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How old were you when you discovered the Law of Attraction?  How did it change your life?  Most people learn about it in adulthood.  When times are rough, we typically hold on to things that give us hope, give us inspiration, and motivation to believe that times are going to get better.  And for most people, that’s how they discover manifestation.

But what if you learned it earlier in life?  What if you knew you had the power to manifest as a child? This is why it’s essential that as parents or adults, we teach our children the knowledge of manifestation.

In this article, we’ll help you understand that the earlier a child knows about the Law of Attraction, the better.  We’ll help you teach kids and teenagers manifestation techniques using vision board templates for students that make it easier for you and simpler for them to understand.


Did you know that children are master manifestors?  Yes, studies have shown that children have a positive bias.  When it comes to adults, we have a negativity bias, where we mostly see the worst in people and in situations.  But for kids, it’s the opposite.  They usually see the positive with the first impression and only think negatively after several situations.


Studies show that children as young as three have a natural positive bias towards people and situations.  They tend to focus more on positive actions and select information that leads to a positive outcome.

This information is so important when we teach kids about the Law of Attraction because positive thinking comes naturally to them.  Positive energy is essential when we want to manifest, which is why kids are master manifestors.

Because of this, we must take advantage of their natural ability to see the positive in things to help inculcate a culture of confidence through positivity.

vision board ideas for students



One study shows that kids ages 8 to 17 are natural optimists.  They tend to believe that good things will happen in life.  That is why they mostly believe they can be whatever they want when they grow up, as long as they study and work hard for it.

The same study shows, however, that with age comes a decrease in optimism in children.  The previous study mentioned earlier also shows that positivity bias tends to weaken in late childhood.

Psychologists believe this is due to a child’s increased awareness of harsher realities when they understand their social standings are different than some of their peers.  They may realize they are not as smart, not as talented, or not as wealthy as others, and they begin to develop insecurities and resentments about their situations and abilities. In other words, they tend to lose belief in themselves with age.

That is why it is essential for teachers, parents, and adults to help children believe in themselves.  Belief in oneself is a requirement for motivation, which is essential for achieving ambitious goals.

Without this belief, children age with gradual insecurity and start losing their natural positivity, bias, and optimism.

And this is where teaching the Law of Attraction comes in.  It is preserving and regaining a child’s natural belief in the positivity and good things in life.


We’ve stated that teaching kids the Law of Attraction and manifesting can help kids preserve their natural inclination to believe in themselves and the world.  Now how do we do that exactly?

How can you explain terms like manifesting, energy, vibrational frequency, journaling, and vision boards to kids and students?

Well, we recommend using vision board templates for students that are simple, easy to do, and fun to make.

students vision board


Here are some ways you can teach kids how to manifest, using vision board templates:


Always make it simple.  When presenting visual aids, videos, or any document to students, always use images and layouts designed specifically for kids.  You don’t need to explain who Neville Goodard is, why Esther Hicks uses Abraham Hicks as her name, or why Oprah is a master manifester.  You only need to explain the basic information about what the Law of Attraction is and how they can use it to receive what they want.


When explaining manifesting to kids, use relatable examples.  Share your very own manifestation stories, and use the stories of famous celebrities like Katy Perry or Jim Carrey.

Choose wholesome personalities when relating the Law of Attraction success stories to kids so they can relate and believe in the power of the Universe.


Avoid using complicated Law of Attraction jargon such as vibrational frequency, scripting, and other complicated concepts of manifesting.  Use simple terms and words that kids can understand.


And best of all, teach kids manifestation techniques by letting them create a vision board.  But not just any ordinary vision board, but use vision board templates for students that are designed specifically for their wants, needs, and wishes.

These templates are pre-designed to appeal to the creativity and goals of students and kids, so they are able to relate to what is being asked of them.

Some examples that these templates contain include sports they like to play, careers they’d like to have in the future, fun activities they’d like to have with their family and friends, things that make them happy, and so on.

By making students create a vision board, you are teaching them that they have the capacity to bring these things to life if they believe in themselves and the power of the Universe.

vision cloud magazine kit


You can use The Vision Cloud’s free vision board templates to use for this activity.  Click this link to download their templates for free.

The Vision Cloud is more than just a product or vision board supply, but it helps you create a manifestation habit.  Manifesting goals is not just a one-time thing.  You may want to earn $10,000 this week, but once you’ve manifested that, do you stop?  The answer is no.  You keep going until it becomes part of your lifestyle.

The Vision Cloud helps you in your journey, so manifesting goals and dreams become effortless for you, consistently giving you the life you want, and supporting you in every aspect of your life.

Teach kids the Law of Attraction and their personal power to create their future.  By empowering them with these beliefs, you are helping them become more confident, and with confidence comes the motivation to take action towards achieving their dreams and ambitions.


Here is an example of how you can teach kids to use the Law of Attraction in their lives as students:  teach them to use vision boards to improve their grades in school.

What makes this activity fun to do is that it improves their academics, but it’s also measurable.

Kids can see their progress, and this will help them believe in the Universe, as well as in their own power to improve themselves.

Here are steps for using a vision board to improve grades in school:

Step 1: Prepare a vision board template for improving grades.  You can download free online templates, or use The Vision Cloud’s templates and customize them for this activity.

Step 2:Ask students to write down what they want to achieve.  What grade do they want in what specific subject?  What do they want to improve?  What score do they want to get in an exam?  Let them list down these goals.

dream board for students


Step 3: Let them choose images from The Vision Cloud’s magazine or they can also get images from Pinterest.  Tell them to collect these images or have them printed out if they got them online.

Step 4: Follow the prompts and fill out the frames found in the template.  Tell the students to create an action plan on how to improve their grades.

Step 5: Tell the kids to mount the template on a wall, put it in a folder, or place it on their desk.

Step 6: Teach the students how to do visualization. Teach them they have the power to change their bad habits and improve their good study habits.  Give them confidence and the belief that the Universe is here to support them.

Step 7: Once the grading period is done, ask the students to check back with their vision board templates, and check their progress.  If they improve, then tell them to continue practicing the Law of Attraction.

And if they didn’t improve, tell them to go back to Step 1 and do the activity again, but this time, with an emphasis on making things right, with more visualization practices.

There is no minimum age requirement to learn the Law of Attraction and the amazing things you can manifest with the Universe.  Teach kids to manifest and allow them to apply these teachings to their academics, sports, and every other aspect of life.

Use vision board templates for students to make it easier for them to understand, but also to give them a tool to create vision boards in a simple and easy way.

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