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Making a vision board can be your first step to living the life of your dreams. However, a vision board won’t work if you don’t. This means that a vision board is merely a symbol or representation of your dreams. Just because you made one, doesn’t mean all your goals will magically come true.

When making a collage of your goals or dream life, it’s not enough that you put them together on a board, mount them on a wall, and that’s it. You need to make your vision board visually pleasing so you can connect to it emotionally.

The secret to the Law of Attraction is in your emotions. To be able to manifest, you need to feel good, happy, and have positive emotions to attract the very same energies. Without positive emotions, it won’t matter that you made a hundred vision boards. They won’t work because you don’t connect with them on an emotional level.

So how do you do this? How do you make an emotional connection with your vision board? The key is to make an aesthetic vision board that resonates with your values and desires.

Here are three different ways you can emotionally connect with the aesthetics of your vision board:


Before we talk about how you can connect to your vision board on an emotional level, we need to talk about what aesthetics is and why it matters when you make a vision board.

The aesthetics of a vision board are the things that make it pleasant to look at. A cluttered vision board does not have aesthetic properties. If you simply throw different images and quotes together without much thought, there isn’t any aesthetic appeal to your board.

When your board is not aesthetically pleasing, you won’t have the urge to look at it and work with it. It simply becomes a wall decor you have in your home.

Experts believe that aesthetics make us happy. It is believed that beauty elicits feelings of calm and happiness, and the experience of looking at something with pleasing details can alter our emotions.

And remember that emotions play an integral role in the Law of Attraction. We are only able to manifest when we feel good.

Sunlit Daytime: Woman in White Dress Playfully Leaping on Sandy Beach


Everything in the world is energy, and to attract good things in your life, you also need to emit the frequency of being good yourself. Feel good and good things will come to you. And this is one of the reasons why making an aesthetic vision board is essential in your journey to manifesting the life of your dreams.



Using colors to make your vision board more visually appealing is more than just about adding vibrancy. Color can actually create a powerful and productive vision board.

The use of colors plays a huge part in the vibrational scale that helps you transform thoughts into reality. Colors emit specific energies that can bring specific benefits to your life.

Here are some of the energies certain colors bring to your vision board:

  • RED

Red emits the energy of passion, sexuality, energy, stimulation, power, strength, and courage. If you want to manifest a passionate relationship or the courage to face your dreams, use the color red in your vision board and make sure it’s dominant and not just a tiny accent you won’t even notice.

  • Yellow

If you want to manifest happiness, creativity, communication, and confidence, use the color yellow to bring you these energies.

  • Green

Green is the color that emits the energy of money, prosperity, abundance, and balance. Fill your vision board with this color so you can feel the wealth that’s coming into your life.

  • Blue

If your life is currently chaotic or you don’t have peace of mind, shower your vision board with this color to feel calm and relaxed. Fill your vision board with blue pictures, blue words, or a blue background.

  • White

White emits the energy of calm, peace, purity, and healing. Use pictures with dominant white colors, or create lots of white spaces on your board to feel the peaceful energy of this color.

  • Black

Black is the color that emits the energy of protection, and power, and repels negative energy. Use a black vision board as a base and fill your board with the color to feel these specific properties.

green, blue, orange, red, pink and yellow wall paint


Colors can strengthen the emotions you have regarding your dreams and goals. Interior designers and even mental health practitioners swear by the power of color psychology in helping people heal from trauma, motivate them to act on their dreams, and bring about a host of different energies to help you in your journey to your dream life.

You can also use your favorite colors to adorn your vision board, but always consider the energies being emitted by these colors because they do affect your emotions when you look at your board.


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy mostly used in interior design and architecture, but did you know you can use the concepts to create your vision board? Yes, Feng Shui can be used in helping you connect emotionally with your board.

By using Feng Shui’s elements of design, your aesthetic vision board will encourage you to visualize, boost positive emotions, and motivate you to go after your dreams.

Here are some Feng Shui elements you can apply to your vision board:


According to Feng Shui, clutter brings negative energy into a space. To remove this negative energy, you need to make sure your vision board is free from clutter. Remove any unnecessary pictures, images, and words that do not align with your dreams.


Symmetry is balance. If you place a large picture on one side of your board, it would be ideal to place another large picture on the other side. Or better yet, place this large picture in the middle of the board, and surround it with smaller pictures to make it more visually appealing.

Symmetry removes cognitive stress when you view your vision board, making it aesthetically pleasing to look at.


Avoid placing your board above a trash can, beside a noisy window, or in a cluttered hallway. Position your board in a place where there is good lighting, you see it every day, and it’s mounted on a wall with another pleasing decor, or you place it in a room that emits calmness, relaxation, and a place of good energy.

By using Feng Shui elements in your aesthetic board, you feel light and good when you look at it. The goal of Feng Shui is to balance energies in a space, and when you use the elements on your board, your aesthetic vision board will also emit positive energies.

make a vision board online



Nothing gets more personal than making your own images for your aesthetic vision board. When you take the time and effort to make your own images, you are creating something that comes from your heart.

Use free editing software like Canva to create personal illustrations, edit pictures, and make cute and colorful quotes. And as you’re making your images, pictures, and quotes, listen to feel-good music that elicits good emotions.

Print out your images and use this to make the collage on your vision board. When you make something from scratch, you will feel every emotion attached to your goals, which makes your vision board a true manifestation of the thoughts and dreams you have in your heart and mind.

Use these three proven methods to connect emotionally to your aesthetic vision board. Take the time each and every day to look at images, pictures, and words that you mounted on your board, and visualize them happening in your life.

By harnessing the power of color psychology, using the benefits of Feng Shui elements, and making your personal images, your vision board will no longer be a simple collage. With these three methods, your aesthetic vision board will become a magnet to your energy, encouraging you to visualize, take action, and live your dreams.

A ready-made aesthetic vision board is yours to discover in The Vision Cloud’s Vision Board Magazine Kit, a complete dream kit that has over 500 images and words that can create the collage of your dreams.

vision cloud magazine kit


It is a complete vision board kit that has everything you need to make a beautiful and visually-appealing board that resonates with your desires. It comes with a magazine board that you can reuse over and over again, so you can add or remove goals and dreams anytime you like.

With aesthetically pleasing fonts, pictures, illustrations, and images, emotionally connecting with your The Vision Cloud’s vision board will come instantly.

A vision board is the first step to manifesting your dreams. Start your journey today and watch as the Universe gives you all the things you ever wanted.

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