How To Use Manifestation Determination To Boost Motivation For Your Goals

How To Use Manifestation Determination To Boost Motivation For Your Goals

What is the first thought in your head when you first wake up in the morning?  Do you wake up feeling excited to go to work or start a project?  Or do you wake up dreading to start the day?  Do you have the motivation to wake up and chase after your dreams?

Having the motivation to turn your dreams into reality can be elusive for many people.  In fact, a study reveals that 92% of people do not achieve their goals.  In another study involving employees, it is revealed that more than 50% of Americans in the workforce feel disengaged from their jobs.

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So how do you become motivated and stay motivated when it comes to achieving ambitions?  Well, we discovered a manifestation determination theory that could answer this question.

In this article, we’ll talk about how the Self-Determination Theory, or SDT, for short, can help you in gaining the motivation you need to achieve your dreams.


We discovered that the Self-Determination Theory can be an effective concept in boosting your motivation when it comes to manifesting your goals.  

This theory was created by psychologists Edward Deci and Richard Ryan in the 1980s, and was first introduced to the psychological community through their 1985 book called, “Self-Determination and Intrinsic Motivation in Human Behavior.”

The major gist of the theory states that people are more motivated to fulfill their goals when they are driven by intrinsic motivation rather than by external forces.

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An example of an external source of motivation is a reward.  This can be a bonus of $150 if an employee has perfect attendance in a month; or the reward of a vacation if an employee signs a new client.

Another example of an external source of motivation is punishment.  This can be a deduction on an employee’s salary if he or she is absent from work.

An example of an intrinsic source of motivation could be the passion to start a business that you've been wanting to start for many years.  

The theory states that motivation comes from your innermost desires and values, and it’s also the source of persistence.

If you want to lose 50 pounds, having an intrinsic desire to lose weight because you want to be healthy (internal source) is more effective than the praise of other people (external source).


The theory also suggests that there are two kinds of people:  self-determined and non-self-determined.

Understanding the difference between the two is said to help people to understand their own behavior patterns, which can help them manifest their goals more effectively.


A self-determined individual is said to be motivated by intrinsic rewards, driven by enjoyment or satisfaction from doing the work, and believes he or she is in control.

A non-self-determined person, on the other hand, is said to be driven by external rewards, driven by responsibility or obligation, and believes he or she doesn't have control in situations.

By looking at the differences between the two, we can see that a self-determined person does things out of desire while a non-self-determined person does things because he or she has to.

The self-determined person wants to achieve his/her goals, while the non-self-determined person feels like he has to.


According to the theory, there are three psychological needs you must meet to be able to find the motivation and persistence to be able to achieve your goals.

These three needs are:

  1. Autonomy, which is the feeling that one has a choice.
  1. Competence, which is the feeling that you have the ability or skills to make things happen.
  1. Relatedness, which is the feeling of connection with people around you.

When all of these needs are met, the theory believes that you become more driven to fulfill your goals and desires.  Meeting these three needs is the key to achieving your dreams, according to the Self-Determination Theory.

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So how do we apply this theory in our journey to overcoming obstacles and manifest our dreams?  Here are some tips:


Here are the traits of a self-determined individual:

  1. Believe they have control over their lives.
  2. Have a unique high self-motivation.
  3. Base their actions on their goals.
  4. Take responsibility for their actions.

Basically, to become a self-determined person, you need to understand that you have the power to achieve your goals.  For example, you failed to meet a presentation deadline at work.  A self-determined person would admit their mistake, blame himself for the failure, and then create a plan to correct this mistake.

A non-self-determined person, in this case, would blame other people and find excuses for missing the deadline.  He will also believe there was nothing he could do about it.

If you want to be a self-determined person, you need to be more self-aware of your behaviors and patterns of thinking.  You also need to become more accountable for your actions.


Based on the theory, people manifest their dreams better when they make clear goal-setting plans and envision their goals.

This is backed up by studies that say people who set goals with concrete plans improve their behavior when it comes to transformative habits.

In short, you need to have a habit of goal-setting to be able to manifest your dreams.

You can do this by writing down what you want to achieve, visualizing your goals, or making a vision board of what you want to attract in your life.

A vision board is one technique of goal-setting that we believe can help you manifest faster.  It helps you get clear about what you want to achieve in your life, while also enjoying what you’re doing.

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The Vision Cloud’s Original Vision Board Kit is a great way to get started on your goal-setting journey.  Aside from having all the supplies you need to make a vision board, it also comes with two activity sheets to get your Law of Attraction journey started, but also comes with a goal-setting worksheet to help you make your goals concrete.

It also comes with 100 images you can use for your board, so you won’t have to cut out images from magazines, and it also comes with mounting putty and other materials.  It’s convenient, fun, and effective in helping you create goals for your dream life.


One of the psychological needs stated in the Self-Determination Theory is relatedness.  This means that you need to have a sense of belongingness or connection with people in your life and the community to be able to find your true motivation.

To be able to achieve this, you need to surround yourself with people who support, guide, and believe in you.

According to the founders of the theory, Deci and Ryan, they state that a person becomes proactive or passive when it comes to chasing after their dreams depending on the social conditions around them.

If the people around you support you, you become more motivated to achieve your goals.  Social support is key, according to the theory.  Positive feedback is believed to improve motivation.  It can help you feel more competent which is needed for personal growth.

When you choose to be with people who will help you achieve your dreams, you become more motivated to fulfill them.  So surround yourself with people who don't doubt you, who can lift you up when you feel down, and who believe in your ability to achieve your goals.

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Another psychological need based on the theory is competence.  Say you want to save $10,000.  However, you have bad spending habits and can’t seem to save money no matter how much you try.  So what do you do?  Start learning how to manage your finances.

Read books.  Watch videos for financial experts.  Talk to a financial adviser. Learn the many ways you can save, budget your money, and grow your money.  

By learning and developing your financial knowledge, you are teaching yourself to be more competent, and therefore, having an unwavering resolution to your problems.

 And when you have the skills and capacity to start saving and growing your money, you become more passionate about achieving that $10,000 goal.

In summary, the theory states that when you make goals, you need to find a target that brings you happiness and enjoyment.  Next, you also need to have the ability to be able to reach this goal.  And lastly, you need to be around people who support you.

By meeting these criteria, you become a self-determined person who takes accountability for your actions.  And once you understand that you have the power to change your life, you will understand that taking action toward your goals is the answer to manifestation.  And because of this, you will experience a relentless pursuit of your ambitions.

Do not become a victim of your circumstance.  A non-self-determined person blames other people for their failure, but a self-determined person believes he can do something about it.

Learn how to be a self-determined person with manifestation determination and that will be the key to manifesting the life of your dreams.  Take action, stay focused, demonstrate persistence, and believe you have the ability to transform your dreams into reality.

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