7 Benefits Of Creating A Pinterest Mood Board

7 Benefits Of Creating A Pinterest Mood Board

Congratulations on your decision to make a vision board.  The next step is choosing the platform.  And if you’re here reading this, you may be thinking about creating a digital vision board, which is a fantastic idea today.

Making a digital vision board is fast, easy, and the best thing, you can access your board any time of the day and anywhere you may be.  Even when commuting for work, you can easily tap on your screen and view your board.  

The best online platform for creating a digital vision board is Pinterest.  We love it so much that we even wrote an article about it before, which you can find here.  That article talks about how to create your Pinterest vision board, but in this one, we will talk about why it’s the best platform for making a digital board.

In this article, we present to you 7 benefits of creating a Pinterest mood board and a little bit on how you can get started.

how to create a mood board on pinterest


Our love for Pinterest as a digital platform to make a vision board is not just based on preference, but it’s also based on statistics.

In a September 2021 report, statistics show that there are over 450 million Pinterest users every month, which contributes to billions of images and ideas on the site.  It is also the 15th most-used social media in the world.

Additionally, 85% of Pinterest users use the platform to start a new project - whether it’s organizing a party, making a travel itinerary, creating a wedding mood board, or even a business.

And lastly, our favorite Pinterest statistic:  80% of Pinterest users report feeling positive every time they use the platform. In a study by Neilsen, Pinterest is said to be the Number 1 platform for inspiration, which is what you need to make your dreams come true.

Inspiration leads to action, and this is what a vision board should be about. Simply by visiting the site and your saved vision board, you will instantly feel positive and inspired, which gives you the motivation to act on your goals and dreams.

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There are many reasons why making a Pinterest mood board as your digital vision board is a great idea.  In this section, we present to you, 7 reasons why making one can help you attract the life of your dreams:



Pinterest’s ease of use is one of its many endearing features.  You don’t need to know technical lingo or any complicated steps to be able to get started.  Simply create an account and you’re good to go.

Pinterest is a visual search engine, pretty much like Google but instead of content, you get pictures, and billions of them.

You can use the platform on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone and they also have an app you can download for free for faster and easier access.

Once you type in a keyword, you’ll be given thousands and thousands of images, and as you save one image after another, many others similar to your keyword will be shown to you.

The more specific your keyword is, the better to find specific images you have in mind.  

For a vision board, you can simply click on the “Board” button and start making your board.  There are endless possibilities and endless themes so there’s nothing you can’t find on Pinterest.



As mentioned in one of the statistics earlier, a study by Neilsen revealed that Pinterest is the #1 inspirational social media platform on the web right now.  You may visit Pinterest to look for a specific image, but as you go along, you’ll be shown hundreds of thousands of ideas similar to your first keyword, and that is how you can get inspired and motivated.

Whenever we use Pinterest, we always have something in mind.  But then the platform presents many different images and ideas we never even thought of, so it opens up our minds to so many other possibilities that it can help us dream more and dream bigger.

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They may be mere images, but they can excite and ignite your passion, leading you to create the life of your dreams down to very specific details.  Images speak louder than words, and exposure to a whole world of different possibilities will help you believe you also have the power to create whatever it is you put your mind into.



We love how accessible Pinterest is.  Even when you’re away on a business trip, at work, traveling with family, or even commuting to work, you can access your Pinterest mood board with a tap of your screen.

You can download the Pinterest app on your phone or you can view your board on your desktop browser.  Everywhere you may be, you can access your vision board, visualize your goals, and make one step closer to making your dreams come true.

Unlike a physical vision board you mount on a wall or prop on a desk, you can only view it when you’re at home or at work.  A digital vision board, however, can be accessed anytime and anywhere you may be, even when you’re on the other side of the world.



With half a billion users logging in to Pinterest every month, you get access to billions of other ideas and images.  Whereas you’re only limited to what’s inside magazines and image booklets when you make a physical vision board, on Pinterest, there’s no limit to what images you can use.

You may want a pink car, but don’t have specific details.  When it comes to the Law of Attraction, it’s very important you know exactly what you want.  Specific details are important, such as the shade of pink you want, the brand of the car, what kind of seats, and other features of your dream car.

Guess what?  You can easily find images of these details on Pinterest.  The more specific you are with what you want to attract, the easier it is for the Universe to give it to you.

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Pinterest is not just a social media platform that helps you make a digital collage of bundled images.  The platform actually helps you organize the images by helping you create categories and different board themes.

You can make as many Pinterest mood boards as you want, which will help you organize your goals in different themes or categories.

Do you want to be more productive?  Create a vision board for productivity.  What about happiness? Or personal development?  How about a sense of community or spirituality?

With Pinterest mood boards, you can create specific vision boards depending on the specific things you want to attract.



Because Pinterest is a social media platform, you can connect with hundreds of millions of other users on the site.  If you follow certain accounts, you can invite them to help you create your vision boards.

You can ask your family and close friends to create a Pinterest account if they don’t already have one, and you can make group mood boards together.  You can create a sisterhood mood board of your travel goals, a family goals mood board, or even a company mood board.

You can even publish your Pinterest mood board for other users to see if you want to inspire others or put your dreams out into the Universe.



And the last reason for creating a Pinterest mood board is communication.  If the purpose of your Pinterest vision board is to show other people what you want to achieve, especially if it’s a wedding mood board, an event mood board, or a product vision board, it’s the perfect platform.

Communicating what you want to achieve as a team or to suppliers can be hard if you merely explain in words.  One’s idea may not be the same as yours, and that is why a visual representation of what you want is the best way to get your message across.

how to make a pinterest mood board

You can easily send it to your team if they have a Pinterest account, or you can download an image of your collage, and send it to them.

A digital vision board is not something new, but many people are not yet familiar with Pinterest as a great platform for creating vision boards.  We hope you get to try making a digital vision board, which can help you attract your goals and dreams.

However, if a physical vision board is more appealing to you, that’s completely fine, too.  We also love making physical vision boards, especially when you don’t need to collect individual supplies to make one.

the vision cloud vision board

That is why we highly recommend The Vision Cloud’s Vision Board Magazine Kit, which comes with over 500 images, words, and inspirational ideas to help you create the most specific and detailed vision board you can make.

It comes with a sturdy foldable board, a magazine kit with over 500 images you can cut out, amounting putty, Velcro adhesives for mourning on a wall, and a lot of other items that can help you get started and get going with your Law of Attraction journey.

We deserve everything we want in life.  The first step is knowing what we want and then believing we will receive them soon.

Create your Pinterest mood board or physical vision board today and in no time, get to live out the life of your dreams.

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