Everything You Need To Know About Manifestation Synonyms And All The Misconceptions

Everything You Need To Know About Manifestation Synonyms And All The Misconceptions

Manifesting, the Law of Attraction, actualization, wish fulfillment, dreams coming true, unveiling, expression, and other manifestation synonyms come in many shapes and sizes.  There are many different ways to manifest your goals and desires, but because of it, manifestation has also been misunderstood.

In a Mintel poll, it is revealed that almost 30 million Americans profess to apply the ideas of the Law of Attraction, with 40% of the respondents agreeing with the concept.  However, a more significant percentage of respondents, about 47%, are skeptical.

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One explanation could be the small percentage of people who achieved positive results after practicing manifestation techniques.  In a National Science Foundation study, only about 25% of people who apply The Law of Attraction report getting results.  Why is this so?  This number reveals that only 1 in every 4 people who practice manifestation and other synonyms of the word succeed in achieving their goals.

Could one reason be misconceptions in the Law of Attraction?  Could people be practicing manifestation techniques wrong?

In this article, we’ll discover some of the most common misconceptions about manifesting, with the hopes of helping more people get a better handle on the concept, as well as improving the small percentage of people who get positive results from manifestation methods.




Why does the Law of Attraction work for other people but doesn’t work for me?  What are they doing that I’m not?  Or am I just not that special enough?  

These are some of the questions most people ask why they don't manifest their goals.  The truth is, everyone has the power to manifest their dream life, but if you’re practicing the techniques, there may be a few things you’re not doing right.

In this section, we’ll be talking about the most common misconceptions of manifestation and try to see if your idea of the concept falls under any of them.

Here are the most common misconceptions about manifesting or turning your thoughts into reality:

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The number one misconception in manifesting is that you only need to think about what you want and the Universe will give it to you.  Most people think they only need to visualize and not do anything else.  However, this is wrong.

Yes, you need to think about what you want, but there are also other things you need to do.  The Universe won’t give you what you want if you don’t do the work.  You may say you want to win the lottery but if you don’t buy a ticket, how will you win in the first place?

The key to manifesting is to create your vibrational frequency that matches the vibrational frequency of what you want.  For example, you want to attract a soulmate.  So what are you doing to prepare for your soulmate?  If you fill your days working 18 hours a day and working over the weekend, how are you holding space for another person to come into your life?

Manifesting is not about getting but it’s about allowing.  Create your thoughts, set your intentions, and increase your energy to match the energy of what you desire.  Live your life as if you already have what you desire.

If you want to manifest traveling to the Maldives, you may want to start looking at plane tickets, saving up money, applying for a vacation leave, and buying luggage for your trip.  You won't attract what you desire if you don’t prepare for it.

Pair your thoughts with action to match the vibrational energy of your desires.



Another misconception is that there’s a perfect way to manifest.  Most people think there’s a cookie-cutter way of manifesting your dreams.  However, you must understand that there are hundreds of ways to manifest, with tons of manifestation techniques and methods that are created every single day.

Other methods don’t even mention the word “manifestation.”  Some methods use manifestation synonyms to create exercises that can turn your thoughts into reality, such as actualization techniques, unveiling techniques, goal-setting techniques, vision board making, and so much more.

You need to find the method that works for you.  If you’re not comfortable with affirmations, then it’s not for you.  If you’re not comfortable with vision board-making, then don’t do it.

There are other means to practice manifestation in your life.  You need to find the one that resonates the most with you, so you can succeed in manifesting your dreams.

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And lastly, one common misconception is that you need to think about your goals and wishes all the time.  Yes, you need to visualize your dreams coming true regularly.  Yes, you need to feel it coming true as if it’s already arrived.  But you don’t need to think about it day in and day out until it arrives.

This is the process of letting go of your dreams.  When you make your vision board, mount it on a wall, and visualize your dreams coming true, you need to let it go and trust that the Universe will allow all your wishes to come true.  However, there’s no need to think about them all day long.

You can visualize in the morning or the evening, but it shouldn’t consume your entire day.  Thinking about your dreams all the time sends a signal to the Universe that you don’t have them and you’re being impatient.

Do not worry about when your soulmate will arrive, when you’re getting that promotion, when your dream car is coming, or when you’re going to get pregnant.  Once you’ve set your intentions, believe that the Universe will have your back and bring it to you soon.

Set your intentions and let it go.  Stop worrying and when it doesn’t come when you want it to, trust that the Universe has better plans for you that are so much better than what you initially planned for yourself.



As mentioned earlier, there are many ways you can manifest your desires.  However, there are a few points you need to consider, which can hasten your dreams coming true.

Here are the most important keys to manifesting your dreams:



The #1 key to manifesting is cultivating the energy of your desires.  Manifesting is not just about thinking and asking for what you want, but it happens on the level of energy.  You can always make as many vision boards as you want, you can say a hundred affirmations, but if your energy does not match what you want to attract, you will never be able to manifest.

You may want a happy family, but if you’re always angry or frustrated, you’re not matching the energy of your desire.  What does a happy family feel like?  What do you do when you have a happy family?  Resonate with the energy of your desires to attract them into your life.


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If you want to manifest your soulmate and the Universe doesn’t deliver the exact person that you want, what do you do?  Do you force it and try to make it happen?  The answer is no.  Maybe that person wasn’t meant for you, and the Universe wants to bring someone better.  But if you forced it, you’re blocking the Universe from giving you your true soulmate.

So when things don’t go your way, when you don’t get exactly what you want, don’t try to make it happen.  The Universe knows what it’s doing, and the perfect person, job, house, car, or family will come into your life soon.



Manifesting is not just about writing down what you want now and forgetting about it, yet still expecting it to come to fruition.  Remember as we mentioned earlier that you also need to do the work.  Want to win the lottery?  Buy your ticket.  Want to travel?  Start saving and apply for a vacation leave.

Make manifesting a part of your daily life and make it a habit.  Meditate, pray, visualize, and feel good on a daily basis.  Whenever you want something to happen or you want something material, write it down, visualize, feel the emotions, and cultivate the energy.

Make manifesting a part of your life and make it a habit.


  1. TRUST

And lastly, remember to trust the process.  You may visualize every day, and you may write down your goals every morning, but you also need to trust the Universe.

Ask, believe, expect, and you will receive.  Give the Universe so much trust that you accept whatever comes your way.  Didn’t manifest your crush to be your soulmate?  It’s okay, trust that the Universe will bring someone better.  Didn’t get that promotion?  It’s okay, trust that the Universe has something else for you.

Be so confident in your ability to manifest that even when you don’t get exactly what you want, you still believe that something will come and that it’s so much better than what you planned.


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There are so many things we need to learn and unlearn about manifestation that a new idea, tip, or technique is being created every day.

We believe one of the most effective manifestation tools is vision boards.  It’s so easy and everyone can do it.  It’s also tangible, so it’s much easier to work with, rather than simply writing down what you want or thinking about it.

We love The Vision Cloud’s Original Vision Board Kit for its complete supplies, as well as having activity sheets that can help beginner manifesters to get started with their Law of Attraction journey.


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We also love the fact that it already has 100 images you can use, plus 40 stickers for embellishments, as well as 60 words you can use for affirmations or asking important manifestation questions.

If you haven't manifested anything before, vision boarding is a great way to get started.  Or, if you’d rather do other techniques, that’s completely okay, too.  The best thing you can do is eliminate all the misconceptions you may have about manifesting and discover the best method that resonates with you.

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