41 Money Manifestation Affirmations For Your Financial Success Vision Board

41 Money Manifestation Affirmations For Your Financial Success Vision Board

Does your financial status bring about positive or negative emotions?  Do you find yourself happy with how much money you have?  Or do you wake up each day anxious about money matters?

If you answered yes to the last question, then you need to have a significant change in your money mindset.  Studies show that negative affirmations about finances dominate the thoughts of most people.

When you are constantly thinking about what you lack, you are teaching your brain to feel negative about money.

This is why positive money affirmations are essential to improve your finances.  Affirmations have been shown to activate brain systems that result in positive rewards.  The more positive you feel about money, the more positive your actions will be towards money.

In this article, we’ll show you 41 money manifestation affirmations, which you can use for a financial success vision board.  We hope that by reciting these affirmations repeatedly, you will develop a habit that can change your brain system, transforming negative thought patterns about money into a positive money mindset that can help you achieve your financial goals.

Here are 41 money manifestation affirmations for your financial success vision board and for everyday life:


  1. I release all resistance to attracting money.  I am worthy of a positive cash flow.
  2. My job/business allows me to live my desired life.
  3. I can look at my finances without fear.
  4. I give myself permission to prosper and grow.
  5. I am worthy of all the richness I desire.
  6. I have a positive relationship with money.
  7. Money easily flows through me.
  8. I am confident I know how to spend money wisely.
  9. I choose to live a rich and full life.
  10. I am worthy of achieving all of my money goals.
  11. Money allows me to live the life that I want.
  12. The Universe uses me as a vessel to help others by blessing me financially.
  13. There is enough money in the Universe for everyone, most especially me.
  14. My bank account is abundant and prosperous.
  15. I feel good about money and it feels amazing to have money in my pocket.

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  1. I am wealthy in more ways than one.
  2. I naturally attract good fortune, abundance, and prosperity.
  3. I am connected to the universal supply of money.
  4. My income exceeds my expectations.
  5. The Universe supports me in my financial goals to achieve wealth.
  6. I have the skills and intelligence to be rich, and I deserve to be paid well.
  7. I have the ability to grow money easily.
  8. I can build wealth quick and with ease.
  9. I am a wealthy individual.
  10. I have a fat bank account and it keeps getting bigger.
  11. The Universe wants me to be wealthy.
  12.  There is always enough money to go around and I am a money magnet.
  13.  Wealth is my bright right.

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  1. I am financially free.
  2. My income increases constantly to give me financial freedom.
  3. The Universe supports me in my journey to financial freedom.
  4. Every amount of money I spend comes back to me three-fold.
  5. I am able to live the life that I want with the money that I have.
  6. I am abundant and I attract money every day.
  7. The Universe wants me to be financially free.
  8. Money is a blessing and it helps me live the life I desire.
  9. I am free to do what I love because of the money that I have.
  10. I am happy, joyful, and satisfied with the amount of money the Universe sends my way.
  11. An immense amount of money is coming my way.
  12. I deserve all the money I want to live a life of freedom.
  13. Everything works out for my financial goals.

You can use these money manifestation affirmations on your financial success vision board, or you can also recite them whenever you feel like you lack money or when you are insecure about your finances.

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You can type them, add cute designs and clip art, and have them printed out.  Mount them on your vision board and say them out loud every day or when you’re visualizing your financial goals.

You can also add them to your digital vision boards, or supplement your vision board kits with these affirmations.

Vision board kits such as The Vision Cloud’s Original Vision Board Kit comes with complete supplies, such as a foldable sturdy board, 100 pictures or images, 40 stickers for embellishments, and 60 words and phrases.  

It also comes with a mounting putty so you don’t have to use glue on your board, Velcro adhesives to mount your board on the wall, and activities and worksheets to help you manifest your dream life.

Use these affirmations to supplement the images and stickers found in this vision board kit, or you can also make a board that’s only filled with these encouraging words and phrases.

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While the affirmations here are good enough to put on your financial success vision board, we,  believe that creating your very own is more powerful and personal.  When you make your very own versions of similar affirmations, they will resonate better with you, giving them more passion and emotion.

If you’ve never made personal affirmations before, don’t worry, as we’ve made a simple and quick guide on making them.

Here are 4 tips on making your own money manifestation affirmations:


Which of the recommended affirmations resonate with you most?  If you have a few favorites, or you’ve read an affirmation that speaks strongly to you, use that as inspiration to create your own.

Do you like affirmations with short words?  Or how about phrases that are written in the first person? Dissect your favorite quotes and affirmations and use the details when making a few of your own.

You can list down powerful manifestation words for your money affirmations and take advantage of their powerful energy.


You can also record yourself reciting phrases, quotes, and affirmations.  Start saying sentences and phrases you would tell the Universe when you want to set your intentions.  Once you’ve recorded yourself, listen to yourself and choose the ones that feel strongly to you.

Once you have a set of personal money affirmations of your own, play them when you’ve driving, when you’re washing the dishes, when you’re cleaning the house, or when you’re about to sleep.  

Be your very own mentor and guide with this method.

manifest money in 5 minutes


Act as if you’ve already succeeded when making your affirmations.  Don’t frame them as referring to the future, but create them as if you already have what you want.

This creates emotions of satisfaction and happiness, helping you emit higher frequencies that match your goals or desires.  The secret to manifesting is to match your vibrational frequency to that of what you want to attract.  

By framing your affirmations in the present, you are already aligning your frequency to have achieved your goals.

Do not say, “I will achieve my money goals,” but say, “Thank you, Universe, for giving me $10,000 in my bank account.”  Create affirmations as if you’ve already attracted your wishes and desires.


Say you need $20,000 at the end of the month.  Don’t say, “I can attract a certain amount of money.”  Instead, you should say, “$20,000 will be in my bank account by the end of the month.”  Better yet, make it as specific as possible with the date:  “$20,000 will be in my bank account on August 30.”

The more specific and personal your affirmations are, the easier it is for the Universe to understand what you really want to attract. 

Once you make these affirmations a habit, you will watch yourself transform from having a negative attitude towards money, to someone who has an abundant mentality.  Someone who will develop good financial habits, become accountable for their financial behavior, and finally become wealthy and financially free.

There is more than enough money for everyone.  You just need to remove your negative money blocks and start believing that you deserve and are worthy of the wealth you desire.

Use these affirmations in your everyday life and expect to finally manifest the wealth that is rightfully yours.

Write them on a journal, create clipart images on your phone, write them on a post-it and put it on your desk at work, or mount the affirmations on your vision board.  Don’t just read about them or make these powerful phrases and forget about them.  Make them a big part of your life and soon, you will reap the rewards of your money manifestation practices.

Affirmations work, and it only takes a few seconds of your time every day to attract the wealth that you deserve.

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