88 Affirmations for Abundance

88 Affirmations for Abundance

The power of our thoughts is undeniable. It is the true key to manifestation and therefore, we must fill our thoughts with abundance, positivity, and unquestionable faith.

One way to furnish your mind with these thoughts is through affirmations.  

Affirmations empower, encourage, support, and influence your thought patterns, directing your behavior.  This leads to action that aligns with your thoughts, resulting in the manifestation of your dreams and aspirations.

In this article, we’ll give you 88 affirmations for abundance you can use to create a mindset of wealth and prosperity.

But first, let’s discuss what affirmations are, why you need them, and why they work.


What are Affirmations and Why Do You Need them to Manifest?

Affirmations are statements that encourage, support, and empower you. They can be used to challenge any negative thought patterns, provide a boost of confidence, and can influence your behavioral habits and mood.  It is essentially a mental health tool that can help you develop a positive mental state.

Affirmations can do this through the concept of neuroplasticity. Creating new neural pathways in the brain is known to change the brain, our cells, and even our genes.

Norman Doidge, who is the author of the bestselling book, “The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science,” noted a unique experiment involving the practice of visualization.

The study involved two groups: 1 group was told to exercise a finger for 2 weeks while the 2nd group was told to merely visualize exercising a finger.

The results of the study were astonishing:  the first group was found to have increased muscle strength in the finger by up to 30% while the group that simply visualized exercising their finger also increased their muscle strength by up to 22%.

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The study showed proof that the act of visualizing by itself can result in similar results as taking action to reach an outcome.

The data supports the Law of Attraction principle that what you think, say to yourself, and visualize in your thoughts can change your body, your brain, and your life in general.

Three Tools for Affirmations

Utilize these three tools for affirmations to help you remember to practice affirmations in your daily life:


1. Vision Boards

Vision boards use the power of visuals to help you manifest your dreams. Aside from using pictures or images, you can also print out affirmations and mount them on your board.

The printed words on your board should align with the images, giving you two powerful manifestation techniques:  visuals and written text.

Making a vision board from scratch can be time-consuming but you don’t need to worry about that. There are plenty of alternatives to making one such as digital vision boards, vision board kits, and magazines that feature images and affirmations that are ready to use.

One of which is The Vision Cloud’s vision board magazine, which contains over 100 images for vision board-making, as well as motivational words, affirmations, and quotes that are perfect as a visualization tool.

The Vision Cloud is committed to helping many people achieve the abundance they deserve. Promoting empowerment, confidence, and undeniable belief in your personal power to achieve your dreams, The Vision Cloud is your ally in making your dreams come true through the use of affirmations and visualizations.

The Vision Cloud vision board magazine subscription is a game-changer when it comes to vision board making. You get to receive a physical magazine packed with pictures you can use for your board, as well as giving you access to an exclusive Facebook community where you get to learn more about manifestation.

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But that’s not all, when you subscribe, you also get goal-setting worksheets, a guide to making dream boards that work, daily SMS of uplifting words and messages, and an invite to a yearly conference where you get to learn more about vision boards, experience wellness activities, and meet a community of dreamers and manifestors.

For more information on The Vision Cloud’s vision board magazine subscription, click this link and start your journey to true abundance and manifestation.

2. Affirmations Journal

An affirmations journal is a simple notebook where you write down your personal affirmations. You can also write down ready-made statements, such as the ones on this list.

Whenever you’re facing a challenge in life, you can write in this daily manifestation journal and make affirmations that help you empower yourself. Use the unique power of manifestation words.


3. Audio Recording

You can also make use of recordings of affirmations that you listen to while you’re cooking, cleaning the house, or when you’re taking a break from work.

One great idea is to record yourself saying these affirmations to make them more personal.


The Power of Number 88

You might wonder why we chose 88 affirmations for abundance. Well, we wanted to use the number 88 because of its powerful significance in numerology.

Numerology believes that each number features a vibrational frequency and this energy affects everything in our lives.

To understand the number 88, we must first learn what the single digit 8 means:

Number 8 symbolizes wealth, financial success, prosperity, abundance, and ambition. Therefore, we wanted to harness the strong vibration of this number to help you achieve abundance through affirmations.

When number 8 is doubled in terms of number 88, the energy is magnified, giving you a powerful surge of abundance energy.

affirmation of money

In the following section of the article, we’ll give you 88 affirmations for abundance to help you achieve wealth, prosperity, and an infinite flow of money and good luck.


88 Affirmations for Abundance

Here are 88 affirmations for abundance you can use to manifest money, luck, and success. Choose the statements that align with your goals and dreams then write them down, print them out, put them on a board, or create an audio recording to harness its powerful energy.


