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21 Of The Most Inspiring Speakers For Your Motivation Board

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Not everyone has every answer to life. As an adult, you may have realized that no one really does. But for a select few, through experience and expertise, the answers seem to find them.

Motivational speakers speak words that inspire, pull at our heartstrings, and prompt us to take action. Whether you listen to them on video streaming platforms, see their speeches in person, or listen to their audio, there’s something about these speakers that move us to change our lives.

When making a motivational vision board, you might need to have more than just pictures of mansions or cars in your collage.  Just like how a picture of a Lamborghini might motivate you to invest in stocks, the image or words of a motivational speaker can also drive you to take action.

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We’ve made a list of 21 of the most inspiring speakers in recent history.  After watching their speeches on video, reading about them, and getting to know their message, we believe the people on this list have the power to help you manifest your dreams.

Once you find a speaker that resonates with your values and what you want to achieve, print out their most famous quotes or make a collage of their portraits. When you see these famous speakers on your motivation board, you will be reminded of the power of their words, but also of your power to create the life you desire.


Here are 21 of the most inspiring speakers for your motivation board:


Chris Gardner is a self-made millionaire and author. He is famous for having been portrayed by Will Smith, in the movie, “The Pursuit of Happiness,” based on his memoir. After struggling with unemployment and homelessness, Gardner eventually got a job on Wall Street and worked his way up the ladder to launch his very own multi-million company.

After receiving success in finance, Gardner wrote his inspiring book and was soon invited to speaking engagements across the US. He is known for his speeches that focus on resilience, overcoming adversity, personal development, and financial success.

If you are currently in a similar situation as Gardner when he was struggling, his life can be your inspiration that anything can happen tomorrow and that you have the power to change your fate.


Dubbed by Fortune magazine as one of The Most Powerful Women in the world in 2018, Oprah Winfrey is a media mogul and philanthropist. Not really a public speaker per se, Winfrey’s speeches on her famous TV show and specials promote self-love, women empowerment, and compassion for others.

A self-made millionaire, Oprah Winfrey has inspired millions of women across the world with her talks, as well as her personal story of rejection and abuse.

If you’re a woman who’s having challenges with her career, use Oprah’s story of working her way up the ladder to achieve stardom today.

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Nick Vujicic is one of the most famous motivational speakers in the world due to his medical condition. He was born with a very rare congenital condition, which is Tetra-Anelia syndrome, which is an absence of his four limbs.

Despite his major disability, Vujicic became a motivational coach, public speaker, and author. Praised by his fans for his courage and positive outlook in life, Vujicic’s speeches focus on overcoming adversity, embracing positivity, and the power of faith.

Vujicic is the inspiration for anyone who may have a disability but have problems finding hope that things will get better.  Or, if you don’t have a disability, he can remind you to be grateful that you aren’t suffering from any medical condtion that can impair you from running after your dreams.


One of the most popular motivational speakers often hired by corporations in the US, Tony Robbins is also a bestselling author. His public speaking engagements are known for being high-energy, often using his powerful voice and build to express powerful messages that encourage his listeners to take charge of their lives.

His message is the perfect mix of practical advice and inspiration, and helping people reach their full potential. His seminars, workshops, and books on reaching goals and achieving success have been helping millions of people for decades.

If you’re an executive, business leader, or employer, Tony Robbins is a great mentor to remind you that you have the power to take charge of your life and that of your company.


Simon Sinek is a bestselling author and public speaker. Having written the book, “Start With Why,” Sinek started becoming popular for his message that everything we do, from business to living life, should start with a reason, or our “why.”

Having worked in marketing, Sinek noticed a common thread between a successful business and those that failed. He realized successful companies based everything they did on a particular reason for existing, and that was their “why.”

Sinek has been invited by top universities, billion-dollar companies, and government departments to train and speak about his books and messages, often working with top executives and leaders, helping them re-evaluate the very reasons why they do their jobs or what their company stands for.

A lot of people lose sight of why they’re doing what they’re doing.  If you want to be reminded of the reason why you started your busienss, why you became a freelancer, or why you’re in your current career, Simon Sinek can help to remind you of your “Why.”

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Eric Thomas had humble beginnings. He lived in poverty, never finished school, and went homeless for a couple of years. He then met a pastor who helped him get his life on track, and when he did, vowed to help as many people avoid the struggles he went through.

He started a program to help the underprivileged, and wrote a book called, “Stop Complaining and Start Doing.” He would often go to lower-income communities to motivate and inspire the youth.

LeBron James even credited Thomas for inspiring him to win the 2012 NBA championship.

