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8 Spiritual Vision Boards 2024 To Boost Your Spiritual Health

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When talking about health, we automatically think of physical or mental health, but rarely do we include spiritual health. Why is that?

Spirituality is actually a top life goal, something that helps us cope when things get hard, gives us a deeper connection to the divine, and brings us a list of benefits that encompasses overall health and well-being.

A survey even shows that 70% of Americans turn to spirituality when they are stressed or face adversity in life.

If spirituality is on your list of goals for the new year, then this article will help you boost your spiritual health.  We’ll talk about what spiritual wellness is, and what it’s not, and give you 8 spiritual vision boards 2024 ideas to help you manifest spiritual health with the use of the Law of Attraction.


Spirituality means different things to different people. For many people, spirituality is experienced through religion, but it’s not the only tool to experience spiritual wellness.

Carrie Wester, a Banner Behavioral Health Hospital chaplain, states that spirituality is experienced when you connect with something that’s greater than yourself.  This could be a higher power, nature, or even music and art, or can even be the whole of humanity.

It is not exclusive to religion or a specific belief, but it’s simply a feeling of peace and a sense of connectedness.  It can also be a relationship you have with your soul or spirit, with a divine power, a group of people, or even an experience.

In other words, spirituality depends on you and what you consider as sacred.

Spiritual health is important because of its benefits.  It is proven to boost our physical health, lower psychological distress, help us feel connected, and give our life meaning.

spiritual vision board ideas


Some of the health benefits of having spiritual wellness include lowered blood pressure, improved sleep, improved immunity, reduced stress levels, and boosted mental health.

Belongingness is also a psychological need, which is met with spirituality, whether you feel a connection to a group with the same beliefs, connection to your soul, the divine, nature, or your craft.


2024 may be the year you start to work on your spiritual wellness but it can be challenging to begin without any help.

Vision boards are an amazing way to manifest any of your goals, including your spiritual goals for 2024.  By using the power of imagery, visuals, and of course, positive energy, you can attract spirituality in your life through this manifestation technique.

Here are 8 vision board ideas to help you boost your spiritual health:


Meditation has long been studied to bring about calm and peace to oneself.  It is also proven to lower stress levels, improve focus and concentration, and contribute to overall health and well-being.

Create a meditation vision board by including images of people meditating, doing yoga, praying, visualizing, and other forms of mindfulness.


Being grateful is one of the simplest and quickest ways to acknowledge your blessings.  Most often, people focus too much on what they lack, which creates a cycle of negativity.

But when you list down at least 3 things every day you’re grateful for, it makes you realize that the Universe actually has your back, making you grateful for all the things you already have in your life.

Create a gratitude vision board or journal where you connect with the Divine by counting your blessings.

The Vision Cloud offers vision board templates you can use to get started on your gratitude vision board.  The templates are pre-designed to help you create a vision board with a layout and guide, so you’re not starting from scratch.  Click this link to get your free vision board templates from The Vision Cloud.

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When it comes to the Law of Attraction and finding your spirituality, vision boards can be a great way to manifest joy in your life.  Creating a means to find true happiness and success, The Vision Cloud allows you to realize that anything is possible, as long as you honor your desires and believe in your capacity to create your destiny.

Offering a vision board magazine subscription that gives you all the resources to make a vision board, plus goal-setting exercises, a step-by-step guide, a daily SMS of motivational and inspirational quotes, and exclusive access to a Facebook community, The Vision Cloud is a complete platform that helps you improve spiritual wellness on an energetic level.

For more information on The Vision Cloud and the monthly subscription, please click this link and discover that spiritual wellness is within easy reach.


Dacher Keltner is a researcher who recommends having intentional “awe” walks to help us become more spiritual.  According to Keltner, “awe” is what you feel when you find yourself in the presence of something bigger than yourself or those around you.  It is the feeling of being grateful and appreciative of the greatness that’s in front of you.

