How to Manifest Instantly: Use These 5 Magic Words

How to Manifest Instantly: Use These 5 Magic Words

how to manifest instantly

Have you tried practicing manifestation techniques? Maybe you’ve done the 555 method, or how about the 369 technique, or maybe you’ve done simple visualizing?  Did they work?

If yes, congratulations, you’ve learned the power of the Universe. But if not, maybe you need to know about the 5 magic words. What am I talking about?

Well, you need to understand the power of words when it comes to manifestation techniques. Manifestation words exist, and in this article, we’ll teach you how to manifest instantly using 5 magic words.


5 Magic Words to Manifest Instantly

We are going straight to introducing you to the 5 most powerful words you can use to manifest your goals. These words can help you to manifest fast, putting you in a mindset of positivity, increasing your energetic frequency, and helping you attract the very things you aspire to achieve.

Here are the 5 magic words to manifest instantly:


1. I am

“I am” is the most powerful phrase in the Law of Attraction. You can use it to create affirmations or write them down in your manifestation journal. It’s the most powerful two words in the Universe because it reinforces your identity with your dreams.

When you say, “I am wealthy,” you are emitting the energy of a wealthy person, and because of this, you match your desired outcome. The Universe then responds to your positive energy, giving you the very things you want, and that is wealth.


2. Abundance

The word abundance is so powerful because you believe that there is enough for everyone in the world. Nothing is lacking - whether it’s money, good health, love, or success. You believe that the world is overflowing with everything you desire. Believing in abundance puts you in a mindset of richness.


3. Grateful

The word grateful instantly puts you in a place of positivity. Whenever you say thanks to the Universe for giving you money, love, family, good health, and success, you are embracing the beautiful energy of the world.

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Writing down things you’re grateful for and saying thank you for whatever blessings you have raises your vibrational frequency instantly, making the Universe pay attention.


4. Now

When you say, “I am now healthy and happy,” it gives the Universe a sense of immediacy and urgency. You are now emitting the frequency of your desires, matching the vibration of your goals and dreams.

Using the word “now” puts you in the very place of your desired outcome, making the increase of energy instant.


5. Receive

When you receive the blessings the Universe has for you, even if it’s not initially what you wanted, you are embracing abundance into your life.

Saying “I receive happiness into my life right now,” you are trusting the Universe, you are welcoming joy, and you put yourself in a place that’s full and contented. There is no sign of lack, and thus, you emit the wonderful energy of fullness.

Take note of these 5 amazing words on how to manifest quickly, and use them to create a beautiful life that’s always been yours.


Words to Avoid

We’ve introduced the 5 powerful and magical words for manifestation, and now, we want to discuss the words you need to avoid.

Every word, whether it’s positive or negative, carries with it a specific energy. Negative words carry negative energy, and positive words carry positive energy.

Be careful when you use words to manifest because the Universe always listens and it always responds.

To avoid attracting negativity in your life and blocking your manifestations, avoid using these words in your Law of Attraction practice as much as possible:



Words of uncertainty include maybe, hopefully, someday, and soon. These words show you’re unsure, you’re still wishing, or that what you desire is not there yet. These words emit the energy of lack.

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When you have a mindset of lack, guess what you’ll attract? More lack! So avoid any word that represents that you don’t have what you want.



The other set of words that you need to avoid are words of negation.  These are words that include the word “not,” such as don’t, not, never, shouldn’t, and so on.

For example, you say, “I will not eat carbs for a month,” to try to lose weight. What do you attract when you say this? It’s not losing weight, that’s for sure. You’re attracting what you said you don't want.

When it comes to manifesting, you attract what you focus on. So what did you focus on when you said this statement? You focused on not eating carbs, so you’re still emitting the energy of eating carbs. Get it?

When you want something, such as losing weight, you need to focus on the outcome, not what you don’t want to happen.  So instead, you can say, “I am losing weight as we speak.”

With this statement, you are focusing more on losing weight, and not on eating carbs.

The words you use to manifest are incredibly important. The right words and the words to avoid are as equally important when setting your intentions or making your affirmations.


Tip To Using These Magic Words to Manifest Instantly

Now it’s time to put these tips to good use. How do you use these magic words to manifest instantly? Here are the methods to learn how to write intentions for manifestation:


1. Write It Down

Write these magic words down in a journal, or you can put them up on a vision board. Use their powerful manifestation energy to help you achieve your goals, dreams, and aspirations.

A vision board is a great tool since it uses visuals to aid you in increasing your energy. The more you look at the images and words of your goals, the more positive and optimistic you are to achieve your desired outcomes.

vision cloud vision board

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2. Act As If

Aside from making vision boards, you can also use these words as affirmations every morning to help you to “act as if.”

This means acting as if everything you desire is already yours. Do you want to vacation in the Caribbean? Act as if and start looking at hotels online. Do you want to meet a new romantic partner? Act as if and start planning your outfits for your future date nights.

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Acting as if it helps you to emit the energy of your dreams, so yes, use these manifestation words and start acting as if.


3. Calm Your Mind

Creating your desired reality is not just about thoughts, the use of words, and having aspirations. It is a complete lifestyle where you align your thoughts, language, and behavior. One of the ways you can start aligning is to calm your mind.

You say you want to meet your soulmate but then you’re too busy working. Or you’re too consumed by being jealous of other people’s relationships.

Before you even begin setting your intentions, you need to calm your mind and align every aspect of your life towards your dreams.

Calm your mind by using these manifestation words during meditation or visualization.


4. Raise Your Vibration

One of the fastest ways you can raise your vibration is by doing things that you enjoy. What activities make you happy? Is it cooking your favorite dish? Watching a feel-good movie?

When you engage in activities that make you feel good, you’re instantly raising your vibration. When you make a plan to do these activities, create a list and use these manifestation words to help you get in the zone of positivity.


5. Remove Limiting Beliefs

Help yourself to remove these limiting beliefs by meditating, visualizing, and engaging in manifestation techniques that use these words of manifestation.

When you visualize your goals, such as earning six figures, you need to avoid using the words of negation and uncertainty. Instead of saying, “I don’t want to stay stuck in a low-paying job,” you can say, “I am thankful the Universe has given me a job with a high salary.”

It’s time you let go of these beliefs that block you from receiving true manifestation.

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While there’s no magic pill to learn how to manifest something fast, bringing your energy into a state of instant positivity is the key to learning how to manifest instantly. As soon as you bring your energy level to match your desired outcome, you are already there.

The Universe always listens and responds to your energy. And using the magic words of “I am,” “abundance,” “gratitude,” “receive,” and “now” will give you the power to make the Universe pay attention.

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