The Psychology Behind Vision Board Quotes

The Psychology Behind Vision Board Quotes

“What you think you become. What you feel you attract.  What you imagine you create.”


The famous Buddha walked this Earth hundreds of years ago, and he held the wisdom of the Universe.  Your thoughts, your emotions, and your imagination are the driving force in your life, building your very essence.

And when it comes to speaking words to yourself, you have to remind yourself of the power of language.

Vision Board Quotes

When creating your dream board, you need to use vision board quotes that are kind, empowering, and encouraging, which can help you believe in yourself, and therefore, give you the strength and willpower to fulfill your dreams.

This article will talk about the power of words, how you can use them to improve your life, and to help you choose the best vision board quotes that are loyal to your mission.


The Solomon Islands is a group of 6 major islands and over 900 smaller inlets found in the Pacific Ocean.  There is a famous myth among its people, that they “curse” trees that need to be cut down.  Whenever a tree is difficult to cut, they “curse” it by yelling and shouting evil words at it.  In just a few days, the tree would start to weaken, dry up, and die.

Whether this curse magic is true or not, this myth has its basis in using toxic words to weaken and destroy living beings.

Though there has been no scientific basis for this “curse,” it’s a great example of the power of words.  Yes, words can hurt, but it can also heal.


A 2021 study showed that encouraging words can help people improve their performance on balancing tests.  Researchers worked with a group of individuals who had chronic instability issues.  The experiment involved having these people take balancing tests, and people around them would yell encouraging words, such as “go, go, go, go,” or “go, you can do it.”  Another group was also made to take the balance test but sans the words of encouragement. The result was astonishing.

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The group who were being yelled at with encouraging words performed better than the group who weren’t being hollered at.

The study shows that encouraging words and words of support from other people can help you overcome your fears.

Another study, which was published in 2018, revealed that positive words can also help in recovery from an injury.  The study revealed that doctors were being recommended to use positive language when they told patients about their conditions.  Instead of using medical terms, they were encouraged to use less threatening words in a move to encourage recovery in patients.

And a study about negative words showed it can even increase the perception of pain.  A 2019 study that involved fMRI data revealed that negative words and pain-related language increased the intensity of pain versus neutral language in a group of 17 people who were suffering from chronic pain.

More studies show the negative effects of toxic words and the healing effects of positive words, showing that there is indeed power in words, and it’s backed by scientific data.


An incredible discovery by Japanese doctor, Dr. Masaru Emoto, revealed that words cause water to create certain shapes in response to certain words.

Dr. Emoto believed that sounds emit vibrations that cause a response.  He studied the effects of sounds and words by using high-speed photography on the molecular structure of water.  By the use of a MRA, which is a device capturing vibrations, Dr. Emoto observed something phenomenal.

Words that are evil or toxic create destructive shapes on water, similar to the shapes of bacteria and diseases on cells.  However, words of love, kindness, and encouragement created beautiful water crystals in different geometric shapes.

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He concluded his study by stating that negative vibrations through sounds and words cause water to create hideous shapes while positive words result in beautiful shapes on the surface of the water.

Since humans are made of 70% water, it’s plausible that 70% of our bodies directly respond to the different vibrations of words.  Negative words hurt us, while positive words create beautiful effects on our bodies.

Maybe this can also explain why trees in the Solomon Islands weaken and die when words of profanity are being yelled at them, since trees are also mostly made of water, with some species of trees consisting of 50% to 90% water.

There is no doubt that there is power in words.  And with this knowledge, how then do we use it when manifesting our dreams?


Here are steps you can take to take advantage of the power of words, so they can help you create the life you wish to live, heal, and improve your ability to manifest your goals and dreams.

  1. Avoid Negative Self-Talk

How we treat ourselves begins with self-talk.  Observe your thoughts and figure out if you are loving towards yourself, critical, or if you are mostly discouraging.

A positive attitude starts in the mind.  Be wary of how you talk to yourself and take note whenever you are being hard on yourself.  

  1. Adapt a Positive Vocabulary

Start removing negative words from your vocabulary and adapt to more positive words.  You can get rid of curse words that represent anger, hurt, pain, or any language that attracts negativity.  Replace these with kind, loving, and encouraging words instead.

Start talking to yourself with love and compassion.  And most of all, protect yourself from your negativity.

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  1. Ask the Universe to Transform Your Mindset

Having the willpower to change can be hard.  Ask the Universe for help when you’re trying to transform yourself.  Ask for guidance, visualize yourself embracing your flaws and weaknesses, and imagine the Universe transforming you into the person you want to be.

  1. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the simplest and fastest ways to practice love and kindness in your life.  Being grateful forces you to see the positive things in your life, rather than the negative.

Be grateful for your family, and friends, having a roof over your heart, having a job that makes you comfortable, and having good health.

By looking at the things that are good in your life, you are shifting your mindset from a place of lack into a place of abundance.  

Being grateful will instantly make you feel good and with good energy, you invite more good things to come into your life.


When making a vision board, remember the power of words.  While a dream board is mostly made of pictures, images, and illustrations, adding quotes, affirmations, and mantras to your board can make it even more compelling.

The Vision Cloud’s Original Vision Board Kit comes with 100 images but also 60 cards that contain words, questions, and affirmations for your Law of Attraction practice.  However, you are not limited to what the vision board kit contains.  You can use as many other images from magazines, your pictures, and vision board quotes and affirmations as you make yourself.

The more positivity you have on your board, the better it is in helping you manifest your goals and dreams.

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Here are some tips for choosing vision board quotes:

  1. Use Quotes from Your Heroes

Do you have heroes you look up to?  Maybe your hero is the richest man in the world, or how about your mom?  Or maybe it’s your favorite athlete?  

Look for their most compelling quotes and use these to fuel your own dreams.  Having a role model can give you the direction you need to fulfill your goals.

  1. Use Quotes That Speak to You

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter who the quote comes from, as long as the words and the message resonate with you, you can use these quotes on your dream board.  Always choose quotes that resonate with you on the vibrational level, since these quotes are the ones that make an impact in your life.

  1. Make Your Own Quotes

You can also make your own quotes and affirmations.  Creating your own words to put on your vision board is more personal, and therefore, these statements speak to your deepest desires.

Write down these quotes and mount them on your board, write them in a journal, memorize them, and visualize all the things you want to manifest by saying these words.

Vision board quotes hold immense power as long as you resonate with them and harness the power of words to make your dreams come true.

There is wisdom in knowing that words can hurt and heal, and when it comes to harnessing its magic, always choose to be kind.  Be kind to yourself and kind to others, so you can attract positivity in your life and to those around you.

Always be careful with your words and choose vision board quotes that uplift, empower, and inspire you to reach your dreams.

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