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Understanding Vision Board Words And How To Use Them To Manifest Correctly

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“Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity.  We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair.  Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate, and to humble.”

-Yehuda Berg

Words hold power and when used correctly, have the capacity to change the world.  Because of this, it is always wise to choose the words that we speak and write, for it has the capacity to heal, but also wounds.

When making a vision board, you can add words, quotes, questions, and affirmations that speak of your capacity to manifest your goals.  Therefore, you must learn the most effective vision board words that speak of your purest desires, sending your messages to the Universe.

However, there are times when we aren’t wary of the words we use, and instead of opening our world to prosperity and abundance, we invite negativity or block these blessings from coming into our lives.

In this article, we’ll talk about vision board words that block our manifestation, as well as how to use words to open up abundance, plus a few techniques in boosting our ability to manifest better.


Do you know that 52% of Americans believe in the Law of Attraction while only 28% actively practice manifestation exercises?  And when it comes to the success rate of the Law of Attraction, it’s only 0.1%.  This is an incredibly small number of people who report achieving their dreams through manifestation techniques.

Half of the American population believes in this New Age thought, but why is there such a small success rate?

There could be many reasons, one of which could be not knowing how to phrase intentions correctly.

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The human mind is prone to negativity.  In what is called a negativity bias, we expect the worst more than we expect the best.  This is normal because in terms of evolution, fearing the unknown has allowed human beings to protect themselves from natural calamities and predators.

However, modern times have evolved, and we need to adapt, which means we need to be less negative and more positive in our thoughts and behavior.

Instead of focusing on the negative, “I will never be rich,” we need to teach ourselves to be positive: “I am wealthy, I am financially independent, and I am abundant.”

Here are some of the most common vision board words you need to know, and some words you need to avoid:



When we realize that our thoughts and behavior are magnets, we will instantly become more conscious of our negative thoughts.  The Universe responds to the energy our thoughts and actions create, and whenever you think of something negative, you need to remember that negative thoughts attract negative things to come into your life.

Always regard yourself as a magnet.  If you want to attract something good, you have to think and act with goodness because you have the power to pull both negative and positive things in your life.



Sometimes, life can get so bad that you end up feeling helpless and hopeless.  You lose your job, you lose your house, you lose your wife, and you lose everything.  And then you feel like you can’t do anything about your situation.  But remember the word, “Creation.”

According to the Law of Attraction, every human being has the capacity to create his own destiny.  Yes, you lost your job, you lost your house, and you lost your wife.  What do you do next?

It may be hard to think of anything positive when you’re down in life, but always remember, that as long as you’re breathing and as long as you’re healthy, you have the power to create your reality.


printable vision board words



Whenever you find yourself thinking negatively about a situation, be aware of your thoughts, and immediately shift to something positive.  Remember that you are a magnet, so take advantage of your own power to attract positivity in your life.



And lastly, the word, energy.  Every single thing in this world is made of energy.  Even your thoughts and actions.  When you want to achieve a goal, when you have ambition, and when you want to fulfill your dreams, you need to emit the energy of these dreams.

Only then will you be able to attract them into your life.  Vibrate at such a high frequency that manifesting your goals comes effortlessly.

Always be aware of your energy.

Here are some words you need to avoid because these words are blocking abundance from entering your life:

  • Someday
  • No, Not
  • Doubt
  • Never
  • Should

Any word that signifies you don’t have your goals and dreams is a big no.  Remember that you are a magnet.  Every time you say no, you’re closing your doors to the things you want to achieve.

For example, you want to lose weight.  You may say, “I don’t want to have a big waistline anymore.”  What are you attracting?  You are actually attracting a big waistline.  You are telling the Universe what you don’t want.  But are you announcing what you want?  No, you’re not.

Always focus on the end goal.  Instead, say, “My waistline is small and I deserve it because I work hard to achieve it.”

Announce to the Universe that you are what you want to be.  Release this positive energy to create your dreams, and you will attract these very things into your life.



One statement that resonates deeply with the Law of Attraction is this:

“As above so below, as below so above.”

It is a popular Kabbalistic belief that states the real world and the Divine world are one.  When you want to fulfill your dreams, they don’t remain invisible.  Your dreams are real.  They exist.  And even if they’re currently unseen, you need to know that they’re there.  All you have to do is do the work and achieve it.


