Success

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Have you made a vision board before? How was it? What materials did you use? And did any of your goals come true?

The standard for making vision boards is making them from scratch: buying craft materials, collecting pictures from magazines, and gluing images together to make a collage of your goals and dreams.

But did you know there’s a better way to make these boards? You probably know the answer and yes, the better way is to use vision board kits.

These kits come complete with everything you need to make a dream board, from the poster board to pictures, glue, mounting putty, and so much more. These kits offer a broad range of benefits that go beyond saving time, and we’ll be discussing them in this article.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy what we’ve written here about harnessing the magic of the best vision board kits that help you manifest your dreams.

Here is everything you need to know about vision board kits and a few categories that work well with using them:



There are countless ways to manifest your dreams. There’s scripting, journaling, gratitude, visualization, the Bay Leaf method, and so much more. These are some of the most popular ways of manifesting, but we’ll introduce you to 5 more.

Here are 5 unique ways to manifest using 2024 vision board ideas:

  • Focus Wheel by Abraham Hicks
  • Vision Board Kits for Adults(yes, vision board kits are a manifestation tool)
  • Freely Give to Receive Vision Board
  • Manifestation Altar
  • Vision Box

Basically, the premise behind these unique ways to manifest is one and the same: put yourself in a position of positivity, with an unwavering belief that whatever you desire, you deserve.


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To find more information about these unique ways to manifest, you can find our article here, which delineates each one of these 2024 vision board ideas.

The next section will talk about making a Law of Attraction vision board, which is another powerful way to manifest.



Law of Attraction vision boards are one of the most basic dream boards to get started on your manifestation journey. If you’ve never made a collage of your goals before, then this is the kind of board you need to make.

We focus on positive thinking when talking about a Law of Attraction vision board, where you can make one from scratch, or you can also use a vision board kit that has everything you need to make this board.

If you don’t know where to buy one just yet, simply head to any search engine and type the keywords: “vision board kits near me” and the best kits within your vicinity will pop up on the screen.

Once you know what to use for your board (from scratch or a kit), you can begin learning about making a Law of Attraction vision board to manifest your wildest dreams.

Here is a preview of an article we’ve written detailing the very steps to making one:

  • Materials to Prepare
  • Pre-Vision Board Activities
  • The Vision Board-Making Process
  • After-Vision Board Activities

We also included a frequently asked questions section to answer all the things you want to know about making a Law of Attraction vision board for the very first time.

One important question most people also ask is why should they make a vision board in the first place. In the next section, we’ll tell you the benefits of a vision board kit and why you should use one.


vision board kit for adults



You might be wondering why there are so many vision board kits for sale on Amazon that the market has become saturated with so many of them.  Because of this, it’s become challenging to choose the best ones for your needs.

But one reason for so many kits popping up in the market is that vision board kits are great to use to help you manifest your goals.

Here are a few snippets of an in-depth article we’ve written talking about the many benefits of using vision board kits:



  • Structure
  • Convenience
  • Creativity
  • Perfect as Gifts


One of the most important benefits of using a board kit is convenience. You won’t have to go to a craft store to buy vision board supplies one by one because a kit has everything you need.

Some of these kits include the full suite of materials, such as a poster board, hundreds of pictures, stickers, motivational words, glue, Velcro adhesives, goal-setting worksheets, and so much more.

You can type in “vision boards near me” on any search engine and you can find the best kits near you that offer different kinds of materials, aesthetics, purpose, and so much more.

You’ll never run out of options when you choose to use a kit to make a vision board and that’s also one of the best things about using this resource.  Not only is it convenient but also accessible, so there’s no problem about looking for one that resonates with you.

And guess what, you can even use a complete kit to make a business vision board for corporate success.



best vision board kit



Most people think that dream boards are merely for personal goals, that they should be kept private, and that it’s a completely spiritual experience. Well, yes, vision boards are a personal experience, but they can be so much more.

You can use a goal board to manifest success in your business or help you start one. In this article we’ve written, which you can find here, we detailed 7 ways to make a business goal board to help you achieve success.

Here is a summary of these 7 methods:

  • Make an Annual Business Goal Board
  • Make a Weekly Corporate Vision Board
  • The Best Time to Make a Company Vision Board
  • Create an Intentions Board
  • Create a Goal-Setting Vision Board
  • Take Advantage of Value Tagging
  • Create a Teamwork Goal Board

    While you can make these boards from scratch, you’ll benefit from using vision board kits that have everything you need to make one. They’re readily available and accessible to purchase online, and they offer so many benefits you’ll have to make one each week to manifest all of your corporate goals and more.

    We also want to recommend The Vision Cloud’s vision board magazine subscription for companies that want to use something that has more than just materials, but also goal-setting exercises, affirmation reminders, and other inclusions.

    The Vision Cloud is on a mission to help you design your dream life, your dream business, and whatever goals you may have. If you have a negative mindset, The Vision Cloud will help shift your thoughts towards a positive mindset, giving you the resources to be confident that anything is possible.

    And yes, with the Law of Attraction, that dream business you’ve always wanted to start is already yours. You just need to believe.


    vision cloud vision board kit


    The vision board magazine subscription offered by The Vision Cloud also includes access to an exclusive Facebook community, daily SMS of motivational words, and an invite to a yearly conference where you get to meet fellow subscribers, learn more about goal boards, and experience wellness activities.

    For more information on The Vision Cloud’s vision board magazine subscription, click this link and start planning that dream business or corporate expansion.

    Aside from business vision boards that are great to make with a vision board kit near you, you can also use it to create a career dream board.



    A 2021 poll by Fastcompany.com showed that 52% of American employees were considering changing their careers during that year, with 44% having already made the change.

    This goes to show that career-changing is a common occurrence among American workers. Although it’s quite common, it doesn’t mean it’s always easy.

    That is why making a career vision board is perfect to help you manifest the job or profession that will finally make you stop searching for another break, another job, or another industry.

    Using a vision board kit is a great way to make a career vision board because kits typically contain more than just craft materials. They also include goal-setting exercises, and Law of Attraction activities, and some kits even have templates that offer organized structures to help you get clarity about your goals.

    You can find our article about this topic by clicking here. In the meantime, here are some tips for making a career change vision board:

    • Keep the board visible so you can see it every day.
    • Be as specific as possible with your images.
    • Include images about yourself.
    • Revisit and revise.

    You can find more of these in the article we’ve written about making a career change vision board to help you manifest your dream job.



    vision board kit amazon



    Good academic standing is one of the most important factors when it comes to being more likely to get hired after graduation. While some students are naturally gifted in academics, some are not, and because of this, experience stress and anxiety.

    However, the good news is that academic strength can be learned. One of the ways an educator or parent can improve a student’s academic performance is by teaching vision board ideas for students that boost academic success.

    Some of these ideas include the following:

    • Vision Board Templates
    • Vision Board Kits
    • Priority Pie Goal Board
    • Action Board
    • Affirmations Vision Board

    We’ve written a great article about this topic, which you can find here, so you can learn more about using vision board kits to help empower a student to chase after their dreams, as well as gain confidence to get better grades and improve overall academic performance.

    Using a vision board kit is the new way to make dream boards. Long gone are the days when you didn’t have a choice but to buy individual materials from a craft store, collect different magazines, and take hours putting everything together. And most of the time, people who made vision boards didn’t even know how to start.

    You can make absolutely anything with a goal board kit, such as a business vision board, career board, and so much more.

    Find a kit near you and begin to discover the magic of the Law of Attraction in this fun and effective manifestation tool.

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