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5 Game-Changing Magazines For Vision Boards

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Are you thinking of making a vision board for the very first time? Or maybe you’ve made one before and want to make a new one?

The most traditional way to make a vision board is to cut out pictures from a magazine. But wait, how many piles of magazines did you use to create just one vision board? We bet you used a ton of magazines to find one or two pictures, resulting in a lot of wasted magazines you don’t need.

To help you create a simple vision board that can amplify your journey of manifestations, we’ve done our research on what the best magazines are to make any vision board come to life.

You don’t need to collect 20 or more magazines because all you need are these game-changing publications that will become the best visual representation of your dreams.

Stop wasting your time flipping from one page to another, from one magazine to the next, just to find one picture that represents your goals. With these magazines, finding the best images and words for your vision board will be easier. And you might not even know it, but some of these magazines feature achievements you may have never even dreamed of, expanding your goals for the future.



Everyone has a business or financial goals. From the single mom who lives from paycheck to paycheck to the billionaire who wants to be one of the top 10 richest people in the world, every human being thinks about money, finances, and success. And this is what Forbes is all about.

Forbes is an American magazine that focuses on finance, investing, marketing, business, and industry. Founded in 1917, the magazine is a major source of inspiration for entrepreneurs. With a motto that goes: “Change the World,” and “The Capitalist Tool,” you will find pictures of the world’s richest people, exclusive interviews with the most well-known self-made millionaires, and the world’s most important personalities in business and finance.

magazines for vision board


Forbes regularly features some of the most successful people in the world on their covers, such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, game-changing CEOs, and even some of the most successful celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kylie Jenner.

Your vision board magazine cutouts from Forbes can include images of these amazing frontrunners in the business world, as well as photographs of the latest innovations, revolutionary technologies, and life-altering quotes from some of the world’s richest people. The mere photograph of Warren Buffet, for example, can inspire you to start investing today.


If you’ve always dreamt of having the perfect wedding, Bridal Guide is one of the leaders in wedding magazines in the US. The magazine is called such because the whole concept of the publication is for brides-to-be or newly engaged women who are planning their weddings.

Filled to the brim with images of wedding gowns, wedding ideas, stunning honeymoon suggestions, and even photographs of real weddings from around the world, Bridal Guide is the best magazine if you want to cut out images of brides and weddings for your vision board.

Bridal Guide is frequently named one of the best-selling wedding magazines in the US, which means you get the latest trends and best ideas for a wedding. Whether you’re engaged or not, cutting out pictures of the wedding gown of your dreams, flower arrangements, color combinations, and even styling tips for your venue will perfectly represent your dream of someday walking down the aisle.

You can cut out pictures of a honeymoon destination, wedding party favors, and the perfect wedding gown for your vision board with Bridal Guide magazine.

best magazines for vision boards



Conde Nast Traveler is considered to be the foremost authority on luxury travel in the world. The magazine is so good at creating amazing content that it has won 25 National Magazine Awards since the first issue came out in 1987. Headquartered in New York City, the magazine releases 8 issues every year and boasts over 5 million monthly readers.

What makes Conde Nast Traveler the best in travel magazines is its focus on luxury travel and lifestyle. If you want to jet set like the upper 1%, this magazine gives you the best glimpse of that. Featuring images and articles about the most luxurious accommodations, the most expensive travel destinations, the most sought-after restaurants, and the best in shopping and culture, Conde Nast Traveler is for anyone who wants to travel in style and with a hefty budget.

The magazine is often lauded for its jaw-dropping photography, featuring spots and experiences never seen before. Some say every issue of the magazine is like a coffee table book, featuring images from some of the world’s foremost authorities on travel photography.

Cut out images of a suite at the Ritz in Paris, or the food in Noma (considered to be the world’s best restaurant), or pictures of a yacht cruising on the waters of the French Riviera. If you must dream about the ultimate travel goal, might as well dream big, right? Cut out these images from Conde Nast Traveler and you never know, you might just manifest an all-expense paid stay at Bulgari Villa, one of the most expensive private villas in Bali.




For your health and fitness goals, one of the best magazines you can use to cut out pictures is Women’s Health, an award-winning health and fitness magazine in the US. Published by Hearst, Women’s Health releases 10 issues a year and boasts 1.5 million readers with every issue.

The magazine features several sections, which include fitness, food, sex and love, beauty, weight loss, style, nutrition, and health. The magazine is known for its features of celebrities who share diet secrets, workout programs, and in-depth interviews about their struggles with health and fitness, and how they overcame these challenges. These articles inspire and motivate readers to start moving and making changes in their lives.

Cutout images of women working out, pictures of healthy food options, as well as of celebrities with inspiring fitness stories you admire.

best magazines for vision boards



If you’re looking for an image of your dream home, the best magazine to find it is Architectural Digest. Another magazine on our list published by Conde Nast, Architectural Digest, also known as AD, is considered to be the international authority on design and architecture. In fact, its subtitle is “The International Design Authority.”

You can find amazing photographs of interior design, landscaping, and exteriors of some of the world’s most beautiful homes. The magazine is filled with articles and pictures of architecture and design, often featuring the homes of celebrities, architects, and designers. Get to see images of the most stunning homes in the world, as well as the people who live in them.

The mere image of a beautifully designed bedroom or a breathtaking sunset view from a villa’s infinity pool will inspire you to work hard for the home of your dreams. Cut out a few pictures of gorgeous penthouses and mansions that will inspire you to make your dream home finally come to life.

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Other magazines you can use for your Law of Attraction exercise can include Car and Driver, the worldwide leader in automobiles for pictures of your dream cars, National Geographic for the world’s most stunning locations, and Entrepreneur magazine if you dream of starting your own business.

With these 5 worldwide leaders in their niche, these magazines are all you need to fill your vision board with the best photographs that represent your goals and dreams.


If you can’t get ahold of all these magazines, you can use alternatives as long as they feature the following:

  • Lots of Photographs
  • Big and Bold Text
  • Stories of Inspiration and Triumph
  • Mostly Positive Articles

When making a vision board, you’re creating a visual representation of your dreams, which hold positive energy. Avoid using magazines that feature news articles and gossip, which carry negative energies.

The more pictures a magazine has, the better. Flip through a few pages of a magazine before purchasing it to ensure you get to use it as a vision board magazine.

If heading to a newspaper stand or ordering a magazine online is too much of a hassle, a great option for you is The Vision Cloud‘s Vision Board Magazine Kit. It is the complete dream kit with everything you need to make the vision board you’ve always wanted to make but never had the time for. Collecting magazines can be tasking, and this Vision Board Magazine Kit by The Vision Cloud makes everything so much easier.

With a foldable board, adhesives, and all the craft tools you need to create a vision board on the spot, it also includes 500 beautiful images, labels, and quotes that can help you create and grow your goals. Place it on top of your desk at work, mount on a wall, or place it above your headboard for a daily reminder of all the things you want to manifest in your life.

With The Vision Cloud’s Vision Board Magazine Kit, you get a daily ritual of positivity and visualization to fast-track your dream life.

A vision board is not a magic tool, but it does help you amplify your intentions into the Universe. While visualization is powerful enough, creating a visual representation of your goals expands your magnetic pull of these dreams.

Start creating the collage of your dreams, and witness the universe make way for your intentions to manifest.

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