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Do you know that the majority of the American population does not accept the theory of the Law of Attraction?  A survey revealed that 57% of Americans do not believe in the Law of Attraction. This significant number could be explained by skepticism or people are simply unaware of the concepts.

While it’s normal to be wary of New Age Thought theories, knowing that there are substantial scientific studies that support these ideas may just turn the staunch skeptic into a believer.

If you’re reading this article, you may be one of these skeptics or maybe you want to help other people understand that vision boards, visualizations, affirmations, and other manifestation techniques are actually backed by science.

In this article, we’ll show you a few studies and psychological theories behind using images for a vision board.

The Science of Visuals

Even without talking about vision boards and the Law of Attraction, visual aids have long been used in educational instructions as an effective tool to improve learning in classrooms.

Studies reveal that the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text, supporting the idea that using images to help you manifest your goals and dreams is indeed an effective strategy.

  • Visual Learning

Humans are visual creatures and studies reveal that more than 60% of the world’s population are visual learners.  This means we store and retrieve information better when it is presented to us in a visual format, rather than just in mere words.

Words can be vague and abstract.  Reading requires cognition and it takes time to comprehend words.  But when it comes to visuals, information is understood immediately, making processing so much faster.

When it comes to manifestation techniques, we can take advantage of visuals to help process pictures of our goals faster and more effectively.

vision board pictures


A study on people’s ability to recall information revealed that only 10-20% of information in a lecture is delivered, compared to 60% of delivery when visuals are used to present information.


  • Pictorial Superiority Effect

The psychological concept of the Pictorial Superiority Effect explains that people remember pictures better than words.  The concept explains that pictures are superior to words when it comes to memory recall and recognizing information.

Studies reveal that 60% of people remember information that was given to them 3 days prior when it is given in visual form, compared to only 10% when the information is given in the form of words.

This psychological concept has been used in business, marketing, recruitment, education, healthcare, and in many other aspects.  This goes to show the power of visuals when it comes to helping us understand, learn, and recall information such as our goals and plans.


The Science of Visual Reminders

Because visuals are used to improve memory, research has also shown that visuals as reminders hold the key to success in terms of goal-setting.

External representations of a goal enhance goal pursuit, especially when you’re close to achieving your goals.  For example, you want to make your waistline smaller by 2 inches in 1 month. How do you assess that you’ve actually lost 2 inches? By measuring yourself, right?

When you see that your waistline has gone from 35” to 34” in 3 weeks, this visual cue is believed to give you the motivation to keep going in the pursuit of your target goal.

Seeing the smaller number on the tape measure and realizing that you’re close to your goal is believed to increase your willingness to keep going until you’ve reached your goal.

You have to see visual improvements and changes to help improve your motivation to keep working hard until you’ve achieved the success you’ve been wanting to have.


dream board images


Achieving success and manifesting your goals through vision boards is not hocus pocus.  It’s not based on some supernatural belief that doesn’t have any scientific basis.

The truth is, that vision boards work because of their utilization of visuals or pictures that improve motivation, maintain your focus, enhance self-discipline, and increase your commitment and accountability to achieve your dreams.


How to Use Images for a Vision Board That Works

So how do we apply these theories and scientific studies to making a vision board that works?  Here are 4 simple ways to use images for a vision board:


  1. Choose Between Outcome or Process Pictures

You can choose between two types of pictures:  outcome or process images of your goals.  Outcome pictures are what your goals look like, such as being promoted, having a family, and so on.

Process images are going to school to get a degree, going to workshops to improve your skills, or traveling to meet your soulmate.

Studies show that action boards are more effective at goal-setting.  However, if you want to feel the emotions of achieving your goals, such as being promoted at work, you might want to use outcome pictures to help you get excited and motivated to act.

Use a mix of outcome and process pictures on your vision board.


  1. Choose Clear and Specific Pictures

If you want to achieve peace and well-being in your life, make your images as clear and as specific as possible.  A picture of a wide landscape may not get your message across effectively, so a clearer and more effective picture could be a picture of a person closing their eyes and feeling calm and peaceful.

Make sure your images are clear and specific so the Universe understands exactly what you want to attract.

Avoid abstract and vague images that don’t have a clear message.

When choosing pictures for your vision board in a magazine, it might require a substantial amount of time to go through a pile of magazines to find the best picture that perfectly represents your goals.

To reduce the time you spend on doing this, you can use vision board magazines that are packed with images that are specifically curated for vision board-making.  Each of the pictures featured in these magazines is clear and precise depending on the most common categories for life goals.


vision board idea


One such magazine is The Vision Cloud’s vision board magazine, which you can get by getting a subscription.

The Vision Cloud’s mission is to help people realize their true power and teach them the power of vision boards.  Helping as many people achieve happiness, confidence, and the truth that anything is possible, The Vision Cloud is your ally and partner in making your dreams come true.

The vision magazine subscription offered by The Vision Cloud comes with a beautiful magazine that’s filled with over 100 images you can cut out for your vision.  But more than just pictures, the magazines also have quotes, affirmations, and motivational words that go above and beyond in helping you create the most effective and most beautiful dream board you can make.

Aside from a magazine, you also get a ton of inclusions that assist in your pursuit of your dream life.  These include goal-setting worksheets, a guide to making the best vision boards, access to an exclusive Facebook community, daily SMS of motivational quotes and inspirational words, and an invite to a yearly conference where you get to meet other dreamers and learn more about the power and magic of vision boards.

For more information on The Vision Cloud’s vision board magazine subscription, please click this link and use the power of pictures to make your dreams come true.


  1. Integrate Visual Reminders

Visual reminders are essential for goal-setting.  This is because it’s so easy to forget our goals and dreams when life becomes too stressful for us.  We need to constantly remind ourselves of our goals to be able to give them time, attention, and focus so we continue to do what we need to do to achieve them.


pics for vision board


Use a vision board as a reminder by placing it on your dresser, on your work desk, on your refrigerator door, or at any location in your home where you get to see it every day.

For digital dream boards, use it as a wallpaper on your phone or desktop so it’s right in front of you every time you open your phone or laptop.

You can even set an alarm to look at your digital dream board, making a daily schedule to take time to visualize and work on your intentions.


  1. Practice Visualization

You can also use your vision board to provide you with visual references that can assist you in your visualization practice.

Many people avoid practicing manifestation techniques because they require deep focus and attention.  Some people simply can’t sit still and imagine their goals and dreams.  A vision board can help solve this problem.

Pictures can minimize the demand on your brain by assisting you to create visual imagery without much effort.  Take a look at the images on your vision board one by one and remember every detail and how the pictures make you feel.

Sit down and close your eyes, then visualize the images you just saw on your vision board.

Vision boards and the Law of Attraction is not just a concept that doesn’t have any bearing when it comes to actual, real-life results. Businesses, celebrities, CEOs, and companies use vision boards to help guide them to achieve their goals and dreams.

And the scientific world is even catching up.  Studies have been done since the popularity of the book, The Secret, and the results have been positive.  The principles behind using vision boards are linked with visual learning, visual reminders, and visual processing in terms of memory retention and recall.

So yes, there is solid evidence that vision boards do work, and yes, there is science in using images for a vision board.

If you’re still a skeptic or someone you know is, remind yourself and that person of the countless scientific studies that have been done and are being done that prove the effectiveness of vision boards for success.

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