The Secrets To Making A Vision Board For Guys That Work

The Secrets To Making A Vision Board For Guys That Work

“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act.  There is no other route to success.”

-Pablo Picasso

Do you have set goals?  What are they?  If you do, then congratulations, you are one step closer to making the life that you love.  If you haven't set your goals, then the fact that you’re reading this article is a sign that it’s time you start making them.

Goals are important.  Without them, life can have no clear direction.  You’ll just react to what life throws at you.  But by having goals, you are proactively creating the life that you want to live.

And in this article, we’ll talk about the secrets to making a vision board for guys that work, as well as a few other tips on goal-setting.


Before we talk about goal-setting techniques and how you can use vision boards to create your dream life, we need to address a few things about men and making goals.

One study reveals that men are motivated by achieving goals even if they have no monetary rewards or punishment, as compared to women.  The respondents in the study also revealed that men are more motivated to achieve set goals than women, who respond better when goals are attached to a reward or punishment.

An example would be entering a sports contest.  For women, they become more motivated if winning the contest gets them money or a reward.  For men, they have the same motivation whether winning the contest results in getting money or not.

The mere act of winning is motivation enough for men.  Men are driven by a sense of purpose to achieve their goals.  So if you’re a man and you currently don’t have concrete goals, you need to make them now because statistically, the mere fact of achieving your goals is enough to motivate you.

male vision board

Without having set goals, you will simply live life on autopilot, bouncing from one circumstance to another.  This is how important setting goals is, especially for men.  With the mere act of making goals, you are already making strides in making them a reality.


Here are some examples and explanations about the positive outcomes of making vision boards to achieve goals:


Steve Harvey, the famous author, and host, is a strong supporter of the Law of Attraction and vision boards.  In fact, he often encourages men and women to create vision boards for a broad range of goals and dreams.

Another popular personality who believes in and makes vision boards regularly is Kellan Lutz, most famously known for his role in the Twilight saga.  He credits his vision board for meeting his wife and getting married.  Lutz believes in the vision board so much that he co-founded National Vision Board Day, which happens on the second Saturday of January.

There are many other famous men out there who swear by the power of vision boards and the Law of Attraction and these two are just some of the most vocal proponents in Hollywood.


To back up these beliefs, a TD Bank Survey revealed that people who use vision boards or images of their goals have twice as much confidence versus other people who don’t use visualization to motivate them to achieve their goals.

The study involved 1100 men and women, plus 500 small business owners, in a quest to know about their “visualization practices.”  

The same study also reveal that 82% of the small business entrepreneurs who use vision boards reported to have achieved more than half of their goals.

These numbers show the positive effects of making vision boards for individuals and small entrepreneurs.  But how?  Why do vision board ideas for men and women work?

goal board ideas for work


Neuroscientists believe that vision boards train the brain to see and grab opportunities that match people’s goals.  If you haven’t made your vision board, or you don’t have an image of what your goal is, you will not notice the opportunities around you that look like your goal.

Vision boards also train your brain to reject information that is irrelevant to your goals.  So you end up becoming more focused and attentive to opportunities you know will help you reach your dreams.

Psychologist Barbara Nussbaum, who worked with the researchers in the TD Bank Survey, also said that vision boards, which have images, words, and objects of your goals, involve a multi-sensory experience, which leads to the feeling of excitement and anticipation of having your dreams.  

This said feeling is the key to the power of the Law of Attraction.

Speaking of multisensory, when making a vision board, we recommend a physical vision board that will get you using your hands to create collages and an actual board you can put on a wall or desk.

The Vision Cloud’s Original Vision Board Kit comes with over 100 images, 60 words, and 40 stickers you can mount on a sturdy board that comes with the kit.  It also has activity sheets, a goal-setting worksheet, and all the materials you need to make a vision board.

vision board vision cloud

You can buy this board and supplement it with pictures you cut out from a magazine, or you can also use your personal pictures to make your collage.


Here are some goal-setting techniques and tips for making your vision board for men work:


We mentioned feeling is the key to the Law of Attraction and it can be difficult to feel good and be optimistic when you’re feeling bad about yourself and your body.

Take care of yourself first so you can emit the positive energy of receiving your goals.  Watch your weight, exercise regularly, stop smoking or drinking, eat healthy food, and most of all, fill your thoughts with things that make you happy.

Feeling good is the key to attracting the life that you want.  Start with taking care of yourself and the good feelings will follow.


It’s good to have several goals, but this can also be a weakness.  When you spread yourself too thin, none of your goals will get the focus and attention it needs to come to fruition.

This is what psychologists call “goal competition.” According to this concept, one of the greatest obstacles you will have when achieving your goals is having other goals.  The goals compete with each for your focus and attention.

Sometimes, it’s not about your motivation to achieve your goals, but it’s about which goals you prioritize.  

The next time you make a list of goals, number them according to importance and work on them one at a time so you can give them the focus they need.

When making your vision board, you can mount a large picture of your biggest goal, and mount smaller pictures of smaller goals.  This can help emphasize that the biggest picture is what you should be working on first.

vision board men


Speaking of making lists, writing goals down is said to be effective.  A study reveals that people who write down their goals are 42% more likely to achieve them compared to people who don’t write their goals down.

Get a designated notebook for your goals and dreams, and just like the tip in #2, list them depending on priority.


Clarity is one of the most important things you need to attract your dream life.  The more specific you are with what you want, the better it is for you to achieve them.

This is because the clearer your goals are, the better understanding you will have of the task.  With a clear vision of your goals, you know exactly what is required to achieve them, as well as how it would feel once you get them.  

Clarity then feeling the emotions of having to fulfill your goals are some of the most important aspects of the Law of Attraction.

There are many other goal-setting techniques you can do to make your vision board for guys work.  We’ve even written an article solely focusing on goal-setting techniques, which you can find here.

Vision boards work, and it’s a fun, simple, and effective way to help you get motivated to work for your goals and dreams.

Start making your vision boards today and apply these goal-setting techniques to help you attract the life you want to live.

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