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Have you decided on making a vision board but don’t know how to start?  Do you have goals but they’re all over the place that you can’t focus?  Then what you need is a themed vision board.

A themed vision board mostly focuses on one area:  career, travel, love and relationships, health and fitness, and so on.  By making different themes of male vision boards, you can have a better direction about your goals and plans for your future.

In this article, we’ll present to you 7 categories you can use for your themed vision boards.  These categories represent most of the biggest goals for men, and how you can incorporate them in your Law of Attraction practice.



Fitness isn’t just about looking good and having a muscular body but it’s also about health and confidence.  If one of your goals is fitness, creating a vision board for fitness is essential for both men and women.

Research shows that 95% of New Year’s Resolutions are fitness-related, however, 43% of people are expected to give up on this resolution by February – a mere 30 days after making their goals.

Why?  Lack of focus, motivation, or time?  A fitness vision board can help you stay motivated, give you direction, and keep you inspired.

Collect pictures of fitness trainers you’d admire, post pictures of certain diet programs you follow, and put your fitness program on your vision board.  And most of all, mount images of end results, such as losing a specific amount of weight, looking like your favorite athlete or trainer, and so on.


If you want to get your dream job, get a promotion at work, change careers, or succeed in your chosen field, you need to be laser-focused.  So how do you do that?  Through a career vision board, of course.

male vision board


We understand that men may have different career goals than women.  In one study, researchers discovered that men want more powerful jobs than women.  In the Harvard Business School study, 4,000 men and women were asked a few questions about careers, and data showed men have a tendency to desire goals that have professional power.

If you’re also leaning towards a more powerful position, make a career vision board that has pictures of CEOs, executives, famous leaders, or people whose careers you admire and desire.

Use this vision board as your inspiration and motivation to succeed in your chosen career.


A study by LinkedIn and Citi reveals that 86% of American men include children in their concept of “having it all.”  The study involved 1,023 American professionals, and it speaks volumes about how men value having a family.

Create a family goal board by posting pictures of babies or little kids, as well as pictures of happy families.  Look for images of what a happy family looks like to you – a house in the country with kids playing in the yard, a family traveling together, taking kids to school, and so on.

By making a family vision board, you’re telling the Universe that having kids is important to you and that creating a happy family is one of your priorities.


In the same Citi and LinkedIn study, researchers discovered that 79% of their male respondents believe that a loving marriage is one of the features of “having it all” in life.  This means that romantic relationships and marriage are important for men.

Create a love and romance vision board by posting images of women you admire, or images of weddings, loving relationships, and so on.

Kellan Lutz, a Hollywood actor best known for his role in the Twilight saga, revealed that he made a vision board about finding love.  In a year’s time, he met the love of his life, and they married within a year.

mens vision board


If you want to attract a girlfriend or spouse, create a collage that features loving couples, romantic dates, wedding days, and anything about love and romance.


A CNBC study reveals that 70% of Americans feel financially stressed. This shows that finances are one of the challenges that most Americans face.

In another study, it shows that American men are seen as financial providers.  Roughly 7 out of 10 adults say that it is essential for men to be able to provide financially for their spouses, children, and/or their families.

Vision board ideas for men must include finances since it’s one of the most important aspects of a man’s life.

To make a finance vision board, collect images of cash, bank accounts, cheques, and other images that show money or wealth.

You can also make a vision board about income-generating streams, investments, business ideas, and so on.  By making this dream board, you will be reminded each and every day that you have the power to attract wealth and abundance in your life.


Material possessions like cars, gadgets, and properties are a reflection of one’s success. Men see these things as an extension of themselves.  When men have these things in their lives, it brings them feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin.  This is because material possessions are also reflective of one’s social status, which is a priority in men’s lives.

If you’ve been wanting to buy a bike, a car, or anything you’ve been desiring to have, why not make a vision board about these possessions?

vision board for guys


Make a vision board with a picture of your dream car, and maybe a Rolex, dream house, and so on.  This can help you stay focused on your financials, as well as your career since being able to acquire these material things requires money.  It can help you save, invest, and work towards having the financial capacity to acquire them.


Leaving the hustle and bustle of everyday life to travel to new destinations is something that most people desire to do.  For men and women, traveling the world is the stuff of dreams.  But what kind of traveling do you want?

In a study, researchers discovered that men most likely prefer to travel with friends or loved ones.  And among all travelers, only 36% are men.

So if you want to travel more, make a travel vision board of all the places you want to see and visit.  Mount pictures of experiences you want to try, the food you want to eat, and countries you want to cross off on your bucket list.

Since a study shows that men prefer traveling with friends, post pictures of guy friends traveling and doing exciting adventures together.

Or better yet, make a complete plan that includes flight ticket prices, itineraries, a budget plan, and a concrete roadmap to your next travel destination.

vision board for men



Here are some steps to making a vision board for men:

Step 1:  Make a list of your goals. Write it down in a journal so you can go back to it while you’re making your vision board.

Step 2: Buy your vision board materials. Choose masculine colors and supplies, or anything that resonates with you.

Step 3: Collect images, magazines, or use a clipart magazine for pictures, quotes, and affirmations.  You can also download clipart images, print them, and cut them out for your collage.

Step 4:  Choose a theme based on the 7 categories we mentioned above.  Or better yet, make 7 vision boards for each of the categories we recommend.

Step 5: Start making your collage. Choose a quiet place to make it, put on some positive music, light some incense or candles, and create a space that’s calming and relaxing, and free from distractions.  While making your board, visualize having all of the things you want in your collage.

Step 6:  Mount your board on a wall in your home or office.  Make sure you place it in a spot where you can see it every day.

Step 7:  Take time each day to visualize and meditate about the goals you want to achieve in your vision board.

Step 8:  Create action plans to make your dreams come true.

Step 9:  Believe and expect your dreams to turn into reality.  Don’t worry about them coming true.  Trust that the Universe will take care of it.

If you don’t want to buy individual vision board supplies, you can make use of vision board kits that have everything you need to make your dream board.

The Vision Cloud’s Original Vision Board Kit is a great kit because it has a sturdy board, over 100 images, 40 stickers, and 60 motivational words.  Though it was originally designed for women, a lot of the pictures are gender-neutral or feature places and images that are not specific for women.

vision cloud vision board

You can also buy the kit and use other image sources for your vision board.  You can look at magazines, clipart sources online, Pinterest, and other sources for the pictures you put on your male vision board.

There are so many things you can do with male vision boards but we believe using categories will help you organize your thoughts, and therefore, keep you focused on specific dreams and plans.  The more focused you are, the more attention you can give to these concrete plans, and the more effective it will be for you to manifest your dreams.

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