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Couples are two distinct individuals with distinct backgrounds, interests, values, and beliefs.  They come together through a mutual affection towards each other, but it doesn’t always mean they are always on the same page.

This is why a couples vision board is essential for couples who want to find a common ground when it comes to their future together.

If you are a couple looking to find a means to connect more deeply with each other and create a single direction to your life as a couple, a vision board can help you create a clear and united path.

However, navigating the process to creating a united vision board as a couple can be challenging.  Each of you may have different sets of goals, so binding them together as one is your major challenge.

To help you create a functional couples vision board, we’ve come up with 7 vision board ideas and themes you can work on together:


Money is one of the most important topics in a relationship.  It can even be the cause of many breakups because two people are not on the same page when it comes to finances.  When we build a life with someone, money should be one of the very first topics you discuss.

Are you in debt?  What steps are you taking to pay off your loans?  Are you working towards achieving financial freedom?  What are you doing now that will make you financially secure in the future?

We’ve created a great blog on how to use vision boards to achieve financial freedom and we believe it’s a great tool to get started.  You can use the article to help you create a couples vision board that will help you achieve your financial goals as a team.  Please feel free to check out the article here.

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Vacations, doing exciting activities together, and spending time outdoors are not just good for couples, but these activities promote overall well-being, as well.  If you’re going to enjoy what life has to offer, might as well do it with someone you love.

Vacations and adrenaline-packed activities can help deepen your connection with your significant other.  They also reveal a lot of things about how your partner handles conflicts and disappointments.  If you want to truly get to know someone, travel with them and you’re going to see their true character for sure.

For your adventure vision board, post images of travel goals, activities you’d like to do when you visit these places, as well as other activities you can do within your city.

A couple that plans adventures together is a couple that’s happy and connected. Looking forward to adventures can also help keep the relationship more exciting, which is a challenge for many couples who are in long-term relationships.


Do you plan on having kids in the future?  How many kids do you want to have?  Where do you want to raise your family?  What schools will your kids to go to?  How do you want to raise your kids?

If you have marriage or family plans, a future family vision board can help you create shared values and a clear direction of how you see each other in the future.

You can post pictures of families with kids on your future family vision board, kids who play sports, families who reside in the city or the suburbs, family vacations around the world, and other images that show how you want your family to look like.

A future family vision board can help give you direction on where your relationship is going.

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A health and fitness vision board is ideal for couples who are conscious about their weight, body, and overall physcial health.  You might have weight loss targets, or maybe you want to eat healthier, or one of you wants to quit smoking, or you generally want to live a healthier lifestyle.

Whatever your reasons, a health and fitness vision board is a great idea.  You can post about a certain diet you want to follow, pictures of bodies you admire and work to have, as well as your targeted healthy weight.


A material possessions board can include pictures of cars you’d like to buy someday, a design of a house you’d like to live in, properties, businesses, home appliances you want to own, an RV maybe, or even investing in gold and other precious metals.

Material possessions require money, so this can also be connected to your financial freedom vision board.  Creating this board can help you understand what your partner’s priorities are, in terms of where he or she wants your money to go to.

A car or a home can also motivate you to work harder, save better, and invest in proper avenues to be able to earn the money needed to acquire these possessions.  It can also help you to stay away from distractions and other temptations that will hinder your future plans.

If you plan on buying a specific $40,000 car and you fall in love with a new car model, this vision board will remind you what your real priority and focus is.


If marriage is in the horizon for you as a couple, you can use a vision board to plan your wedding and honeymoon.  Cut out images of wedding styles, favors, and ideas that you like and make a vision board to help you plan your wedding.

Mount pictures of wedding dresses, suits, venues, entertainment ideas, and everything that you want to have in your future wedding.  You can also use this vision board to include your dream honeymoon.

If you want a destination wedding, it can also double as a honeymoon.  Post pictures of tropical islands or charming European cities that can double as your honeymoon destination.

You might not have a concrete plan yet, but a wedding and honeymoon couples vision board can help you create a clear image of how you want to celebrate your union.  It can also help you gauge your budget, so you have time to prepare your finances.

If you’re not on the same page in terms of the size of your wedding and every other detail, making this vision board can also help you compromise and agree to one unifying idea.

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Many couples want to get into businesses together, and if you’re one of them, then you definitely need to make a business vision board.  This can include images and concepts of business you want to put up, such as a bookstore, coffee shop, or a clinic.

Whatever kind of business you want to open someday, a business vision board can inspire and motivate you to start working on your dream.

It can also help you to save and invest, since you need capital to start your business.  It can also help you to enroll in classes that will help you learn the skills to run your business, and can give you the direction you need for your future as a couple.


Why make a couples vision board when you can make individual boards separately?  Well, there are plenty of benefits to creating a couples vision board and it all boils down to having a stronger connection with each other.

Relationships are not all about passion and chemistry because it takes work.  You need to work on your relationship, especially when it comes to finances and future plans.  Without a clear direction that unifies the two of you, you can easily grow apart because your individual lives are heading to different directions.

Here are the benefits of making a couple vision board:


When you make your vision board as a couple, you will discuss your priorities, plans, and values.  As you discuss these essentials, you will create a deeper connection because you get to know each other better, and compromises make you appreciate each other more.

Spending time to talk about your future will also help you forge a deeper bond, as well as create confidence in the relationship.


You had different lives before you decided to live life together and that means you have separate interests and values.  Creating a couples vision board will help to make your goals as a couple so much clearer.  When you define a unified future together, it will help you find a common ground, helping you realize that you are on the same page.

It’s similar to going to a certain destination and walking together to get there.  You don’t take a different path while your partner takes another.  Creating a vision board with your couple goals is like walking together to reach a destination.

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When your goals, plans, and desires are revealed, it helps you understand your partner better.  It can also help you understand why your partner is not giving you an expensive piece of jewelry for your birthday, because he’s saving up for a dream vacation on your anniversary.

It can also help you understand why your partner is spending a lot of time with his friends, since once you’re married, he wants to give all his time to you and your future kids.

A vision board is more than a piece of cardboard with pictures but it contains your hopes, dreams, and goals as two people who decide to live life as one.

You can make a vision board from scratch but you can also make use of complete vision board kits that contain everything you need to make a beautiful and meaningful couples vision board.

The Vision Cloud’s Original Vision Board Kit is a great kit to get started because it has everything you need to make a couples vision board without having to purchase individual materials.  Included in the kit are 100 images, 60 motivational cards, and 40 stickers you can use immediately to create your different vision board themes.

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There’s no need to buy a board, cut out images from a magazine, or go to a store.  Simply order The Vision Cloud’s dream kit and it will be delivered to your doorstep ready to use once it arrives.

Create a couples vision board that increases your deeper bond as a couple with the same goals for your future.  Harness the power of pictures, words, and intentions to create your dream life together.

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