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However, there are some things you need to do before you get there:



Speaking of Kabbalistic, the basis of the Law of Attraction is said to originate from the teachings of the Kabbalah.  This is an ancient Hebrew tradition that explains the truth of the Creator.

It is an ancient text that explains that each and every human being has the power to shape or influence one’s future.  People are able to do so by the decisions we make, as well as the beliefs we possess.

Based on this, it shows that the Law of Attraction is closely associated with Kabbalah.  But one important element is the intention of the greater good.

According to Kabbalah, when we ask the Creator of the Universe (in the case of the Law of Attraction), we need to visualize our dreams in the realm of positive influence.

For example, instead of saying, “I’m buying my dream car,” you can say, “My dream car will take me safely to work, where I will create products to make people’s lives easier.  When people’s lives are easier, they are kinder, more relaxed, and can have a more positive impact on their families and their communities.”

According to Kabbalah, whenever we set our intentions, we need to think about the goodness we can bring when we achieve our dreams.  In other words, our dreams should be in line with the mission of the Creator.



Being congruent means being true to your words.  You may say you want to reach your full potential, you want to be successful, you want to have a family, and you want all the good things in life.  However, your actions do not match what you want to manifest.

You ask the Universe to bless you with prosperity, but then you yell at your kids, you cheat on your wife, and you kick your dog.


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Your thoughts, desires, and actions must match, so you emit positive energy to the Universe.  Your vibrational frequency is not limited to your thoughts or the words you speak, but it also includes your attitude and behavior.

Be more self-aware and check whether or not you’re being a congruent being.



An element of manifestation you need to know about is having a positive emotional flow.  Feelings are what define your energy.  When you feel good about yourself, when you are grateful, when you are hopeful, and believe in your power and that of the Universe, you emit positive emotions.

However, when you carry with you hurt, anger, and emotional pain, no matter how many affirmations you recite, no matter how many vision boards you make, you are blocking prosperity from coming into your life.

Trauma from your past, people hurting you, disappointments you have, and any negative emotions you may have are roadblocks to true manifestation.

Before you receive the life of your dreams, you need to let go of your past hurts, anger, hate, and resentments.  Heal from your emotional wounds and let go.  You need to welcome positivity, love, joy, and happiness in your life.

If letting go and moving on from anything bad in your life is difficult right now, you might benefit from going to therapy, expressing your story with loved ones, or taking the time to heal past wounds.

You need to be a being of hope, joy, and positivity to be able to manifest.  And sometimes, people are not aware of this and they wonder why they’re not getting the things they wished for.

They made the vision board, they visualize every day, and they set their intentions, but how come they’re not part of the 0.1% of the people who successfully manifest their dreams?

Well, this could be one of the reasons, and it’s time you learn these elements of manifestation, so you can finally receive what you deserve.

When choosing your vision board words, don’t just rely on cookie-cutter quotes, affirmations, and motivational words you find.  Work on yourself and learn about the power of words so you can truly manifest.


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We understand it’s not easy, and that is why we are here to recommend the Vision Cloud magazine subscription.  It’s not just getting one vision board kit and that’s it.  Your manifestation journey is a lifetime process, and it starts with learning the best words to use, unblocking your negativities, and embracing your manifestation power.

The Vision Cloud’s subscription-based vision board magazine allows you to start and keep going in your Law of Attraction practice.  You can choose between a yearly or a monthly subscription, where you are sent a vision board kit every 3 months, so you can embrace this lifestyle.

Each magazine contains different images, words, and exercises, so you don’t just begin and end at one vision board.  But with this subscription-based product, you get to live it and continue to work on your dreams through the Law of Attraction.

The Vision Cloud offers support, guidance, encouragement, and empowerment to chase after your dreams because you deserve all the things you want in life.  The subscription is not just about a product, but it’s a complete tool to help you live your life according to the energy of the Universe.

Every human being deserves to live a life full of abundance and prosperity.  All of the things you want are there, it’s yours to take.  But sometimes, you are also responsible for blocking these blessings in your life.

Learn vision board words that emulate positive energy, and apply them in your Law of Attraction practice.


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