Real Life Stories of Vision Board Inspirations

Real Life Stories of Vision Board Inspirations

Do the success of others inspire you?  When you see a celebrity receive an award, a colleague getting promoted, or a loved one achieving their dreams, do they inspire and motivate you to work harder for your own dreams?

Being inspired by the success of others can help you grow and realize the possible potential within yourself.  Inspiration can help awaken possibilities and transform the way you perceive your own abilities.

In this article, we’ll show you 5 real-life stories of vision board inspirations who attracted specific goals and thrived in their careers. These individuals are successful in their own fields and use the magic of vision boards to achieve their dreams.

How the Success of Others Inspires and Motivates

Seeing success happen for other people can be inspiring.  It can propel a person from being apathetic about their own goals and transform this negative mindset into a mindset of possibility.  We might tell ourselves, “If it happened to them, it can happen to me.”

Research from John Hopkins Carey Business School shows that people can be inspired and motivated by the success of others.  Ryan W. Quinn explored motivation trends based on other people’s exceptional success.

The researchers wanted to discover if the perceived exceptional success of others motivated people to learn and work harder on their own success.

The study revealed that if you perceive another person’s success to be exceptional, this can boost your motivation for your own goals, increase your curiosity about how they did it, and inspire you to learn more about how you can achieve something similar.

Inspiration awakens you to discover new possibilities about yourself.  According to psychologists Todd M. Thrash and Andrew I. Elliot, inspiration involves being inspired by something or someone, and acting on this inspiration.

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In the following section, we’ll share 5 real-life stories of people who’ve achieved significant success in their lives, with the hopes of inspiring you to believe in your own capabilities.  These individuals used vision boards to manifest certain career milestones that made them believe in the magic of the Law of Attraction.

5 Real-Life Stories of Vision Board Inspirations

Here are 5 stories of vision board inspirations, ranging from actresses to YouTube personalities, and an author:

  1. Whitney Cummings

Whitney Cummings is an American comedian, writer, producer, actor, and known for being the creator of the hit TV show, 2 Broke Girls, and her own NBC sitcom, Whitney.

In an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Cummings revealed that when she was 19, she joined an acting workshop where they saw the film, “The Secret,” and were told to create a vision board.

In her vision board was a horse, her dream house, and a picture of Ellen DeGeneres on a red carpet cut out from a magazine.

During the interview, she told Ellen that she already had the horse, had the dream home, and that appearing on the show was fulfilling all the things she had put on her vision board many years prior.

For Whitney Cummings, everything on her vision board came true, and so much more.

  1. Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most recognized comedians and talk show hosts in the world.  She catapulted to stardom when she starred in a sitcom named after her, as well as being the host of her own talk show, The Ellen Degeneres Show.

She is an advocate of vision boards and the Law of Attraction, talking about it frequently in her show.  One of her vision boards showed an image of herself on the cover of O Magazine, which is Oprah Winfrey’s magazine.

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True enough, Ellen was featured on the cover of the second issue of the magazine, proving that vision boards do work in helping you achieve your goals.

  1. Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh is a YouTube star and has over 14 million subscribers, making her an internet sensation.  She is a strong supporter of vision boards, with many of her videos showing her making boards and talking about goals she wants to achieve.

One of her vision boards showed a picture of the actor, The Rock, or Dwayne Johnson, having 5 million YouTube subscribers, and being on the cover of Forbes magazine.  

Well, she did manifest being friends with The Rock, she surpassed her goal of 5 million subscribers, and though she hasn’t been on the cover of Forbes magazine just yet, she was featured on a Forbes list, so that’s pretty close.

4.Patrick Starrr

Patrick Starrr is a popular YouTube personality and beauty guru who has over 4 million subscribers and counting.  He is known for his extravagant personality and lively content, having done videos with popular celebrities like popstar Katy Perry and the Kardashians.  

One of his claims to fame is having his very own makeup line at Mac Cosmetics, one of the most successful makeup brands in the world. Before he achieved this incredible career milestone, Starrr was a simple makeup artist working at a Mac store in Florida.

On December 21, 2012, he made an Instagram post where he created a virtual image of himself posing on a Mac display of products, pretending it to be his own line of makeup.

Exactly 6 years to the date, his vision came true.  He posted on Instagram a picture of himself posing on a Mac display, but this time, it was really his own makeup line in collaboration with Mac.

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Patrick Starrr manifested his dream by creating a photo of himself achieving his ultimate career goal.

  1. Sarah Centrella

Sarah Centrella is a best-selling author, manifesting expert, and master coach.  She is known for writing the book, “Hustle Believe Receive” and is also the creator of “FutureBoards.” She’s also been featured in Cosmopolitan, Girls Life Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and many others.

Centrella achieved her success after going through a difficult divorce and facing financial hardships raising her three children.  She began discovering visualization and vision boards and used these manifestation techniques to rebuild her life.

She created vision boards where she visualized herself being a successful author, speaker, and life coach. Though she experienced multiple rejections, she continued to believe in her power and with consistent visualization, finally manifested her dreams when a publisher bought her book and she eventually became a best-selling author, inspiring coach, and TEDx speaker.

She’s also paying it forward by sharing the magic and power of the Law of Attraction, by teachings others how to make vision boards that work.

There are many real-life stories of vision board inspirations but these are just some of the most amazing stories of dream board success.  From manifesting a horse to manifesting to rebuild your life from hardships to attracting your ultimate career milestones, it’s plain to see that vision boards are indeed an effective manifestation technique for achieving success.

Do these real-life stories of success inspire you to make your very own vision board?  Well, you don’t have to start from scratch.  There are vision board kits and magazines that contain hundreds of images you can use for your dream board.  And one of these magazines is The Vision Cloud.

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Did you know that 80% of people don’t set goals for themselves?  And that out of the 20% of people who do, only 30% of them achieve their goals.

Setting goals, making plans, and taking steps to fulfill them is crucial if you want to achieve success.  People who are constantly making goals see the world in a more positive light and view challenges as opportunities to make changes for the better.

Vision boards are one way to set goals to inspire and motivate yourself to start taking the steps toward your dreams.

Get inspired by these real-life stories of vision board inspirations and begin the first step to creating your dream life.

Use images that inspire you and make a dream board that helps you see the possibilities within yourself.  Maybe someday, your real-life story of success can also inspire and motivate others to live their dreams.

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