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Harness The Magic Of Colorful Vision Board Words

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In the world of advertising, brands only have 7 seconds to impress their audience.  While visuals have the capacity to command attention, do you know there’s an even more effective element to do this?

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The answer is colors.  And in the world of the Law of Attraction, colors can make your vision boards even more effective.  When writing affirmations, printing out inspirational quotes, and manifestation questions, colorful vision board words have the ability to grab your attention in mere seconds.

In this article, we’ll talk about the magic of colors, how they evoke immediate emotions, and how you can take advantage of this power to make your vision boards pop, helping you attract whatever it is you focus on.


Colors have an immediate impact on a person’s mood, attention, and even behavior.  They evoke an instant emotional response, far more superior than visuals alone.

In a study by Reboot, which is a UK company, researchers discovered that humans are better able to recall colors over brand names.  The researchers asked 2,500 people to see 5 logos for 10 minutes, and the results revealed that 78% of respondents remembered the colors, while only 43% remembered the brand names.

Colors even have an effect on purchase decisions, with 85% of a pool of subjects stating colors influenced them to buy a product.  A different study also states that brand awareness is increased by 80% due to distinct colors in a logo or product.

Studies like these go to show the immense power of colors, and how they influence attention, mood, and even consumer behavior.

vision board words


While perception of colors may be mostly subjective, there are certain colors that do have universal meanings, and this will be discussed in the following section.


If we talk about the Law of Attraction, manifestation, and New Age thought, everything has a vibrational frequency or energy field.  When you think positive thoughts, you emit positive energy.

And just like everything else in the Universe, colors also emit specific vibrational frequencies that have an effect on the human psyche.

Different colors evoke different emotions and energies, and therefore, can be used to convey specific meanings.


Colors are divided into three different categories:

  • Warm

These are colors associated with colors of the sun, such as red, yellow, orange, brown, and maroon.  They are believed to provide warmth and symbolize passion and strong emotions.

  • Cool

Cool colors are those that are calming, and come from nature, such as green, blue, and purple.  These colors are said to be peaceful and emit the feeling of calmness and healing.

  • Neutral

Neutrals are also known as earth tones, which emit the colors of the earth, such as brown, beige, off-white, and even gray or black.  These are called neutrals because they don’t cause strong responses.  They are neither calming nor exciting.


  • Red

Red is a high-frequency color and is associated with strong emotions, such as passion, excitement, and even sexual attraction.  It is also the color of warmth and positivity, power, confidence, and willpower.

Red is known to increase a person’s blood pressure and heart rate, which can make you feel excited and motivated to act.

  • Orange

Orange is the color of warmth, joy, cheerfulness, success, good luck, and fortune.  It is also a color of encouragement, optimism, and self-confidence.

It is a positive color that brings out the positivity in you, as well as compels you to look at the good parts of life.

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  • Yellow

Yellow is another warm color that evokes cheerfulness and happiness. It is the brightest color during the day, and if you want to stand out, wearing yellow will help you attract attention.

It is also the color of creativity, happiness, confidence, and communication.  It also helps with new ideas, intellect, hope, and playfulness.

  • Blue

Blue is the color of peace, wisdom, intellect, balance, and harmony.  It is a calming color, evokes the feeling of trust and loyalty, as well as promotes calmness and healing.  It is the color you want to have in a room or space where you want to relax.

  • Purple

Another cool color, it represents transformation, inspiration, introspective, status, wealth, and spiritual insight.  It is also the color associated with justice, royalty, and having great influence in life.

  • Green

Green is the color of wealth, abundance, and prosperity.  It is also the color of health, safety, and growth.  For manifestation, green is the best color to attract good luck and success.

It also symbolizes security, healing, stability, and freshness.

  • White

White is the color of purity, peace, innocence, and justice.  It is a neutral color, but it helps to expand spaces, making things look bigger than they are, and symbolizing cleanliness, blank space, and pureness of intention.

Colors have power and when making your vision boards, whether it’s a digital board or a physical board like The Vision Cloud’s Original Vision Board Kit, you can add quotes and affirmations that boost your capacity to manifest your dreams.

The Vision Cloud’s Original Vision Board Kit has more than 100 pictures you can use on your board but also 60 words, questions, famous quotes, and affirmations.  They come in many different colors but you can also supplement these texts by printing or writing your own words for your board.

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Black may be the go-to color for printing words and texts, but knowing about the psychology behind colors can give you more opportunities to manifest the life that you want.

Knowing about the color symbolism and representations can help you create the perfect vision board recipe that can help you achieve whatever you set your sights on.


It’s a no-brainer to use pictures on a vision board, but what about words, questions, affirmations, and famous quotes?  Why, yes!  Dream boards are more known for having a collage of images, but did you know you can put words in there, too?

Visuals may have a better impact on your visualizations, but words and text can also have profound effects on your manifestation technique.  And knowing about the power of colors, try harnessing their magic when you mount words on your board.

By combining the power of words with the magic of colors, you are adding visual imagery to the text mounted on your board, thereby improving its efficacy and effect on your visualization journey.

Here is how you can harness the power of colorful vision board words to manifest your goals:


If you’re making a vision board to start a business, apply for your dream job, or meet your soulmate, use words printed in red to attract passion, excitement, and motivation.

Red is the color of sexual attraction, excitement, and passion, so if you need and want these things, use this fiery color in your vision board.

motivational vision board quotes



Are you about to move to a new city?  Maybe you’re contemplating whether you should quit your job and start a business instead.  Or maybe you’ve had one failure after another?

Use orange in your vision board words and affirmations.  Orange is the color of optimism, encouragement, and good luck.  If you’re making a vision board about starting a new life, taking on a new career, or applying for a dream job, use the symbolism of orange on your vision board’s quotes and affirmations.


If your goal is creating a great product or starting a business that gives you financial stability, then using yellow on your vision board words will help you attract the energy of creativity, confidence, new ideas, and even happiness.


The color of abundance, prosperity, and wealth, green words on your dream board will help you attract good fortune and success.  Green is the color best used for manifesting a prosperous life, so print out big, bold green texts of quotes, questions, and affirmations for your vision board.

Green is also the color of security, stability, and healing, so if you want to manifest financial or relationship stability, then this is the color to use on your board.


For anyone wanting to manifest a family, good relationships, and long-term connections, blue is the color you need to use for your vision board words.

It is a peaceful, harmonious, and intellectual color, able to attract and manifest calmness, good communication, and balance in positive relationships.

positive vision board phrases


You can also use purple text to attract status, justice, and the air of royalty.  White can also be used to depict a fresh start, purity, and wholesomeness.

By knowing the magic and power of colors, you can take advantage of their unique vibrational frequencies for your vision board.

Discover and take advantage of your knowledge of colorful vision board words to make your board even more enticing and powerful in making your dreams come true.

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