Fast And Easy Manifestation With Vision Board Templates

Do you want to manifest fast?  What urgent things do you need?  Is it possible to manifest something quick like magic?

The answer to this question is yes, it’s completely possible to manifest something fast, but there are a few things you need to know.

In this article, we’ll teach you a few things that help you manifest quickly, and a few things you need to know that are blocking your ability to receive what you desire.

When it comes to creating your wants, we can begin with vision board templates that allow you to make vision boards in seconds.  With a vision board template, we’ll also teach you a proven technique that can help you improve your vibrational frequency for faster manifestation.


Let’s begin by answering the question, “What are vision board templates?”  If you’ve never used a template for manifesting before, then you’re going to love getting to learn about these pre-designed layouts.

A vision board template is typically a document designed to help you make a vision board from scratch.  It’s a simple and fast way to create a dream board, and it’s specifically made to meet certain themes or categories.

Usually, templates are presented digitally.  You can download them or there are ready-made templates from design software like Canva.  You simply choose a template, fill it with pictures, answer questions, and place affirmations on boxes and layouts on the document.

However, there are also physical vision board templates that are available on paper or on journals, and other materials.

Let’s take a look at the two major kinds of vision board templates:


Digital vision board templates are fun to work with because all you need is a laptop or any electronic device and you can get started right away.  There’s no need to collect magazines or cut out pictures, as you get access to millions of images online or free picture libraries from the software you use.

dream board template

You can save your board, share it on social media, and access it anytime and anywhere.  However, it’s not tangible and you won’t get to play with your hands.  It’s fast and easy, but it lacks effort in terms of creation.


Physical vision board templates are templates printed on paper, on a board, in a journal, or worksheet.  

vision cloud magazine kit


What makes physical templates so fun to do is you physically cut out images from magazines or clipart books.  You also write on the documents, paste pictures, stickers, and so on.

Click this link to get your free vision board templates from The Vision Cloud.  Once you’ve downloaded them into your phone or laptop, print them out and use them to make your physical vision board.

The Vision Cloud is on a mission to help as many people transform their lives through clarity of goals, improved focus and motivation, and of course helping you achieve as many goals as possible.

They make this possible by offering you resources to make your dreams come true, as well as helping you believe that “Anything is possible.”

Though there are pros and cons to these different types of dream board templates, we highly recommend physical vision boards since they are tangible, and the more time you spend on planning your goals, the more focus and attention you give them, which is essential in the Law of Attraction.


Here are more reasons why a vision board template can help you manifest faster:


Creating something out of a blank space, such as a blank poster board, can make your head spin.  What do you put on your dream board?  What should it be about?  Are 10 pictures enough?  What images should I use?

vision board sample

A template, however, does the thinking for you.  Some templates tell you what kind of pictures to put, such as a happy picture of a couple, a picture of a dream house, or a dream vacation.  And it asks questions like, how do you see yourself in 5 years?

A template saves time by giving you a simple layout to organize your goals and dreams.  


For anyone who’s never made a dream board before, a template is the best thing to get started.  It offers guidance, helps you decide on what to put on your board, and it also helps you create an aesthetically pleasing vision board you’d want to look at all the time.


Do you make a vision board of all your dreams?  How about a match-up of travel destinations?  A collage of your dreams on one board can be distracting.  What do you focus on first?  What are your priorities?  A template will help you choose which goals to focus on by creating an organized layout.

There are many benefits of using vision board templates and it’s all about guidance, design, and focus.  And because you’re more organized, you can create a better action plan to achieve your dreams.


Aside from using a vision board template to help you manifest your dreams faster, here are three important elements of the Law of Attraction to help you with your goals:


Gabby Bernstein, a New York Times bestselling author said:

“Manifesting isn’t about getting, it’s about becoming.”

Her statement means that you do not ask the Universe to bring you something.  You do not pray or ask for a new car or a soulmate, but you become the person who has these things.

This means that you must match the energy of the person you want to be so you create your reality with the Universe.

dream board sample

Vibrational frequency, or your energy must match a person who’s met his soulmate, and who owns his dream car.

Be happy and be grateful, and become the very person you wish to be, even if you don’t have your goals yet.  When you do this, you are matching the energy of your dreams, which is one of the fastest ways to manifest.


One study was featured on Psychology Today and it was about two important things that made people more confident about manifesting their dreams.  These two thighs are belief in your personal power and belief in cosmic collaboration.

The study showed that people who believed they had the ability to create their life and also believed in the Universe, were more confident about achieving their dreams.

The study showed people who believed in these two important things were 30% more confident.  And when you’re confident, you go after your dreams more passionately, and it improves your chances of success.

So if you want to manifest faster by being more confident, you need to have a strong belief in your personal power as well as belief in cosmic collaboration, and that is creating your reality with the Universe.


EFT means Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as Tapping.  It is a mixture of modern psychology blended with Chinese acupressure.  It is known to help deal with trauma, anxiety, depression, fears, and phobias, and yes, even helps people manifest their desires.

It does so by helping you achieve relaxing energy.  Remember we mentioned earlier about matching the vibrational frequency of what you desire?  This is one of the simplest ways you can do that.

free vision board template

EFT helps soothe the nervous system, helping you become calmer and more relaxed.  When you’re anxious and fearful of your future, you’re not relaxed.  You are impatient and agitated and you tend to worry.

The Law of Attraction teaches us that we need to believe what we desire is already ours.  And when you have your dreams, what should you be feeling?  Relaxation, happiness, joy, right?

EFT brings you to a state of calmness, and relaxation, and brings your body to a state of equilibrium.  It helps you achieve well-being, and clarity of mind, and most of all, it eliminates negative energy and brings in positive energy.

If you desire money, love, adventure, and peace, EFT can get you to manifest faster by bringing your body into a state of calmness and peace.

Manifesting is not a magic pill.  You need to learn the elements of the Law of Attraction to become a master manifestor.  

There are so many studies on how to manifest fast, but it all boils down to understanding yourself and using it to co-create with the Universe.

You need to embody the very abundance and wealth you are seeking.  Stop being impatient and it will be given to you.

But the most important thing is to get started.  Use vision board templates in your journey to creating the life you desire.  It always starts with one step. Begin today.

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