Thomas’s message is for anyone who may be struggling to find opportunities because of their underprivileged status.  Print a picture of Thomas or any of his quotes to remind you that jut because you’re unemployed or come from humble beginnings doesn’t mean you can’t do great things.


Les Brown is an author and politician known for his books, “Live Your Dreams,” and “It’s Not Over Until You Win.” A popular motivational speaker, he is known for his speeches on goal-setting, unlocking your potential, and personal development.

He encourages people to follow their passions, make a difference in their lives, and about finding the courage to live their dreams. His most famous catchphrase is, “It’s Possible!”

Brown’s famous catchphrase is a simple and direct quote you can put on your motivation board, to tell you that nothing really is impossible.


Robin Sharma lived his dream of becoming a young lawyer. He was earning well as a litigation lawyer, but at the age of 25, he felt that his life was missing something. He realized that success and money didn’t give him any peace, so he quit and started his spiritual journey.

He wrote the book, “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari,” which sold over 5 million copies at its release. Soon, he began accepting speaking engagements on discipline and working diligently, as well as stress management and spirituality.

He has given speeches on leadership and his book’s overall message at NASA, Yale University, and at Harvard Business School.

For anyone who has a thriving career but is not happy, print out a picture of Sharma’s famous book to help inspire you that there is more to life than the corporate world.

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Jack Canfield is the man behind the famous Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. Canfield is nicknamed, “America’s #1 Success Coach,” due to his Canfield Training Group, a company that trains executives, leaders, and individuals to achieve their goals.

He also has a Guinness World Record for being the only author to have 7 books simultaneously on the New York Times Bestseller’s List.

Canfield also appeared in the film, The Secret, where he shared how he used the Law of Attraction to earn his first $100,000 in sales from his first book. His speeches focus on empowering, compelling topics about achieving success in whatever industry or field.

Canfield can be an inspiration for writers who are yet to publish their work.  Put a picture of his book series in your motivation board to inspire you that putting yourself out there might just be the answer to your success.


David Goggins is a retired Navy SEAL who shares his personal story of achievements to inspire his audience. He is also a retired endurance athlete and broke the record for the most pull-ups done in 24 hours.

He is dubbed to be the “only man to have completed elite training as an Air Force Tactical Controller, a Navy SEAL, and an Army Ranger.”

His powerful talks often focus on the value of accountability, as well as resilience, and enduring the process of progress and success.

If you are on the path to completing a training program, or you’re in the Army and need some motivation, David Goggins is a great mentor to follow.


While most motivational speakers talk about overcoming adversities, going after your dreams, setting goals, and leadership, Rubin sets herself apart by talking about happiness. She is an accomplished author, having written several books, with the most famous one being, “The Happiness Project,” which is based on scientific and popular notions of what happiness is.

A New York Times bestselling author, Rubin’s speeches teach people how to be creative and productive, while also attaining happiness.

Depression can affect anyone and if you’re currently searching for your path to happiness, print out a few quotes by Rubin to help you find hope in despair.


Brene Brown rose to popularity in 2010 when her TED Talks speech garnered millions of views. A bestselling author for her book, “Daring Greatly,” her speech, “The Power of Vulnerability” remains to be the top 5 most watched TED Talks speeches in history.

Brown is an expert on healing the inner child and regards vulnerability as courage. She believes that the courage to go out of your comfort zone will open you up for love and joy.

For anyone who’s pampered and afraid to go out of their comfort zone, Brown’s videos and talks help to motivate you to move out, move forward, and transform yourself.  Her Ted Talk is a great addition to any digital vision board.

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Success and leadership are important, but Iyanla Vanzant believes self-healing and forgiveness are just as essential. Vanzant has written over 15 books talking about love, trauma, depression, and how you can overcome them.

Her personal tumultuous past with her childhood and abusive relationships have made her an inspiring icon of survival. She also has her own show, “Ivanla: Fix My Life,” on the Oprah Winfrey network. She works with people who need to overcome emotional pain and struggles, using her approach of humor and tough love.

Her speeches teach her audiences about the power of love, forgiveness, and inner healing.

For men and women who are struggling to forgive, Iyanla Vanzant’s words and messages are healing and inspiring.  Print out a picture of Vanzant or any of her quotes and books, to help remind you of her story of healing and forgiveness.


Brian Tracy is the author of over 80 published books, all of which focus on business and leadership. His vast knowledge in the field saw him being invited to hundreds of speaking engagements over the decades, as well as in universities and the corporate world.

His popular books are “Earn What You’re Really Worth,” “The Psychology of Achievement,” and “The Power of Self-Discipline.”

