Discover The Simplicity And Incredible Benefits Of Using Vision Board Templates Free For Your Manifestation Journey

Discover The Simplicity And Incredible Benefits Of Using Vision Board Templates Free For Your Manifestation Journey

Vision boards are one of the most effective and simple tools to manifest our dreams.  It involves putting together a collection of images that represent our goals, desires, and wishes.

However, creating something out of a blank space can be challenging for many, especially those who are new to the practices of the Law of Attraction or anyone who’s about to make a dream board for the first time.

That is why there are simpler and faster ways to create a vision board, and that is the use of vision board templates free-to-use, provided by different sources online.

In this article, we’ll talk about the many benefits of a vision board template, as well as the varied applications it can be used to create the life of your dreams.


First, let’s discuss what a vision board template is.  It is a layout design specifically made to help you create a vision board from scratch.  You can use the template as your dream board itself or you can use it as a guide to make a digital or a physical vision board.

They typically have the following elements:


Since a template is designed for general use, they are typically good to look at, is organized, and features a layout that’s easy to use.

There are also hundreds of available free templates online, which you can download or print out.  The Vision Cloud is one such company that offers free templates, which you can get for free by clicking this link.

vision cloud vision board

What makes The Vision Cloud different from other online sources is that it doesn’t stop at providing customers with the resources to manifest.  It is a company that makes it possible for you to adopt a lifestyle that’s based on the Law of Attraction, helping you in your journey, not just one time, but encouraging you to live it every day.

Dedicated to give you the power to believe that “Anything is possible,” The Vision Cloud is on a mission to help you achieve a more satisfying and happier life.

They offer more than just products, but an experience of genuine manifestation with the tools they provide.


A template also features questions that allow you for authentic introspection.  One of our articles, entitled, “The Simplest Ways to Create Vision Board Worksheets” has a great guide on crafting a worksheet of your own.

We stated in the article that templates are great tools to improve your self-awareness, which has been proven to improve your chances of success sixfold, as well as help leaders become more empathetic with their subordinates.

Crafting the right questions will lead to increased self-awareness, and therefore, personal growth, which you need if you want to improve your life.


A template must also include frames and sections where you can put images.  A vision board is a visual representation of your dream life.  That means you need to put pictures on the template to qualify it as a dream board.

You can find examples and tips when it comes to finding images online for your dream board, by reading our article on digital vision board templates, which you can find here.

It contains great content about the use of digital platforms in today’s day and age, and how you can take advantage of this data to craft vision boards in minutes.

vision board free templates


A template for dream boards also needs to have a section for quotes and affirmations.  Visuals may be the most powerful elements of a dream board but words also have power.  So quotes, affirmations, and motivational words should have a place on your board.


One of the most useful studies we’ve come across when it comes to the success of creating vision boards was done by TD Bank.  What we love about their study is that they used subjects from small business owners.

And when it comes to the business world, there are always numbers to measure, which involves quantitative research.  

The study revealed that 82% of small business owners who had vision boards at the start of their business reported having accomplished at least half of their goals.  About 76% of the subjects reported that their business is exactly where they envisioned at the beginning of their startup.

The study shows proven data that vision boards are beneficial for startup and small business owners because they result in positive outcomes.

We’ve also written an article on the benefits of business vision board templates, with the title: “The Benefits of Business Vision Board Templates.”

Here are more benefits of using a vision board template that’s free to use:


If you’re planning on making a vision board for the first time, a template will greatly help on your first try.  These templates usually have step-by-step guides, giving you the direction you need to get started.

We’ve also written an article talking about how you can use these templates on your Law of Attraction journey, with the title, “Begin Your Law of Attraction Journey with Vision Board Templates Free.”

free dream board template


Though vision boards require plenty of introspection, time, and effort, there may be times you don’t want to get your hands dirty by taking a physical vision board.  Sometimes you just want to open your phone, answer some questions, curate a few images, and make a vision board in minutes.

Though you’d still need to do manifest techniques, the vision board itself will be done.  A template provides guidance on what pictures to put, what questions need to be answered, and what affirmations you need to have to align your visuals to your goal.

It makes vision board-making so much easier and more convenient.


Templates eliminate the need to buy supplies you need to buy from a craft store.  It also removes the need to cut out magazines, as well as add embellishments, stickers, and other objects on the board.

A template is clean, organized, and easy to make, so you can make a dream board even when you’re at the office on a lunch break.


How do you use templates and what areas of your life can you apply them to?  We’ve made a list of the best applications for dream board templates free, and these are:


We’ve written a compelling article about the use of career vision board templates for your profession and passion, and you can find it here.  It is a great article talking about how to use the template to achieve success in your field.


Businesses are one of the biggest users of templates because it allows them to designate and make their messages clear.  You can also find more information about templates and businesses in our article, which you can find here.

printable vision board


Templates are one of the most-known learning materials in the world of academics, and we have an article talking about how to use them to improve grades, as well as why kids and students are the best learners for manifestation.


We believe that the number one purpose of templates is to make your goals clear, help you create an action plan, as well as provide an opportunity to track your progress.  

When you have an organized vision board, it will be easier for you to check whether or not what you’re doing is successful at making your dreams come true.

Here is an article we’ve written talking about how to use templates for goal-setting.


New Year’s resolutions are notorious for causing people to fail in their goals.  Creating them at the start of the year can put unreasonable pressure on people to make abrupt changes in their lives that they can’t handle, explaining why there’s such a small percentage of people who actually do succeed.  Do you know the percentage of people who succeed in their resolutions?  Only 9%.  This means that the majority of resolutions never come to fruition.

This is why a template for a New Year vision board is perfect to help you create actionable goals, as well as a plan, and other tools to help you manifest the goals you begin at the start of any given year.

You’ll also find articles we’ve written talking about this topic here, as well as in this article.


And of course, there is no rule to vision board templates because it is always your personal experience.  You can use it for vision board parties, workshops, or to manifest a car, house, or even a soulmate.

vision board online free

The applications of dream board templates are endless and the only limit is your imagination, just like in your dreams.

We’ve written a great blog on how to manifest fast with vision board templates, and we believe you’ll enjoy it as much as we’ve written it.

Vision board templates are a supplemental tool to your manifestation techniques.  It doesn't stand on its own though because you still need to practice visualization, scripting, journaling, mental imagery, and other practices that work best to bring your desires into your life.

However, templates are a great tool to get started, and get organized, as well as to improve your self-awareness, which leads to improved confidence, better success rates, and overall life satisfaction.

Try using temples and see for yourself how fun and creative it can be in helping you craft the perfect dream board.

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