Learning The Key Elements To Achieving Your Goals With Goal-Setting Vision Board Templates

Learning The Key Elements To Achieving Your Goals With Goal-Setting Vision Board Templates

A goal without a plan is simply a wish, and one famous quote by the esteemed late abstract painter, Pablo Picasso, resonates with this statement, wherein he says:

“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act.  There is no other route to success.”

A goal is a desired result and is useful for setting direction in our lives.  While a regular vision board can be a visual symbol of the desired outcomes we wish to achieve, a goal-setting vision board can be more specific, and therefore, more achievable.

But of course, it’s not that easy making one, and this is where goal-setting vision board templates come in.  These are pre-designed layouts created specifically for our goals, helping us organize our dreams, and giving us the direction to take action.

In this article, we’ll talk about why you need to make goals, the benefits of using templates, and how to make your goal-setting vision board work.


Did you know that goal-setting and planning skills are known to improve overall well-being?  There’s something about being empowered to make choices and taking action to achieve them that gives a person a sense of purpose that boosts mental health.

But aside from reduced feelings of powerlessness, goal-setting and planning action to achieve them actually have benefits.

Surveys on goal-setting show the following numbers:

  • People who set goals and make plans are 10 times more likely to succeed.
  • People who create attainable tasks and report progress to a supportive social network are 40% more likely to achieve their goals versus people who don't share their progress.
  • A ReliablePlant survey showed that people fail to achieve their goals because of a lack of commitment, setting goals that are not challenging enough, and the fear of failure.

goal vision board

These numbers show you are more likely to achieve your goals if you make them and create a plan, as well as share them with a supportive friend or family member.  But it’s not just about making goals but crafting them the right way so you can attain them.

We’ll cover more of this in the latter part of the article.  But these numbers show that goal-setting is an important part of manifesting your dream life, and it’s not just about thinking about them.

A common misconception when it comes to the Law of Attraction is that a lot of people believe that simply thinking about a goal will get you results.  However, it completely underestimates the role of goal-setting and planning.  

Yes, it’s challenging and takes effort, but without goal-setting, simply wishing to attract something in your life won’t work.

With goals comes action, and planning can help you achieve them faster and more efficiently.


A goal-setting vision board can help you achieve your goals but if you need more guidance and organization, you will benefit from using goal-setting vision board templates.

Here are some benefits of using a template to achieve your goals:


If you don’t have a clear-cut plan yet on how to set your goals and action plans you need to make, a template can give you the direction and guidance you need.  Templates typically have questions, outlines, layouts, and prompts that help you get started.


With a pre-designed layout, a template can help you organize your goals and plans, so everything is laid out on the vision board.


Vision board templates also allow you to set deadlines for your goals.  A regular dream board, on the other hand, is simply a collage of images and words.

vision board and goal setting


Just like a regular vision board, templates allow you to filter out information you don’t need to achieve your goals and help you focus on your specific dreams instead.


When making a regular vision board, you can get distracted by the pretty pictures you find in a magazine or online.  But with a goal-setting template, you will only be using pictures and plans that are specific to certain goals.  This saves you time and creates a more consistent and uniform vision board.


Goal-setting templates also provide sections that allow you to track your progress.  Did you know that when you create a goal, your brain automatically takes ownership of it?  

Whenever you fail or are distracted, your brain starts to lose ownership which can explain why you lose interest or motivation.

Do you know the secret to getting back ownership?  Tracking positive progress.  

When you see that you’re slowly getting closer to achieving your goals, your brain releases dopamine hormones, making you feel good, and therefore, making you more inspired and motivated to stay on track and take further action to attain your goals.


A template lays it all out for you and you can see which areas are your weaknesses, which areas create problems, and which are effective.  By seeing the details of your goal-setting and planning, it can be easier for you to revise your goal-setting vision board.

  • Hit Goals Faster

And of course, with organization and direction, it will be faster for you to achieve your goals.

There are plenty of goal-setting vision board templates out there but we highly recommend The Vision Cloud’s free templates specifically designed to help you reach new heights in many areas of your life.

Get your free templates from The Vision Cloud by clicking here to download.

The Vision Cloud is more than just a product but it’s your ally in crafting your dream life.  When you’ve forgotten about your dream because life happens, The Vision Cloud will continue to remind you of your true power, and that’s having the capacity to take control of your life, and change the tides.

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When making your goal-setting vision board, it’s also important that you learn about the different kinds of goal-setting techniques.  These methods can be incorporated into your vision board method for achieving your goals:


  • Micro Goals

Micro goals make your dreams more attainable.  By creating baby steps to achieving big goals, you can celebrate small wins rather than focusing on the bigger picture, which can lead to stress.

When making your goal-setting vision board, you might want to divide your goals into smaller tasks.  For every task completed, give yourself positive reinforcement, such as buying a good cup of coffee, ordering pizza, watching a good movie, and anything that brings good feelings.

With each small task completed, you are moving closer to your bigger goal, while also looking forward to small rewards, which will lead to a more positive outlook, as well as reduce pressure to finish big goals.

  • SMART Goals

This is the most popular goal-setting technique which stands for:  

  • S-Specific
  • M-Measurable
  • A-Attainable
  • R-Relevant
  • T-Time-Bound

We’ve written a brief guide about this technique, which you can find in this article. It’s considered to be one of the most-used and most preferred goal-setting methods for its clarity and efficiency in helping people achieve their goals.

  • Goal-Achiever Patterns

Studies show that 92% of people who create goals don’t achieve success.  Only 8% of people who set out goals actually achieve them.  So how do you become part of this 8%?  Well, the University of Scranton actually looked for the answers and came up with 5 patterns of goal achievers.

And these are the 5 goal-setting habits of goal achievers:

  1. Specific, Challenging Goals
  2. Goals They are Passionate About
  3. Tracks Progress
  4. Supportive Social Network
  5. One Step at a Time

goal setting and vision board

These patterns are similar to the tips we’ve mentioned earlier, such as setting clear goals, creating goals you love, the ability to track your progress, having a reliable and supportive friend or family member who supports your goals, and making smaller goals to achieve a bigger goal rather than focusing merely on the bigger picture.

Goal-setting can be challenging but with these tips, ideas, and guides, you can create the perfect plan with goal-setting vision board templates.  Sure, you can easily make a vision board with your goals, but as we stated in this article, it’s not just about cutting pictures from a magazine and making a collage.  Achieving your goals takes time, effort, and the perfect plan to spring into action.

Use these simple yet effective goal-setting techniques, take advantage of the benefits of vision board template, and discover the benefits of goal-setting and planning skills to help you manifest your goals more efficiently.

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