7 Of The Best Ways To Make Your 2024 Goal Board Work

7 Of The Best Ways To Make Your 2024 Goal Board Work

If goals were easy to fulfill, everyone would be healthy, successful, and happy, but the truth is, goals are hard to achieve.  A surprising fact also shows that not everyone makes goals.  

A survey by Reliable Plant revealed that only 20% of adults actually make goals, and out of this 20%, only a third successfully achieve them.  That makes a very small number of people who achieve success.

If you're one of the 20% of adults who are setting goals for 2024, you might be wondering how to ensure you accomplish what you set out to achieve.  And that is why we are here to help.

In this article, we’ll show you 3 simple ways to make a 2024 goal board, and 7 science-backed methods to make your goals work.


Writing down your goals in a journal or piece of paper is good, but making a vision board of your goals is so much better and so much more effective.

Vision boards help you get excited about your dream life, and give you inspiration, but also the motivation to act and strive to turn your goals into reality.

By using the rules of the Law of Attraction, vision boards bring you one step closer to your dream life.

Here are 3 ways you can make a 2024 goal board:


Worksheets for goal-setting are made to help you get clarity over your goals by asking you important questions or giving you exercises that will help you understand what you want to achieve.

These typically consist of writing exercises that allow you to process your thoughts, needs, and wants, as well as what you want your future to look like.

Worksheets are great for anyone who may not know what your goals are, or if your goals aren’t clear and they’re all over the place.

vision board and goal setting

They give you clarity and increase your self-awareness, which can help you determine what your values are, as well as your strengths and weaknesses.


You can also make a traditional vision board of your dreams.  Collect magazines, cut out pictures, and create a collage on a poster board.  Choose images that best represent your goals, and make sure to add quotes, affirmations, and other objects that symbolize your dreams.

You can also make use of digital vision boards, free vision board-making software, and collage-making apps to create your dream board.


If making a traditional vision board is too time-consuming for you, then you’ll love using vision board templates.  These are pre-designed layouts that you can use online or you can have them printed out and you can use the prints as a template for your goals.

Templates work by containing frames where you put images, which typically have labels like a picture of a happy family, a travel destination, or an amount of money.  They also have goal-setting activities, such as asking you to list down 5 of your New Year’s resolutions for 2024, and other questions and activities.

What makes templates great as a vision board is that they save you time, they organize your goals, and the questions allow you to discover more about yourself.

You can buy vision board templates or hire a professional to make them for you, but there are also free samples you can download.  

The Vision Cloud offers free vision board templates, which you can download here.  What makes their templates effective is that they don’t just focus on images and cute designs, but the templates are created specifically for manifesting your goals.


Speaking of manifesting your goals with templates, The Vision Cloud is a company that’s passionate about providing the best resources for making your dreams come true.  They are on a mission to helping people live happier lives through the use of vision boards and the energy of the Universe.

The Vision Cloud’s vision board magazine subscription allows you to understand that anything is possible, as long as you set your intentions and believe you have the power to design the life you want to live.

With free templates, a magazine that contains over 100 images + motivational words, goal-setting worksheets, instructional guides, an option to receive daily SMS reminders, and access to an exclusive community on Facebook of super attractors and dreamers, the vision board magazine subscription is all you need to get started on living your best life ever.

Get to accomplish all the goals you set, plus open your world to more possibilities with The Vision Cloud’s vision board magazine subscription.  Click this link to know more and get inspired to live a life of prosperity and abundance.


Now that you know the methods to make a 2024 goal board, it’s time you learn how to make them happen.

Here are 7 simple yet effective ways to make your 2024 goal board work:


When creating goals or setting intentions into the Universe, state them as fact and not as a wish.  For example, you may say, “I want to be more confident this year.”  This is wrong because you’re telling the Universe that you are not confident.  Instead, say powerful words such as, “I am confident.”

Whenever you make a goal, always ensure that you are exuding the energy of what you want to attract.  Do not state your resolutions as a hope because you are declaring a place of lack.  And when you declare a sense of lack in your life, what do you attract?  Yes, more lack.

Studies show that people who phrase their resolutions as a hope rather than a fact are less likely to succeed.  But people who state their goals as a fact have more instances of success.


Studies show that publicly declaring your goals will give you more motivation and accountability, therefore, increasing the likelihood of success.

goal setting and vision board

For example, you may post on your social media that you will lose 10 pounds in 2 months.  As the 2-month timeline comes nearer, you will be motivated to fulfill this goal to avoid being seen as a failure.


Speaking of the public, when making goals, try to join a community of like-minded people.  Join a cycling class with friends, try a new diet with your sister or best friend, or join a trading class if you want to start investing in 2024.

Making goals and chasing them with a group of people who have the same goals can help you stay inspired and motivated to keep going.  If you begin to notice you’re becoming unmotivated to go on, a simple talk with members of your group can give you the support and guidance you need.


Studies show that people who have a plan B tend to have their goals backfire on them.  This is because having a plan B can cut your desire to choose your main goal, believing you have the privilege of failure because there’s something else waiting for you to accomplish.

Studies reveal that people who have contingency plans are less likely to achieve their main objective.


Cures are signs or triggers that can make you spring to action.  For example, you want to jog more but your treadmill is placed in the garage, where your car and other things are cramped up.  You’ll have to move your car out and make space to be able to jog, which can hinder you from doing it in the first place because it takes time to execute your goal.

To create a cue, move your treadmill to your living room where it’s in full view, where you can easily hop on the equipment, and jog anytime you want.

goal board

This also applies to food.  Hide or throw away junk food and processed food from your fridge and pantry and place yogurt, fruits, vegetables, and other healthier food options to help you eat better.

Cues can make your resolutions easier, so you are more motivated to act and accomplish them.


Studies show that people who plan to start diets and exercise more start on a Monday.  If you want to start chasing a goal, start on a Monday because it’s the beginning of a week, and it coincides with the “temporal landmarks” described in a principle called, The Fresh Start Effect.

This principle states that the best time to start something new is right after a perception of the passage of time.  People perceive Monday as the start of a new timeline since it occurs right after the passage of a whole week.


The gradual approach is the idea of making small changes to eventually achieve a bigger goal.  For example, you want to quit smoking in 2024.  Start small by minimizing your smoking frequency by one less cigarette a day.

After a week, make it 2 fewer cigarettes a day, and so on.  One day, you’ll realize you no longer have the urge to smoke a whole pack of cigarettes a day, and finally quit smoking, without going cold turkey.

The gradual approach also helps to improve your motivation through the celebration of small wins.  Whenever you achieve a small goal, celebrate it, and you’ll instantly have a rush of dopamine, which is responsible for giving you a feel-good emotion.

Each celebration you make makes you feel good, and it can help you achieve the bigger picture.

And although this is not part of the list, the last thing you need to do to make your 2024 goal board work is to be kind to yourself.

Studies show that people who are harsh on themselves are worse at accomplishing goals in the long run.

board for goals

Practice self-compassion by not feeling too bad when you don’t achieve your goals right away.  You can feel bad today but tomorrow, you must recommit and strive for your goals another day.

Whether you make a traditional vision board or a template for your 2024 goal board, you must take steps to make your goals and resolutions come true.  Striving and working hard for them can help you transform your life, giving you the best life you’ve ever had, and turning dreams into your everyday reality.

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