Why You Need To Make A Family Vision Board And How To Make One

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Vision boards aren’t limited to one person’s goals and dreams.  In fact, group vision boards exist.  These boards contain shared goals, such as a group travel abroad, a sales target for a company, or for a dream wedding.

Because of this, we highly encourage parents and kids to make family vision boards, which collect the shared goals and dreams you have for your family unit.

While most people make vision boards by themselves, making one with all the family members involved can have several benefits, especially with kids.  If you’ve never made one before, this is the sign that you should.

In this guide, we’ll explain the many benefits of making a family vision board, and how to make one.


Here are the benefits of making a family vision board, and why you and your family should make one as soon as possible:


Family activities are not just for memories but spending time as a unit provides a long list of benefits.  You get to connect with your spouse and your children, while also enjoying a fun and creative arts and crafts activity.

Studies have shown that children who spend more quality time with their family are less likely to have behavioral issues at home and at school.  They are also less likely to engage in risky behavior such as illicit drugs and alcohol use.

Making a family vision board is not just a fun craft activity but it can improve your children’s overall well-being and encourage proper behavior.


Creating a family vision board teaches kids the practice of goal-setting.  When you ask them what they want to achieve, what they want to experience, and what positive experiences they want to do again, it teaches them that they have the power to accomplish things on their own and as a family.

Because of this, setting goals can help build their confidence and self-esteem.  It teaches them that they have the power to achieve what they set their eyes on and that they are not helpless or powerless in the world.

family vision board ideas



After reading the reasons why you should make a family vision board, we are sure you are excited to start making one with your family.

Before you buy a board and other craft materials, you should read our guide to making a family vision board first.  We’ve created a simple how-to to help you create a family vision board that looks great, includes every single member of the family, and one that will work to help you manifest your dreams as a unit.

Here is our guide to making a family vision board:


There are many ways to make a vision board aside from the typical physical vision board consisting of a board and cut out pictures from a magazine. Choose the medium that’s the most convenient for everyone involved.

Here are three different types of vision boards to choose from:

  • Physical Vision Board from Scratch

If you want to make a family vision board as an arts and crafts project, making it from scratch is best for you.  You only need to go to a craft store, buy a board, stickers, scissors, and adhesives, and you’re good to go.

Cut out pictures from a magazine, print out images, or you can even use your very own pictures to make your physical vision board.


If you don’t want to use arts and crafts supplies, you can make a digital vision board.  You can take advantage of the features of Pinterest to make a family vision board, free collage softwares, and other digital forms of vision boards.

Digital vision boards are convenient, give you access to billions of images, quotes, and illustrations, and every member of the family can have a copy.  The best thing about digital vision boards is that they can be accessed anywhere, and anytime.

So if you’re traveling or if one of your children is off to college, everyone can still have access to your family vision board.


You can also use a complete vision board kit that includes everything needed to make a family vision board.  One of these dream kits include The Vision Cloud’s Original Vision Board Kit, which includes 100 images, 40 words, and 60 stickers, and complete with adhesives so you can get started without having to buy anything else.

These kits are great for families who want to get started right away, and for anyone who wants to constantly edit or grow their vision boards.

family vision board examples



You can create a theme for your family vision board, such as goals for the year, dreams for the whole family, travel goals for the year, and so on.

Create a focus for your vision board so you can base your goals according to this theme.  You can also make individual family vision boards for each member of the family and create one major vision board for the family as a whole.


Once you have your chosen medium and theme for your vision board, it’s time to list down your goals.

Ask each member of the family the following questions:

  • What do you want to achieve for the year?
  • Where do you want to go for vacation?
  • What kind of house do you want us to live in?
  • What do you want for each other?
  • What do you want for yourself?

Start listing down everyone’s goals and ask them to find the images, words, and pictures that correspond to the things and experiences they want to achieve.


Aside from creating a list of goals, cutting out pictures, or choosing images, you also need to talk about what the family vision board is for.

If you have small kids, explain to them why you’re making the vision board, what they can do to contribute to the manifestation of your goals, and the importance of having big dreams.

You can also teach them to use positive thoughts and emotions, visualization techniques, and even a few things about the Law of Attraction.

You can also share stories of real-life personalities who have used vision boards to achieve success, and other inspirational and motivational stories about making vision boards.


Once any member of the family achieves a milestone, celebrate it.  If one of your children has graduated and got accepted to his or her dream school, celebrate it with the rest of the family.  You can also put stickers on your board for goals you’ve achieved so far.

Reward kids for achieving goals, too, like making it into the varsity team or hitting high grades in school.  Celebrating milestones help reinforce the positive behaviors, encouraging them to keep doing what they’re doing to achieve their dreams.

vision board family


Once you’ve made your family vision board, place it in an area in your home where everyone can see it every day. You can mount it near your dining table, in the foyer, or in the family room.

If one of your children or you are traveling outside your home, you can also take a picture of your family vision board and save it on your phone so you can view it whenever you want.

Family vision boards are a great way to achieve goals as a unit, and it fosters connection between family members.  It can also help everyone in the family achieve goals that are greater than themselves, elevating everyone in the family and not just themselves.

But more importantly, making family vision boards promote better relationships, helping you and your kids realize that family is one of the best things in the world. And that family will always be there for you, in both your ups and downs.

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