Tracy’s speeches revolve around economics, philosophy, business, and psychology. His ultimate goal as an author and speaker is to help people achieve their goals more efficiently, as well as to help people achieve their full potential.

If you want to make a motivation board focusing on business, Brian Tracy is a great speaker with quotes that can help you on your journey to success.


Jim Rohn was considered to be one of the most successful public speakers of all time, known for his messages of positive thinking, team management, and personal growth. He was a self-made millionaire and author, with one of his most popular mentees being Tony Robbins. He encouraged people to find and seek out mentors who can help them achieve success.

He also conducted seminars and workshops and focused on the value of taking action to achieve your goals.

For practical tips to life, Rohn was one of the best speakers in this realm.  Print out a few of his most famous pieces of advice and post them on your vision board for daily reminders of inspiration.


Suze Orman is one of the most popular public speakers on personal finance. She is often invited to TV shows, talk shows, and universities to talk about budgeting, saving, and investments.

Also an author, Orman started working as a waitress and earned only $400 a month but opened her own restaurant through her customers’ investments. She then lost everything due to a scam through a stockbroker, and because of it, vowed to never let it happen to anyone else very again.

With a mission to learn about personal finance, she started doing research and worked as a finance expert, garnering her popularity and eventually leading to her public speaking engagements all over the country and on TV shows.

Orman’s tips and quotes are perfect to add to your financial freedom vision board.

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Gary Vaynerchuk is more popularly known as Gary Vee, who is a motivational speaker for the digital age. He is known to be the go-to genius on eCommerce, having famously increased his family’s wine business from having $3 million in sales to a whopping $60 million in just one year, garnering a 1,900% increase in profits.

He regularly speaks and teaches online marketing, content creation, personal branding, and business strategies, all within the sphere of digital trends.

Gary Vee is a motivational speaker for an audience that wants to improve their business and career in the digital world.

Struggling online businesses can get inspiration from Gary Vee’s remarkable story of success.  You can print out a “1,900% increase” and post it on your board to inspire you that what seems impossible can actually be done.


Bob Proctor was an author and speaker known for his focus on the Law of Attraction and personal development. Long before he appeared in the film, The Secret, he authored the book, “You Were Born Rich,” in 1986, which became a New York Times bestseller.

Proctor was one of the biggest names in personal development during his day, delivering talks all over the world about the power of vibrations and energies. He believed that a positive self-image was crucial for overall success in whatever field.

If you want to harness the power of visualizations, Bob Proctor’s quotes are some of the best.


Eckhart Tolle is popularly known as the author behind, “The Power of Now,” an empowering book about spiritual awakening and personal happiness. Tolle regularly speaks in front of an audience with a question-and-answer portion, where people get to ask questions regarding transcendence and transforming the ego.

Tolle went through a period of depression and when he overcame this, underwent an inner transformation that led to the ideas in his book.

Tolle’s message is an inspiration for anyone who’s looking for a deeper meaning in life.  Use his quotes to help you find fulfillment in your daily life.


Deepak Chopra has written over 70 books and is known for making alternative medicine popular and influential before the knowledge became mainstream in media. He is regarded as a foremost resource person for alternative medicine but also talks about empowerment and personal development.

Oprah Winfrey often had Chopra as her guest in her shows, with CNN also frequently having him as a regular guest. His book, “The Soul of Leadership: Unlocking Your Potential for Greatness,” talks about the steps to take to reach the top in your chosen career.

For motivation boards about health, Deepak Chopra’s advocacy towards using alternative medicine can help inspire you to create healthier means of losing weight and living longer.

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These 21 speakers are some of the most inspiring and motivational speakers in recent history, having helped millions of people achieve greatness and fulfilling their dreams.

A motivation board featuring any or all of these famous speakers can help you remind yourself of the adversities some of them went through before they reached success. Watch their talks on video or listen to their speeches on audio, write down their quotes that speak to you, and put these on your motivation board.

Making a vision board from scratch can be tasking but if you have a dream kit that has everything you need to make one, it can be a fun and enjoyable activity while also giving you the motivation to chase your dreams.

One such dream kit is The Vision Cloud’sVision Board Kit Original, which features everything you need to make a vision board. It includes 100 pictures, 60 motivational cards, and 40 stickers so you won’t have to print out any images or cut out any pictures from a magazine.

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It’s a great tool to help you manifest your dreams, giving you a tangible representation of what you want to achieve.

When things aren’t going your way, when you lack the motivation to move forward, and when you want to give up on your dreams, go back to this list of motivational speakers and listen to any of their speeches.

Inspiration is everywhere, but when you get it from someone who’s gone through their own struggles and overcame them, you will start believing that you, too, can achieve success in any chosen field.

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