What is a Virtual Vision Board and Will it Work to Manifest My Dreams?

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Did you know that concepts of the Law of Attraction have been around since ancient Greece?  Ancient Greek philosopher Plato is credited for the phrase, “Like tends towards like,” which is the main principle of the Law of Attraction.

Over the centuries, prominent names in New Age Thought emerged, such as Napoleon Hill, Joseph Murphy, Neville Goddard, John Silva, and the most famous of them all, Rhonda Byrne, who brought the concept to mainstream media with the release of the book, The Secret, in 2006.

With the Law of Attraction being an ancient concept, do modern methods to practice it align with its true message?  When making vision boards, do digital versions work?

In this article, we’ll answer the question, “What is a virtual vision board,” and discuss how you can make the perfect one to manifest your dreams.

What is a Virtual Vision Board?

A virtual vision board is any dream board made on an electronic device.  This could be a collage made with a smartphone, a tablet, a computer, or a laptop.

When making a virtual dream board, you may use software and apps such as Canva, Pinterest, Visuapp, Mind Movies, and other applications that allow you to craft your vision board, save it on your phone or laptop, and generate a soft copy.

It’s a modern answer to physical vision boards, which are made of actual poster boards or cork boards and consist of cut-out pictures from magazines.

What makes virtual vision boards popular today is their accessibility, convenience, and portability.  You can access your board anytime, take it with you to work or when traveling, and you can make your collage in minutes, with access to millions of images online.

However, because it doesn’t have the physical appeal of an actual vision board, does it work just the same?

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Do Virtual Vision Boards Work to Manifest Your Dreams?

Let’s take a look at the anatomy of a good vision board to determine whether a virtual vision board works in alignment with physical vision boards.

Here is a simple anatomy of a vision board that works:

  1. Clear, Specific, Attractive Images

A good vision board needs to have clear, specific, and attractive images of your goals.  Otherwise, you wouldn’t want to look at your board.

Avoid putting pictures that don’t resonate with what you want to attract.  Take the time to carefully write down your goals and dreams, and be patient with finding the images that align with your desires.

Visuals are the most important part of a vision board so a good dream board must have great-quality images that speak to your vision of your dream life.

  1. Powerful Words

A vision board should also have powerful and compelling words.  These can be as simple as a two-word affirmation, a famous quote by a global leader, or a word that represents your desires.

Leverage the power of words to help elevate your energy to attract whatever it is you have on your dream board.

  1. Perfect Location

A good vision board must be placed in a strategic spot that allows you to see it every day, giving you a reminder of what you should focus on to achieve your goals.

The perfect location can be above your home desk in your office at work, on your fridge door, or any place where you know you’ll be able to see your board on a daily basis.

These are the top 3 features of a vision board that works and if we take a look at virtual vision boards, you only need to check these three factors.

Does a digital dream board have great visuals?  How about powerful words?  And lastly, can you access and view it every day even without trying?

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Virtual vision boards certainly have the first two factors in check but how about the perfect location?

When you have your board on your laptop or smartphone, can you view it every day without even trying?

While yes, a virtual vision board has its perks, it doesn’t always check all the boxes when it comes to meeting the criteria for the perfect anatomy of a good vision board.

However, if convenience is what you’re after, and access to millions of images, as well as the ability to make one without having to buy vision board supplies, then a virtual dream board is just what you’re looking for.

So Does a Virtual Vision Board Work?  

The answer is yes, but not as effective as a physical vision board, which is the golden standard when it comes to dream boards.

Although physical boards are ideal for attracting your dream life versus digital dream boards, it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to improve their use.

In the following section of this article, we’ll talk about what science has to say about vision boards, and how you can apply it to your Law of Attraction practice, so your virtual vision boards will work better to manifest your dreams.

How to Improve Your Virtual Vision Board Using What Science Has to Say

Contrary to what many people think, vision boards and the Law of Attraction have actually been scientifically studied, with plenty of data showing promising results that they do work to manifest your goals and dreams.

While there are still a large number of people who believe that vision boards are a mere creative and fun endeavor, it’s important to note that there’s actual research that supports their efficacy in helping people succeed in their goals.

We’ve come up with three ways you can improve your virtual vision boards based on what science has to say:

  1. Make Action Boards Instead

Action boards are similar to vision boards but instead of mounting pictures of your desired outcomes, you put pictures of the actions you need to take to achieve these goals.

One study showed that people who visualized themselves studying for an exam had better scores compared to those who visualized themselves as having good grades.  The study concluded that those who envisioned themselves studying, studied more, and therefore, did better in the exams.

The study revealed that mental simulations enhance the relationship between thought and action.  In the experiment, the researchers discovered that process simulation was responsible for the subjects’ good scores on the exam.

This is also similar to how Olympic athletes visualize their performances before a game.  They envision themselves making the right moves and doing the right actions to be able to win, and when they do perform, they feel like they’ve done the moves over 1000 times, which makes everything automatic on game day, helping them perform better.

When making your virtual vision board, include pictures of actions you need to do to achieve your goals to make it more effective.

  1. Practice Visualization

Neuroscientist Tara Swart, who uses action boards in her training and workshops, believes that visualization works to manifest your dreams.

According to Swart, repeating visualizations of your goals reduces the psychological stress brought upon by new challenges.  For example, you’re about to start a new job.  Normally, you’d feel nervous, you’re not so confident, and you are anxious about doing your job well.

Visualization, according to Swart, helps you prepare for this new activity, and therefore, reduces the fear and stress response to engaging in something new.

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When you repeatedly visualize yourself doing well, being confident, and succeeding in what you do, it will help you cope and perform better because your subconscious believes you’ve already done it many times before.

Always practice visualization and other manifestation techniques when making your virtual dream board.

  1. Make the Effort to Frequently Look at Your Board

As soon as people finish their dream board, there’s a tendency to put it aside and forget about it.  This is especially true if you make a digital board that’s kept on your smartphone or laptop.

This does nothing to help you accomplish your goals.  You need to look at your board several times a day so your goals become imprinted in your subconscious.

Dr. Swart recommends looking at your board and practicing visualizing before bed. Swart says that during this time, your brain is very impressionable, so it gets stored in your subconscious more effectively.

Make a commitment to take the time to look at your digital board right before you sleep, practice a few minutes of visualization, and let your brain do the work.

It’s not enough that you make an electronic vision board.  You need to make the necessary steps to practice manifestation techniques to ensure you harness the power of visuals to help you make your dreams come true.

If you’re new to making vision boards and you want to create a physical vision board first, we highly recommend making one using a guide, as well as ready-made resources to help you get started.

The Vision Cloud is on a mission to spread the power of vision boards and the Law of Attraction to as many people as possible.  Helping to transform a mindset of lack to a mindset of abundance, The Vision Cloud is dedicated to helping people realize their true power in believing that anything is possible.

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