Wealth Affirmations

1.I am aligned with the energy of earning a six-figure salary.

2.I deserve to be rich and live comfortably.

3.The more I spend, the more it returns to me.

4.I feel grateful to have a constant stream of income and money.

5.My dreams of wealth manifest into reality.

6.I find money easily and find it in the most unexpected places.

7.I vibrate with the energy of wealth.

8. I have the capacity to be wealthy.

9.I am always accepting and receiving money.

10.I am worthy of a wealthy life.

11.I release all of my limiting beliefs about wealth and welcome abundance into my life.

12.I am wealthy, rich, and abundant.

13. My bank account is filled with money and it never runs out.

14.I create generational wealth.

15.I radiate positivity, prosperity, and wealth.

16.All the resources I need to live a wealthy life are within reach.

17.Wealth is my vibrational frequency.

18.My birthright is to be wealthy.

19.I thank the Universe for giving me wealth and abundance.

20.I am open and receptive to the life that wealth provides for me.

21.Weather gives me the power to raise other people’s vibrations.

22.The Universe blesses me so I can bless others.

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Affirmations for Money and Financial Success

1.I welcome new avenues for multiple streams of income.

2.I choose money and wealth every day.

3.Money brings me joy.

4.I have an unlimited supply of money.

5.Money is everywhere and it is easy to obtain.

6.Whenever I spend money, it always finds a way back to me.

7.I embody the financial success of billionaires.

8.Financial success gives me the life that I desire.

9.The Universe fills my bank account with all the money I want.

10.Money comes freely flowing to me.

11.Money provides me with my hopes and wishes for a luxurious life.

12.I attract large sources of money into my life.

13. Money is my friend.

14.My hard work will pay-off with financial success.

15.I wake up every day with news of money coming into my bank account.

16.I am worthy of more money and financial success in my life.

17.Money and I are in perfect harmony.

18.I am surrounded with positivity about money.

19.My energy resonates with financial freedom.

20.Financial freedom allows me to live my dream life.

21.I am a symbol of joy through financial success.

22.I deserve to experience a life of success and abundance.

Abundance and Prosperity Affirmations

1.The Universe blesses me every day with abundance.

2.I embody the prosperity of the most successful businessmen and women in the world.

3.My career fulfills my desire to live an abundant life.

4.I am abundant in all aspects of my life.

5.I am successful and my desire for money aligns with the Universe.

6.Money and prosperity surround me each and every day.

7.Everything I need is provided by the Universe.

8.I inhabit the energy of an abundant individual.

9.I am in alignment with what the blessings of the Universe are.

10.My life is prosperous in every way imaginable.

11.I am always manifesting money, good luck, and abundance.

12.Every morning I rise with the sun to welcome the abundance bestowed upon me.

13.Every step I take gets me closer to manifesting the abundant life I desire.

14.My life path leads me to a world of comfort and luxury.

15.All of my hard work will pay off and bring me true abundance.

16.I am a prosperous being of the Universe, everything I do leads me to my dreams.

17.Good luck and blessings are attracted to me.

18.Wealth and prosperity flow freely through me.

19.I attract happiness, love, abundance, and prosperity.

20.I am joyful because I am blessed with wealth and abundance.

21.Abundance elevates the collective joy in the world.

22.Everything I do leads me to embrace true wealth.

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Affirmations for Infinite Universal Abundance

1.The Universe adores me with love and abundance each and every day of my life.

2.There are no limits to what I can achieve.

3.I sleep peacefully because I know the Universe is taking care of me.

4.Every action I take brings me a life of abundance.

5.I resonate with the energy of infinite abundance.

6.I am a magnet of wealth, happiness, and universal abundance.

7.Everything I desire, I can achieve.

8.Greatness is my birthright and the Universe supports me.

9.The Universe wants me to win.

10.My desires are honored by the Universe.

11.Abundance flows through me easily and freely.

12.I vibrate at the highest possible frequency.

13.My high vibration attracts the best people, the best opportunities, and the best things in life.

14.The Universe responds to my higher self.

15.I welcome infinite wealth, finances, and abundance.

16.My power is fueled by my thoughts and the Universe always responds.

17.I am an energy of abundance flowing through every vein in my body.

18.I am confident of the love the Universe has for me.

19.The energy of abundance is radiating all around me.

20.Each day I wake up knowing blessings are waiting for me to embrace.

21.As long as I’m living, the Universe will bless others through me.

22.The Universe always has my back, and I believe.

There you have it, 88 abundance affirmations you can use to attract abundance into your life. Don’t forget to mount them on your board, say them in the morning, write them down, and simply integrate them into your life.

Use the power of these 88 affirmations for abundance and watch as the Universe blesses you with everything you desire.

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