The Secret Behind 555 Meaning Manifestations

The Secret Behind 555 Meaning Manifestations

Numbers have always intrigued mankind.  The ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras, believed the energetic vibrations of numbers are the reasons behind our realities.  He believed reality is a physical manifestation of these energies.

Such beliefs form part of the source of numerology, a study of numbers and their mystical relationships with events and people.  According to numerology, numbers are considered to be tools of divination, allowing the spirit world to send messages and signals to humans in the physical world.

And thus, seeing the number sequence 555 is believed to have divination messages from the divine world.  Additionally, when it comes to number sequences, it is believed to be messages from our guardian angels.

In this article, we’ll talk about the secrets behind angel number 555, and how you can use it to manifest your dreams, goals, and desires.

555 angel number meaning manifestation


The presence of angels has never been proven, but did you know that the majority of people actually believe they exist and that they are actively sending us messages, protecting us, and doing their jobs?

In a study by Baylor University’s Institute for Studies of Religion, 55% of their respondents believe they have been protected by guardian angels during their lifetime.  The survey had 1,720 respondents from different religions, and the majority of them believed in the presence of angels in their lives.

In another study, which was a 2007 Pew poll, they discovered that 68% of Americans believe in angels and demons.  In the said poll, about 20% of the respondents said they encountered an angel or demon at least once in their life.

This strong belief has led to the notion that numbers are messages sent by angels to communicate with humans.  While singular numbers have their own meanings based on numerology, repeating or sequential numbers are believed to be messages from angels, and therefore, they’ve been coined, “Angel Numbers.”  Examples of these number sequences include 111, 222, 333, 444, and 555, which we will be discussing in this article.

555 meaning manifestation

Proponents of angel numbers believe that seeing the sequence of 555, again and again, is a strong nudge from the divine world.  According to Linda Berry, who is a numerologist and professional angel whisperer, angel numbers are persistent.  

If you see the number sequence 555 once, it may not be a message from the divine.  But if you see it in increasing frequency, such as in a clock, in a receipt, in your dreams, on a street number, and in other places, it is believed to be a message from your guardian angels.  

When this happens, it is time we pay attention because our angels want us to receive their divine messages.  However, you need to know and understand the known interpretations of this angel number to be able to decipher the messages, as well as to apply them in your life.


Angel number 555 is believed to be a message of transformation, change, and overcoming.  It is a message from your guardian angels telling you to prepare for a major life transition that’s about to occur.

Most of the time, this major change can appear to be negative, chaotic, and painful.  An example could be losing your job, breaking up with your partner, or losing your home to a fire.  These things may be disastrous and devastating, but the angel number’s presence signifies comfort and guidance from the divine.

Generally, it is a warning sign that tells you to prepare for what’s to come.  The chaos and devastation may arrive, but your guardian angels are here to help you overcome and transform into something better, so don’t lose faith.

Here are detailed messages behind 555 meaning manifestations:

  • 555 AND MONEY

Angel number 555 brings with it energies of change, so prepare to experience some major changes in your finances.  It could be good or bad, but your angels are telling you to prepare for it.

It may not be the best time to invest your money or to splurge on expensive things.  Save your money for a rainy day and keep it in the bank for now.

Financial problems or gains are soon to come, but whether it’s good or not, you need to prepare for it.

555 manifestation meaning

  • 555 AND LOVE

If you are single, it could be a sign that romance is on the horizon.  However, since angel number 555 holds the energy of transformation, your angels are telling you to work on yourself first.  Do not dive into the first potential relationship you encounter, but rather, heal your traumas, figure out what you really want, and love yourself first.

If you are married or in a relationship, this number signifies possible chaos.  You may encounter a major problem in your relationship that will cause a major shift so you need to give your relationship some time and effort.

A breakup or a major shift may happen soon, such as a proposal or pregnancy.  Whatever the change may be, your romantic life will not be the same very soon.

  • 555 AND CAREER

Your angels may be telling you that trouble will come in your workplace soon and that you should prepare for what’s to come.  There may be a major layoff or you may receive a promotion you’re not ready for.  Brace yourself for these changes in your career but don’t worry because your guardian angels are here to support you.


In terms of spirituality, your angels may be telling you you’re not heading in the right direction.  You may have been feeling stressed or pressured to achieve a milestone in your spirituality but you’re not getting there.

It is a reminder to take things slow, meditate, pray, and ask for guidance about the right path you should be taking for your spiritual journey.


The number sequence 5:55 on a clock is said to carry manifestation power.  When you meditate or visualize during 5:55 am or 5:55 pm, it is believed that your dreams, goals, and wishes are more likely to come to fruition.

The number 5 carries with it the energies of adventure, freedom, and new experiences.  And when it is sent to you in a 555 sequence, it is believed these qualities are amplified, and thus, as we mentioned earlier, the energy of change.

555 meaning manifestation love

When creating your vision board, schedule your collage-making at 5:55 am or 5:55 pm, which holds strong manifestation power.  Because of its numerology and angel number meanings, making your vision board during these times sets you up for the major life transformation you are seeking.

Planning to travel?  Or how about finally going on that safari?  Or maybe you’ve decided to enter into a new relationship?  Make your desires, wishes, and dreams at 5:55 am/pm, and harness the tremendous power of this number sequence.

5:55 is an ideal time to set your intentions.  You can start before 5:55 or begin at 5:55 to make your vision board, visualize, or say your affirmations.  Manifest your desires and bring your goals and wishes to life by taking advantage of your knowledge of this angel number sequence.


If you constantly see this number sequence, you might be wondering what you should be doing about it.  Yes, you may know the messages behind this number, but now what?  What do you do next?

Here are some tips:


Once you recognize an angel number is being communicated to you, thank the Universe and thank your angels.  It is a blessing and a gift to receive these messages, helping you in your journey in life.

The more thankful you are, the more messages will come to you, helping you manifest your dreams and desires, and supporting you in your manifestation journey.


If you are being sent angel numbers, you need to research and study the meanings and definitions behind them so you can apply them to your life.  

Angel numbers are strong and powerful and you should never ignore them.  The sooner you know what your angels are trying to tell you, the better it is for you to receive the messages.


Make your vision board at 5:55. You can make it at 5:55 am or 5:55 pm, as long as you take advantage of the number’s strong manifestation power.

You can also put the number on your vision board, or you can make your vision board at an address with the 555 sequences, or you can also purchase an item or food that totals 555 to help attract its powerful energy.

You can make a digital vision board, which is the fastest and easiest to make, but we highly recommend a physical vision board.

vision board

The Vision Cloud’s Original Vision Board Kit is a great tool to help you manifest your dream life.  It comes with 100 images, 40 stickers, and 60 words that you can use for your vision board, but you can also make use of other images and numbers on the board.

We’ve written a great article about this vision board kit, which you can find here.

Remember that the 555 angel number carries with it strong energies, so use it on your board if you want to remember what it means, if you want to use its manifestation energy, or if you want to attract the power it holds into your life.


Visualize achieving your goals and living your dream life at 5:55 am or at 5:55 pm, since this is the time of the day that holds powerful manifestation energies.

The 555 angel number holds with it secret meanings that come from your guardian angels.  Since it is the number 5 repeated 3 times, it means the message is urgent and powerful, and you should never ignore it.

By understanding the meaning behind this angel number, you can prepare for what’s to come, have faith in yourself, and take advantage of its powerful vibrational energy to manifest your desires, wishes, and dreams.

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