Order The Life Of Your Dreams: A Deep Dive Into The Vision Cloud’s Vision Board Magazine Kit

Every human being deserves the right to live the life of their dreams. Unfortunately, not everyone is living their dream life.  In fact, for most people, the life of their dreams is just that, dreams.

But when we don’t have our dream life right now, the next best thing we can do is to create it.  We have the power to order the life of our dreams from the Universe.

Our Vision Board Kits are made to help you create this life.  Yes, these are not instant solutions that magically give you loads of money, bring you your soulmate, or make you an instant celebrity.  But these vision board kits can help you get there.

Our mission as a company is to help as many people live the life of their dreams one step at a time.  And one of the first things you can do to create the life you want is to know what that kind of life is.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about The Vision Cloud’s Vision Board Magazine Kit, and how it can help you create the life you’ve always dreamed of.



The Vision Cloud’s Vision Board Magazine Kit is a complete vision board kit that includes everything you need to make the vision board of your dreams.  It comes with a board and a magazine of pictures and words that you cut out to mount on the board.

In this section, we’ll talk about what’s included in the kit and other features.


  • An 8.5” x 11” foldable vision board
  • A magazine with 500 pictures and words
  • A mounting putty
  • Velcro adhesive strips
  • 1 pen
  • 1 Affirmation pull-pad
  • Monthly vision goal-setting worksheet
  • An envelope of “Universe” checks

original vision board magazine kit



The kit comes with an 8.5” x 11” foldable sturdy board.  It features blank spaces where you mount your pictures and words.  The board comes with markings on the back for the adhesive strip locations, making it easy for users to know which part of the board needs to have adhesives for easy and sturdy mounting on a wall.

The board is also good enough to stand on its own if you want to place it on top of a desk or you simply want to lean it on a wall on your kitchen counter.  If you don’t want to mount it, you can also fold the board and keep it inside a desk.



The magazine is the highlight of this kit.  It features over 500 images and statements you can cut out to make your collage on your vision board.  There are 9 different sections for pictures and words, which are:

  • Tune In to Your Wave
  • Family
  • Career
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Adventure and Travel
  • Creativity
  • Hobbies
  • Wealth

Each category has a good range of 6 to 10 pages of pictures and words.  The images range between scenery, material objects, experiences, affirmations, motivational words, and people.  We’ve made sure to make the images as versatile as possible so you’ll be able to use the majority of the pictures for your vision board.  

We do agree that some people may not find every image they’re looking for, which is why we included over 500 images and words to choose from so you can have as many options as you want.

The magazine also has a step-by-step guide at the back of the first page to help you get started if you’ve never made a vision board before.

On pages 4 and 5, we’ve included a Treasure Mapping activity, which is a visualization exercise to help you think about your goals and plans on how to achieve your dreams.

vision cloud magazine


The Affirmation Pull Pad is a small pad consisting of 66 sheets of paper where you can write down your very own affirmations, or quotes that inspire you.  We base this number on the research that it takes 66 days to create a new habit.

We encourage users to write down affirmations and motivational words for 66 days to get them into the habit of being grateful.  This exercise also helps in psyching themselves up to boost their confidence and help them stay motivated to achieve their dreams.



This worksheet features questions and prompts that can help you organize your goals, track your progress, and realize what obstacles you’re facing.  It also prompts you to write a list of actions to take to achieve your goals.

This worksheet was designed to help you get a better grasp of your top goals and if you have action plans already in mind to achieve them.



The kit also includes 10 “Universe” checks placed inside an envelope.  It’s a fun way to manifest specific amounts of money you wish to have.  The check has a symbolic “Infinite Universal Bank” name, which helps you imagine where the money comes from.

Write down whatever amount you want, mount this on your vision board, or place it inside your wallet.  Take time each day to visualize receiving the amount of money you write on the check.



The other materials included in the kit are craft materials, such as the pen, mounting putty, and Velcro adhesive strips.  

The mounting putty is used to mount the pictures and words on the board.  What makes this putty a great material to use compared to glue or tape is that you can easily remove the pictures from the board without damaging the surface.  This makes the board reusable.

The Velcro adhesives are to be placed at the back of the board.  There are markings on the board to help you identify the spots to put the strips on.  Only use the strips if you plan on putting your board on the wall or on a closet.  You don’t need to use them if you plan on simply propping up the board on a desk or if you plan on storing it for a move.

vision cloud kit


In this section, we’ll talk about the benefits of this vision board kit and why it’s a great option compared to other similar kits in the market.



In our Original Vision Board Kit, we have 100 pictures and 60 motivational words.  In this kit, we increased the number of images to over 500, making it a more versatile kit to use.

With the magazine, you can create different categories or themes of vision boards, making your goals or dreams more specific.



Aside from pictures and words, we included other activities and exercises in the kit.  These exercises help you in your manifestation journey.  



This kit includes everything you need to make a vision board from scratch. There is no need to collect other magazines or download images from free-picture sources online because it already comes with pictures, motivational words, and so much more.

The materials that come with the kit also guarantee you get to make a vision board on the spot as soon as you open the box.



All of the materials are high-quality.  From the board to the mounting putty, the pictures, worksheets, and even the box that the kit comes with.  Durability ensures you get to reuse the kit, as well as keep it safe if you decide to store it.



The mounting putty makes it possible to remove the pictures from your board with ease and without making the surface.  If you decide to make a different kind of vision board tomorrow, you can easily do so.  

You can also move the board from one location to another by simply pulling it out of the wall.



A vision board helps you visualize your goals and dreams so much easier. Vision boards have been proven to help people manifest goals, dreams, businesses, soulmates, money, and even better health.



Our Vision Board Magazine Kits are a great option for vision board parties.  In fact, we highly encourage vision board parties with your family and friends.  Our kits are also a great birthday gift for a loved one.

vision board ideas


We strive to give you the best possible vision board kit in the market but we are also the first to say that our product is not yet perfect.  We believe every day and every person who uses our kits can give us something to learn, and thus, we believe there are things we can improve on.

Here are some things we believe we need to add to our products:



We believe more diversity in our images and motivational words can make our product more versatile.  A few pictures of different cultures, genders, and points of view can help us make our kits more diverse and applicable to more people.



For this kit, we have a visualization exercise inside the magazine, an affirmation pad, a goal-setting worksheet, a “Universe” check, and a step-by-step guide, but we think more activities can get you more involved in the visualization process even more.

Manifesting your dreams will not end once you make your vision board because it’s only the beginning.  I think we should add more activities to the kit, especially when it comes to post-vision board exercises.

We do have a blog that offers plenty of useful and practical information and guides on using the Law of Attraction to create the life of your dreams.

We have new articles every week that you can apply for your vision board journey and we highly encourage you to check them out because they’re packed with great information to help you in your journey.

Our Vision Board Magazine Kit is a complete kit that has everything you need to make a vision board from scratch.  Once you open the box, you are ready to get started, making it a convenient and easy way to start visualizing the life of your dreams.

In the movie, The Secret, it is said that the Universe is like a catalog - you can order anything you want, from a loving relationship to a multi-million dollar mansion to your dream car, and even large amounts of money.

With our Vision Board Magazine Kit, browse our magazine with over 500 images, and order the life you want.

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