7 Manifestation Image Sources For Your Dream Vision Board

7 Manifestation Image Sources For Your Dream Vision Board

Making a vision board is so much fun and exciting.  You get to think about your goals, desires, and dreams.  Think of the Universe as a catalog, where you get to choose whatever you want from the world - the car of your dreams, a beautiful home, vacations around the world, and even the body of your dreams.

But making a vision board can be tasking if you need to collect hoards and hoards of magazines just to find a few pictures to post on a single board.

When making a vision board, it’s good to know about the best manifestation image sources that offer pictures and illustrations of common goals so you won’t have to collect and cut out images from magazines.

To help you find the best and most specific images for your vision board, here are 7 manifestation image sources for your dream vision board:



Freepik is one of the biggest sources of high-quality content online.  You can find free to-download illustrations, icons, photos, mockups, and presentation templates that are licensed from the site.

There is an option to sign up and pay for a Premium account, which gives you access to more pictures and images, but you can easily get the free account without signing up for an account.  

When you’re looking for a specific image, simply type the keyword in the search box and thousands of images will appear.  Some of the images can only be downloaded with a Premium account but there are plenty of options for free users.

Launched in 2010, Freepik is proud to be used by 18 million users a month with over 100 million downloads monthly.  The services offered by Freepik are said to be used by many international companies such as NASA, FedEx, Amazon, Spotify, and Microsoft.

When you open an image, there’s also a prompt that asks you to customize the image through Wepik, which is Freepik’s online editor.

Freepik is great for anyone looking for high-quality pictures to download and print for a physical vision board, or a digital vision board.

manifestation pictures

  1. BURST

Burst is owned by Shopify and it was created to offer free images and pictures to Shopify account users.  However, anyone can use the images for both commercial and personal uses.

Burst is a free manifestation image platform for websites and commercial use that are royalty-free.  This means you won’t have to sign up and pay a fee.  You don’t even need to register to be able to download the images.  Anyone can type a keyword in the search box and download a picture.

While it’s not mandatory to attribute the owner of the images you download and use, the site encourages users to at least credit the owner.  But again, it’s not necessary.

Burst offers the images as high resolution or low resolution, with the latter ideal for download and printing for vision board use.  If you’re planning on making a business vision board, Burst is a great resource since it also offers free business kits or ideas to users.


Unsplash is another free stock photo platform, offering tens of thousands of free pictures online.  You can opt to sign up and create an account or you can download the images for free without having to register.

There’s also an option for a paid account, where you get to have access to double the number of free images.  

There are more than 10,000 collections of images on the site, making it a great manifestation resource for anyone who wants to use pictures on their vision board.

There are also profiles of contributors on the site, where you can contact them or credit them for the pictures they have on the site.  

If you want to make a commercial vision board, or you want to use images for a corporate vision board party and want to have specific images made, you can contact the contributors to have original pictures made for your project.

Unsplash can provide free and royalty-free images to users because it has its license.  You don’t need to attribute the pictures when you use them on a website to create vision boards or use them on your blog, but they highly encourage users to credit the sources of the images.

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  1. CANVA

Canva is one of the most popular online editors for digital projects.  It was launched in 2012 to be a platform that allows everyone to be able to create digital projects in minutes and has now become a major global player in the graphic design world.

There are accounts created specifically for businesses, educators, and graphic designers, but you can easily sign up for a free account without having to pay anything and get access to over 250,000 templates.

You can also link your account to your social media handle so you won’t have to register to the site separately.  What makes Canva so great as a manifestation image source is that it has access to hundreds of thousands of illustrations, templates, vectors, and pictures.

These images are free to use for commercial and personal use, without you needing to attribute them to Canva.  You can even edit the pictures to add fonts, and stickers, change colors, add text, and so much more.

With Canva, you can make your very own graphics in mere minutes, allowing you to create a vision board made with custom images for manifesting your dreams.


Pexels is another stock photo platform that offers free royalty-free images.  This means you can sign up for a free account and not have to pay anything to download the pictures.  You can also download without having to sign up for an account.

Anyone can search for a picture on the site, download for free, and use it however they want.  The site was created to be used by bloggers, graphic designers, and content creators so you can expect the images to be high quality.

Download the pictures and print them out to use for your vision board.


If you don’t like the hassles of having to sign up, download, and print out pictures, you can purchase complete vision board kits that have hundreds of images and pictures already included.  One of these kits is The Vision Cloud’s Original Vision Board Kit.

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This kit is a manifestation tool that gives you everything you need to make a vision board on the spot.  It has 100 images, 60 motivational cards, and 40 stickers that you can use right away to mount on a board that’s also concluded with the kit.

There’s no need to cut out images from a magazine or download pictures from manifestation image sources.  Everything you need to make your dream vision board is included in the kit, making it a great option to create your board.


If you already have a board and craft materials but you don’t have images or pictures, you can also purchase vision board clip art books that contain hundreds of manifestation images you can cut out.

There are plenty of options on Amazon but we recommend these three clip art books for the quality of the clip art images and the number of available cutouts you can use for your dream vision board.

Here are 3 vision board clip art books we recommend for your vision board:

  1. Kalishia Winston’s Vision Board Clip Art Book

This clip art book contains 500+ manifestation images and words you can use for your dream vision board.  It has different images for different categories, such as love, finances, education, pets, and so much more.

  1. Nina Note Publishing 2023 Vision Board Clip Art Book

This clip art book contains over 200 images, words, and phrases you can cut out for your dream vision board.  It has a total of 72 pages of 200+ images that are blank on the other side so you won’t have to choose which ones to cut out because each image is available to use.

  1. Honeybee Publishing’s The Ultimate Vision Board Clip Art, Magazine Pictures and Images Book

The Ultimate Vision Board Clipart book contains over 600 manifestation images and affirmations with a step-by-step guide.  All you have to do is cut out the images and mount them on your vision board.

images of manifestation

These manifestation image sources are perfect for anyone looking to create a physical vision board and even a digital board.  Sites like Canva and Wepik also allow you to edit the images so you can create your very own manifestation images for your vision board.

Whatever manifestation image source you choose to use for your vision board, the most important thing when creating your boards is how you feel.  When you create your board, always remember that you have to emit the energy of positivity.

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