A simple intentional “awe” walk is spending time in nature, such as going to a deserted beach and watching a beautiful sunset, hiking and witnessing a stunning valley from the peak of a mountain, kayaking in a river and taking solace in the stillness or silence of nature around you, and other simple experiences that get you to realize the beauty of life.

Create a vision board of pictures that represent moments of “awe,” you’d like to experience.  Maybe you’d want to watch the Aurora Borealis in Finland or maybe you want to go whale watching in Canada. Choose images of scenes and moments that will make you stop and realize the true beauty of life.

spiritual vision board examples



Helping others and doing random acts of kindness are some of the proven ways to improve your happiness.  It feels good to help and it feels even better to be needed, giving you a purpose and fulfillment that comes from other people.

Try to volunteer at a local shelter, in your community, adopt a pet, help out your family, and help people whenever you can.

Find a cause that matters to you and make a volunteer goal board to help you manifest your goal of being altruistic.


You can also choose to use a vision board journal rather than make an actual board.  Journaling helps you connect with your spirit by giving your thoughts and emotions a place to express themselves.

You also create a space for yourself where you are not being judged so you can be authentic to your soul.  It also helps you improve your self-awareness so you determine what you really want to achieve, and what you want to experience and honor your authentic emotions.


Spiritual health can also be achieved by engaging in joyful activities such as painting, listening to music, playing an instrument, spending time in nature, playing sports, or simply taking a walk every day.

Create a hobbies vision board where you put pictures of all the things that bring you joy.  Manifest experiencing the positive emotions associated with having the time to enjoy your hobbies.

Engaging in joyful activities can help you connect with your authentic self, which brings about feelings of happiness and life satisfaction.


A compassion vision board will help you connect with others and to your soul.  Compassion can be a way for you to understand the hurt and circumstances of other people, which will help you take action to alleviate their conditions or uplift them even in the smallest ways possible.

vision board spiritual


Compassion for others means, “to suffer together,” and helps others feel less alone.  But compassion also extends to yourself.

Whenever you don’t manifest a goal, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself and you must practice self-compassion.  This is one thing that people pleasers forget.  Sometimes they’re too focused on alleviating other people’s lives that they forget they need the very same compassion for themselves.

You can make a compassion vision board by putting affirmations, quotes, and pictures of people showing care for others.


Spiritual wellness means you let go of any negative thoughts in your life. This includes any pain, grudges, and hurts caused by another person.  That is why forgiveness is important if you want spiritual health.

Forgiveness, however, does not mean you must continue a relationship with the person who hurt you, tell them you’ve forgiven them, or ask them for your forgiveness.

Forgiveness means you let go of the pain and hurt for your own peace, but it must focus on your healing and moving forward.

Everett Worthington and his colleagues created the REACH forgiveness practice, which is a great exercise to do if you need to forgive someone who’s done you wrong.

REACH stands for:

  • Recall
  • Empathy
  • Altruism
  • Choose
  • Hold

Recall is acknowledging the pain and hurt they caused you and accepting that they did you wrong.  Empathy is then standing in their shoes and trying to understand why they may have done what they did.  Altruism is analyzing their life, their past, and their trauma so you can understand where they’re coming from.

Choosing is choosing to give yourself the gift of letting go, or choosing to give them the gift of forgiveness.  And lastly, Hold means you allow yourself to hold the pain even when you’ve forgiven them.

spiritual growth vision board


Sometimes, the hurt can still creep up on you even years after you’ve forgiven the person, but this doesn’t mean you put it aside.  You can still hold a place for it, but choose to let it go once again.

Create a vision board of forgiveness by making a diagram or plan to practice the REACH exercise.  Or you can also put quotes and affirmations about forgiveness on your vision board.

Spirituality is more than just saying a prayer, going to church, or meditating.  It is about connecting to something beyond yourself but also looking within.

While most people focus on physical and emotional health, we must not forget that spiritual health is also as important.

Create these 8 spiritual vision boards 2024 and begin your journey to spiritual wellness in the new year.

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