How to Do a Digital Vision Board

How to Do a Digital Vision Board

If you’ve been practicing manifestation techniques and the Law of Attraction, chances are, you’re familiar with Rhonda Byrne and her book, The Secret.  But did you know the concept of the Law has been around since ancient times?

Yes, the concept that “like attracts like” was first introduced in ancient Greece, when Plato revealed that “likes tend towards like.” But the Law encompasses more than just philosophers and mystics since the true essence of the Law has its roots in religion and ancient beliefs.

In this article, we’ll discover the origins of the Law of Attraction and teach you how to make a digital vision board reflecting the concepts of the earliest advocates.

What are the Origins of the Law of Attraction?

Why is there a need to learn about the history and origins of the Law of Attraction? We need to know about the roots of the Law because it helps us understand that this is not a new concept.

Not one author or advocate owns the rules or principles of the Law of Attraction because it has always existed and is always at work.

You can’t turn it off or on.  It is always working and that is why practicing manifestation techniques is not just a one-time thing, but it’s a habit that we must incorporate into our lifestyle to be able to reap the true power of this incredible force in the Universe.

The Popularity of the Law of Attraction Today

Statistics show that the book industry for the Law of Attraction is worth more than $776 million.  And that globally, interest in the industry has an annual growth of 6 to 11%.

These numbers show the massive interest in the Law of Attraction all over the world, which boomed in popularity in 2006 when Rhonda Byrne released her book and film, The Secret.  Oprah Winfrey, who is a multimedia magnate, is also credited for its popularity. 

Mintel, a research firm, revealed in a study that over 30 million Americans have said they’ve used techniques and thoughts linked to the Law of Attraction.

This goes to show that it is no longer a “secret,” but a concept that is widely known and practiced today.

Who Were the Earliest Proponents?

Most people would say that The Secret introduced them to the Law of Attraction, but it’s important to realize that the ideas have been around since the dawn of man.

It is actually rooted in various religious and ancient philosophical thoughts.  From Plato to Buddha to the Bible, mentions of thoughts creating reality have been around since time immemorial.

One of the Buddha’s most popular quotes is this:

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought.”

But the term “Law of Attraction,” was only first mentioned in 1855, in the book called “The Great Harmonia,” by Andrew Jackson Davis, who was an American spiritualist.

Helena Blavatsky

It wasn’t until the work of Helena Blavatsky that ideas about manifestation using the Law were discussed.  She was a Russian occultist who wrote the book, “The Secret Doctrine,” in 1877, which discussed ancient religious traditions and our ability to shape reality.

However, modern concepts of the Law of Attraction were not yet laid down.  

William Waller Atkinson

The foundation of the modern ideas of the Law were introduced by William Waller Atkinson in 1907, with his book, “Thinking Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World.”  

It was during these years when concepts and principles of manifestation were revealed and started gaining traction in the New Thought movement.

Wallas Delois

In 1910, Wallas Delois published his book, “The Science of Getting Rich,” which was the very first popular book on manifestation and the Law of Attraction.  It emphasized the function of thoughts in the manifestation process.

Since then, authors, advocates, and practitioners published books, and offered workshops, programs, and talks all over the world, reaching its pinnacle in 2006, with Rhonda Byrne’s release of “The Secret.”

Today, practices of the Law of Attraction are prevalent, with 73% of the world’s population acknowledging the concept.

How to Do a Digital Vision Board Reflecting the Earliest Advocates of the Law?

So how will your knowledge of the history of the Law of Attraction apply to your modern practice?  We suggest making a digital vision board that reflects the work of these early advocates, and here are three ways you can do it:

  • Create a Powerful Quotes Digital Board

If you’re familiar with Rhona Byrne, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, and Oprah Winfrey’s quotes on manifestation, you may want to learn about what other advocates have to say.  

You can create a powerful quote digital board featuring the quotes of the earliest practitioners.

Here are some of the quotes you can use:

“The Universe is worked and guided from within outwards.”

-Helen Blavatsky

“What writes history is the power of ideas.  And every moment offers the potential to write something new.”

-Helen Blavatsky

“My mind’s a center of divine operations.”

-Helen Blavatsky

“Permit each man to think according to his light.”

-William Atkinson

“We generally see that for which we look.”

-William Atkinson

“All persons ought to practice their visualization power.  This will react upon perception and make it more definite.  Visualizing will also form a brain habit of remembering things pictorially, and hence more exactly.”

-William Atkinson

“The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself.”

-Wallace Delois Wattles

“A thought is a substance, producing the thing that is imagined by the thought.”

-Wallace Delois Wattles

“By thought, the thing you want is brought to you; by action you receive it.”

-Wallace Delois Wattles

Do more research and choose the quotes that resonate with your spirit and belief in manifestation.

  • Make a Digital Vision Board Of the Earliest Advocates

Create a digital dream board containing the teachings and ideas of the earliest advocates.  You may use pictures of Napoleon Hill, James Allen, or even of Buddha.  Include some of their most famous quotes, and their manifestation techniques, and create a collage merging their knowledge about the Law.

Each time you look at this board, it will remind you that the Law has always been around and it’s not a new concept only created in modern times.

Since the time of Plato and ancient religions, the idea that your thoughts have power has always been at play.  It’s important that you realize it is one of the major concepts that have helped propel mankind to achieve great things since the beginning of time.

  • Create More than Just an Electronic Board

Aside from making a collage on your smartphone or computer, incorporate goal-setting, gratitude journaling, and action plans into your dream board.

By doing so, you are actively creating and designing your dream life as you visualize and meditate on your board.

We highly suggest using a vision board template that has worksheets, questions, and exercises that allow you to take a deeper look into your desires and goals.

The Vision Cloud offers free vision board templates that you can incorporate into your digital dream board.  Simply download these templates and use them to create your online dream board.  Click this link to get your free vision board templates from The Vision Cloud.

Anything is possible, and you have the power to create your life based on how you want it to look.  And you know who can help you do just that?  The Vision Cloud.  With a mission to help you transform your mindset, you can learn how to achieve an abundant mindset and tap into the prosperity the Universe has in store for you.

vision cloud vision board

What you want is already there, you just need to open your eyes, see it, and receive it.  The Vision Cloud is able to help you achieve your dream life through the use of vision boards and the principles of the Law of Attraction.

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The message that your thoughts help create your reality has been taught since ancient times and it’s nothing new.  It was only in the 19th century, however, that these concepts were articulated and shared with the rest of the world.  But the principles have always existed.

Learning about the history and origins of modern Law of Attraction practices will help you gain a better understanding of manifestations.  It is a universal law that is always at play and it’s not something that’s only been revealed in modern times.

Learn how to do a digital vision board and merge the roots of the Law of Attraction to give you more insights into incorporating vision boards and manifesting your desires into your life.

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